b5media Blogathon – Now On!

I’m a little behind in this one – I’ve had one other little thing on my mind distracting me – but wanted to give a shout out to a group of b5media bloggers who are currently doing a 24 hour blogathon – the Great Blog Off. Bloggers in our Entertainment, Business and Lifestyles Channels are blogging every hour for 24 hours to support charitable causes.

Having done a couple of blog-a-thons myself I know how much work is involved – so do drop by some of the blogs in those channels and give their bloggers some support and donations.

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  1. Eliza says:

    Thanks for the mention Darren. :) This has been a lot of fun, hope to see some of ya’ll over there.

  2. Ryan Mclean says:

    Wow a blogathon, never heard of that.
    It sounds great, I think I might do one in the future

  3. does each blogger have to make 24 posts in one day? That is a massive effort!

  4. Eliza says:

    Yes one post every hour for 24 hours. I started a bit late and am going until 5 a.m. Want to visit? lol

  5. Kelly says:

    Hey Darren –
    Thanks for the shout out!
    My bloggers at the Biz Channel have been burning the midnight oil all day – we’ve gone through a LOT of coffee and there’s been a lot of silly conversation on Skype.
    But it’s been great fun. I hope folks stop by to check out the posts and support our charity (you can donate at
    Thanks again, and enjoy that baby! ;)

  6. DOOOOM says:

    Wow ! That must get really tough to do. Of course we will support them.

  7. jennydecki says:

    We only do it because we love Kelly so much (well those of us on the biz channel…hee hee)

    I’m going to come in at 30 posts with six guest posts. The worst part is I know I’m going to get blown away by one or more super-overachievers. Until I got to the Internet *I* was the overachiever.

    What’s up with these amazing (prolific) bloggers these days? LMAO

  8. Mr Lady says:

    This is a really fun idea for charity. I got to guest post for one of the blogs today. Good luck to all the bloggers!

  9. You have an inaccurate link in this post that points to an email address it looks like. You might wanna double check that.

  10. Sangesh says:

    Thanks Darren for this info. It is great to hear that bloggers are doing this for some good cause.

    I will definitely check them out.

  11. Kristen King says:

    Thanks for the link to the Biz Channel, Darren, and congrats again on the new baby. He’s beautiful. :)


  12. Sean Kelly says:

    On Friday, 1 pm EST it occurred to me that 1) 12:01 am Friday is actually the 12:01 that follows midnight on Thursday, and 2) I was already 13 hours behind on The Great Blog Off.

    Plan B became blogging as quickly as possible about The Great Blog Off posts of the more responsible, mature and lucid members of the b5 Business Channel.

    While I was only able to fire off 9 posts, it turned out to be a lot of fun. There are a ton of great new blogs and bloggers on the Biz Channel, and it was great to break out of the recent routine and check them out.

    Plus, we hopefully generated some funds for Accion (which, hopefully, is not code for Kelly Erb’s offshore Paypal account).

  13. Kelly says:

    Doh! Sean, you found me out! ;)
    Actually, Accion was really gracious and worked out a secure donation page that’s co-branded. So, when you donate money, it goes straight to Accion.
    If anyone wants to give me money, that’s another issue entirely. I’m not proud…