I’m on BlogTalkRadio Today

At 5pm Pacific time today (10am Melbourne time) I’m being interviewed by Wayne Hurlbert (his blog) on Blog Talk Radio.

If you’re around and have the time it should be a fun interview. I’m told there will be downloadable recording of it in the coming days also and I’ll post the link to it as I get it.

PS: Wayne has been kind enough to do a review of the ProBlogger book.

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  1. John says:

    Unfortunately, I’m going to miss it. Good thing they are going to make it available for download.

    Is there certain topic that you guys are going to talk about or just general stuff on blogging?

  2. Wayne Tully says:

    Great stuff, I look forward to the interview and then maybe I’ll get the inspiration to get some interviewing done of my very own!

    Ah… to be a blogger, it really is quite something to behold

  3. I’m listening at the moment. I didn’t know you were going to be on but someone in Plurk was kind enough to link to it. It’s been very resourceful so far.

  4. I’m looking forward to download the recording as you say it will be available in the next few days. I’m sure we will have very interesting information.

    Good luck in your interview, I’m sure you will do it great….

  5. Thanks to Darren for being such a great guest. Thanks as well to ProBlogger readers who listened live and thanks in advance to everyone who downloads the free podcast. It can be found here:

    Darren and I discussed good blogging practices, blog traffic building, blog SEO, and ways to make money from your blog…and much more. It was a great conversation about blogs, and the hour flew by in no time.

    Thanks again.

  6. amirulcyber says:

    What a wonderful article and info.Thanks..

  7. Ok great will download and listen the podcast..

  8. Darren
    Just listened to the interview and once again your spot on with giving me some more great ideas.Thanks again

    Wayne thank you also ;)

  9. L-Jay says:

    Wow – very informative.

    As an instructor myself I know how important it is to use different mediums to teach people. Not everyone learns the same. Some people are visual learners, and some are vocal learners etc. The link below is a quick intro to the 7 different learning abilities:
    (I have aimed it towards dance learners but the principles are universal :)

    You know what was the best part about the podcast? – I could sit on the floor with my baby and play games while I listened. Girls are good at mutli-tasking…lol.

  10. LED display says:

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