Best WordPress Template Designs

Every week I’m asked by readers to recommend a WordPress template.

I thought it’d make an interesting discussion – which WordPress templates are your favorites?

I know it always varies from blog to blog when you’re choosing the best template for the job but I’d love to see some of your favorites.

Feel free to nominate both Free and Paid ones.

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  1. Mike D. says:

    I am using the UBDMoneyMaker theme from I know there’s been a bit of a backlash against these guys for their “not so unique” designs but I still think this free theme looks great. I’ve still got some tweaking and modding to do, but I really like how it’s coming together.

  2. Jenn Mattern says:

    I’ll second cleaker. I’m using it on my book marketing blog, and when I set it up, I received a ridiculous number of compliments on choosing that theme. Readers really love it for some reason.

  3. redwall_hp says:

    If you don’t mind me linking to my own post, I have previously put together a roundup of “professional” themes.

  4. I use the Emerald theme and have it tweaked/customised for my site. But I’m going through my annual theme update phase so I’ll be looking for another in the next few weeks. This post is very timely, so thanks for all the suggestions.

    The thing I like about WordPress themes is that there are so many to choose from and they’re very customisable.

  5. Jauhari says:

    My Favourite is 30April, Grid, Simple and elegant for me ;)

  6. Glenn Abel says:

    Revolution rocks, but yeah they’re getting overused.

    check out Revolution Biz used for a site/blog on cell phones and driving:

  7. Susan says:

    Arthemia is a very good theme: New WordPress Themes Arthemia

  8. Ganesh says:

    I love the Copyblogger theme by Chris Pearson. It looks very flexible. I just like the custom-designed themes used by big blogs like John Chow, the Net Fool and the University Kid.

  9. Lenin Nair says:

    I used the WordPress Premium Brown template for sometime (with some slight tweaks I did, including three tabs, the last for archives) but that was not a success. I found the visitors dipping in number and got so many bounces. So, decided to drop the cool template after all.


  10. I’m going to recommend the Thesis theme by Chris Pearson:

    It is great for SEO, and even though the template is very basic in terms of looks, it offers endless options for customization. Look at my blog for a good example. It was worth every penny of the $87 I paid for it. Of course, it helps that I’m a graphic designer and was able to do all of the customization myself :)

  11. Rob says:

    I’m using a theme by Sadish called Glorious Future. I’ve tweaked it beyond recognition.

    I’m enjoying clicking on the links to see what people find pleasing and what they’re using themselves – not always the same thing at all, which to me is quite interesting.

    My readers want me to keep the picture at the top of my blog, and I like the minimalist functionality of 2 columns and low color, so I don’t have many options, even among the great ones peope have posted. If anyone has any suggestions as to another theme I could use, I’d love to hear them.

  12. Jake says:

    My site,, uses the Chimera Pro theme from, and it has worked very well for me. It comes with some great pre-loaded plugins and is easy to manage for me.

  13. Stefan Lundberg says:

    Many great tips here! My personal favorite is the diamond of simplliticy: the 1024px theme by Andreas Viklund. It have the Swedish version of the theme, and it is just everything I want a theme to be. Google “1024px theme for wordpress” and you’ll find it.

  14. Carol says:

    I would recommend WordPress Themes of ChiQ Montes at
    I really love all the themes, specially with the banner ads and sometimes magazine style yet very modern! recommended!!

  15. Lot’s of interesting comments. My experience in using WP themes is that what I like changes depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. Like a number of other commenters, I like Revolution’s themes –

    Also, I have used themes by . Several of these themes have a nice three-column layout, which is my prefered layout at the moment.

    I just recently revamped my blog and am using the ad-clerum template (a 3-col), which can be found on the site. There are hundreds of free themes here.

    Using ad-clerum, I’ve developed my site at

  16. River Girl says:

    I have to agree with Gabe. I am using Fresh News by Adii and Magnus Jepson on my new blog:
    It allows a great deal of customization, and they offer great support for non techies.

  17. Hning says:

    I though, Mimbo Pro. Easy to be customized, readable enough… Comes later is Live Wire, Compact design…

    Good day Darren!

  18. Stephen says:

    I have decided to use the Revolution Pro theme which is great for my artwork.

    Slick, easy to use, loads of features and Brian Gardner was very responsive to my emails.

    My site:

  19. Alex -S- says:

    Two i’m really liking just now: – Toying with the idea of adding this to my family blog to showcase the stunning family home movies!!!

    And the twitter clone, which i forget the name of!! :)

  20. Eli says:

    I’m going to have to go with Brian Gardner’s Revolution Theme Series.

    I’ve used many themes over the last couple of years but here’s why I’ve leaned more towards Revolution.

    1. They have a pretty good mix of themes. So, whether you want to do a formal newspaper type layout, or something more personal, it’s possible to find a decent fit.

    2. I’m not a coder so going into some of these themes and trying to change a picture or make some other minor adjustment can be dangerous to say the least. In other words, the html code is disorganized and it’s almost impossible to figure out what goes where. Brian has done a great job in making things easy to read and it definitely makes life easier.

    3. They also offer good support and a nice forum. Some of the themes that are offered around the web were borrowed from other sites and they don’t really offer and help when it comes to problems that pop up from time to time.

    You can see a live version of Revolution’s Magazine theme on .

  21. clem says:

    I use Branford Magazine for my website . I think it is one of the better templates out there because it is customizable and the front tabs are a nice touch

  22. My theme is Thesis by Chris Pearson, and I get compliments on it daily. I highly recommend it!

  23. Burt says:

    I use a customized version of Ad-Clerum for a Big Brothers Big Sisters blog. See it at http://www.MyLittleAndI.com

  24. Ameeluv says:

    Options by Justin Adlock,

    i like this template… it is current what is in use on my wordpress blog.. tho I use blogger more lately

  25. River Girl says:

    To update my previous post, Fresh News, a Premium News Theme which I use on
    is now part of Woo Themes. They just released this new company which has a themes club.

  26. Soccer Dad says:

    I use a port of Refresh for my extremely neglected plugins site (oh to find more time to code..). It’s fun because I was able to port it to bbPress so the forums integrate very well.

    My main site is getting uglier by the day – just been putting off a theme upgrade for a long time. Not sure I can much longer.

  27. Foodguy says:

    I’m using the “Structure” theme by Justin Tadlock. It has many customizable widgets that are all drag-drop. You can see it in action here:

  28. Serge says:

    For me K2 rocks!

  29. Kevin says:

    I would definitely have to go with Chris Pearson’s premium Thesis theme. I bought it, am using it, and absolutely love the slickness and functionalities Thesis provides.

    It’s obvious Chris has put a lot of thought into his design. A definite winner in my book.

  30. When it comes to WordPress themes, I always like to design my own custom theme. And I have the annoying habit of redesigning my blog once a couple of months.

    My advice to every blogger out there: get a custom theme! Even if it’s a free theme with a couple of tweaks and color changes, it’s better than being just a another WP blog. Personalize!

    But if I were to choose a free theme, I would go for a white background, clean, widget ready theme. You know what they say… less is more. Look at Apple!

  31. Chris says:

    I’ll second the earlier vote for Derek Punsalan’s work. I’m using his wonderful Grid Focus design on several personal blogs, including The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project.

  32. River Girl says:

    People may be interested in the theme club that WOO Themes has so they could have the ability to have multiple themes to choose from. Their technical support is excellent so that you can customize.

  33. Matt says:


    is a re-design of which you can download for free.

  34. Keral Patel says:

    Mine is freshy 2.0

    I am using that with bit of modifications on my own blog at

  35. Giorgio says:

    Can I answer that the best template is the one i remixed now? Is a Delicious Style theme for WordPress.

    Available for download here

  36. mysapce says:

    You guys have some really nice template designs. I’m trying to make some of my own……whew TIME…. i hate it.

  37. kariera says:

    Hi everyone,

    Please have a look at what we arrived at after some hard time:)

  38. My vote is for … lots of nice, clean designs for free.

  39. Nash says:

    Hi everyone,

    Any recommendation on a premium theme for wordpress that is good for money making & opt-in blog?


  40. Rajesh says:

    I have created a Article of World’s best looking 10 wordpress themes at: