Upcoming Interview with The Blog Squad

Hi all, Darren’s still on paternity leave, but will be doing the interview “Blogging for dollars: Can you really make 6-figures?” this Thursday with The Blog Squad. I just wanted to post the details so you can go register!

The Blog Squad Interviews Darren Rowse,
Thursday, June 26, 2008
7 p.m. Eastern Time
Free – Registration Required

Blogging for dollars: Can you really make 6-figures?

You’ll learn:

> How to determine the right monetization method that’s right for you

> The difference between active and passive income

> How to optimize ads for your blog

> The design elements you must have for your blog to be an effective money-maker

> Some of the secrets that make a blog successful

> Plus much more!

Register now at runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. Vicky says:

    On my way. Thanks for the invite.

  2. Shanel Yang says:

    Great! Just signed up. Can’t wait!

  3. Raag Vamdatt says:

    Signed up sometime back when I got the details in the email.

    Eagerly looking forward to it!

  4. Shawn says:

    This looks great. Will the Interviews be available for viewing after the event for those that can’t make that time?

  5. Lara Kulpa says:

    I’m not sure Shawn, but in my experience, it’s more than likely you will be able to view it or listen to it after the fact. I’m sure you’ll have to register to find out for sure though. :)

  6. nice. on my have over there to check it out now!

  7. Alan Bamboo says:

    I’m in.

    I was thinking the same thing as Lara and if we can’t listen in “live”, no problem, will be just as happy listening in to the recording

  8. Thanks for letting me know Darren.
    Will try to make it :)

  9. Anette says:

    Thank you for a good broadcast interview. Great initiative and a good opportunity for the rest of us to learn.