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How Many Posts Did You Publish On Your Main Blog in May? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of June 2008 Reader Questions 121

It’s time for another Reader Poll – this week I want to take a look at your posting frequency.

How Many Posts Did You Publish On Your Main Blog in May?

Pick your main blog and focus upon that. I responded for ProBlogger where I published 88 posts over May – 10 more than my three month average.


Feel free to tell us more in comments below. For example – was your May posting level higher or lower than normal?

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  1. I posted 36 articels in May. I try to write one a day, but this month my goal is two posts a day. Trying to overcome the dip in visitors since its summer here in Sweden.

  2. 113 for me. May was only my second month, and I typically add 1-3 posts per day…sometimes more if I’m really inspired. I’ve been told that’s an “ambitious” goal, but I’m nothing if not ambitious. And because it’s a topic I’m really passionate about and have fun researching, it really doesn’t feel like work.

  3. 41-50

    I contribute to the same blog in 2 places so I kinda guesstimated and combined… I average about 2-3 posts a day, but only 1-2 on the weekends.

    I believe my high was 6 posts in 1 day

  4. 18 – and it seemed less than usual.

  5. I cant really vote because I started my blog on 5/26. I have six blog posts between 5/26 and 5/31.

  6. I post 5 content posts during the week and usually a round-up/link love type post on the weekend sharing my favorite posts of the week in my niche.

  7. I try to post once a day (average)… 33 posts for May.

  8. I posted 64 times in May…I’m always in around 60/month because many of my blogs are simply images with a brief description. I can easily handle these posts everyday, if not more frequently! Weekends totally vary, but weekdays are 1-3 posts per day.

    Last week I started a second blog because I’m loving this blog thing and it was time for a second “family” of topics!

  9. The Masked Millionaire had 26 for the month of May.

  10. I did about 22 in May, probably my most active month yet. The begining of June will probably be slow as I have a lot of studying to do for finals, but after that, I should be posting a lot more as summer will provide me with ample blogging time

  11. I posted 30 times in May. My intention is to post daily, so I guess I’m on track.

  12. Wow I’m really surprised by the votes. Only four people voted 41-50 including myself. I guess people forgot how important it is to post everyday. I write a new post every single day, and when ever I feel the need I post an extra 2 or 3 post’s in one day. The fact that the majority of people answered to less then 30 posts is not very good in my opinion.

    This is a good example of why:

    Jeff from BuzzMyBlog has a very good blog that I love(d) – Why the past tense? Well when I first came across the site I wanted to visit everyday, but then I noticed new content was posted every 2 days or so. I would go to the site and end up leaving simply because I already read everything on the site, and there was nothing new for me to read. After a while I simply stopped going. Now I just read what I get in my inbox through that sites feed.

    But hey it’s only my opinion, you guys could have very good reasons for posting as much as you do. Some of you could be busy with work and family, or only blog part time like me.
    Just thought I would share my thoughts with you guys!

    PS @Jeff – I still like your blog, I’ll set my alarm clock for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and pay you a visit!

    Great poll Idea Darren, very good look inside how other people are managing their blog posts.

  13. My level was normal. I believe that posting every other day or so is healthy for me because I can have more time to do my offline responsibilities. Furthermore, I think my readers won’t take the time to read my posts if I give them so many in a week. I think two or three articles is healthy for the subscribers.

    However, if I may ask a question, specially upon seeing that there are actually people who post more than 80 posts in their blog. How does this affect one’s SEO? If I put out an average of 3 posts a day, won’t some of the posts be “missed” by Googlebots because they went to the “archives” so fast it didn’t have much time to be in the front page? Thanks.

  14. I had 84 posts in May, down from the 108 I posted in April. March saw 96 posts and February was huge with 130.

    I’ve found the more I post, the more traffic I receive. Of course, what you are writing about affects the level of traffic — general interest items will get more traffic, but that traffic won’t be “sticky.”

    Localized posts that don’t bring in huge numbers of visitors are often the posts that end up bringing in new connections with other local bloggers — which is beneficial in its own way.

  15. 237 Posts in May
    I run a celebrity Gossip blog so staying current and entertaining is critical to maintain traffic levels. Some of these posts are simply two lines of text with pictures so they don’t take much thinking to create:)

  16. Fitz – that can definitely happen if Google doesn’t check often. As long as it checks back daily it shouldn’t be a problem.

  17. I’m trying to consistently post once a day, with good, thorough content. The preparation of posts takes a lot of time, especially because I generally have photos to edit, etc.

    I didn’t quite make it to one post a day, as I missed two days, but a couple days I did post twice.

    I use Blogger to publish to the blog part of my website, and their recent improvement of the “pre-publish” feature is very nice. When I know I’m going to be super busy during the work week, I can pre-publish the weekend before, so the post shows up on the scheduled day. This has been a Very Convenient Improvement to Blogger, and I can rest easy without the pressure of having to tweak a post at the last minute! So I think that feature has helped me keep up a more consistent posting schedule.

  18. Okay, 8 may not seem like a lot, but in my defense, my blog only began in May – with the first post being on May 18th.

  19. I have a website on personal finance and investment planning.

    I usually write in-dept articles, which are quite lengthy. So, the posting frequency is less. I try to post an article once in 4-5 days. So, my posts in May are 7.

    And I was surprised to see that I fall in the most popular bracket of 1-10 posts a month!

  20. I do one post a day Monday to Friday. I have topics for each day, so that keeps me going. When I don’t feel like writing, I remember that I have committed to myself to write. I always take weekends off though.

  21. OOoops should have counted before submitting my result. I had 46 but I “guessed” 35. That’s about average for me, I felt like it was a little less than April (cuz I did the NaBloPoMo thingy).

  22. about 100 posts, but we have 3 regular contributors, and 3 occasional ones :)

  23. Wow – there are a lot of postings going on out there! I thought we were doing well with 27 in May – HA! We’re just beginners.

  24. I pumped out the content in May because I’m really trying to build a solid base. I started my blog in February, but I didn’t really focus intently on it until April.

    My goal was to be at 1,000 subscribers by the end of the summer. At the beginning of May, I was at 124. Today, I’m at 577. I think it has a lot to do with my pumping out a ton of content lately. It’s been fun, but I do think I’ll slow down a bit eventually.

  25. I had 67 posts in May, but that’s partially because I was keeping two blogs and consolidated them into one last week. I’m also in between day jobs, so the presumption is once I get hired somewhere, I’ll post less frequently than my current 1-2 entries a day.

    It’s worth mentioning that despite a few AdSense elements on my blog, I don’t keep a blog for the purpose of making money; whether my perspective changes in the future is anyone’s guess.

  26. May I only did 16 posts, I was busy with other projects. This I am aiming for at least 25 posts this month.

  27. 4 or 5 in may on this one, i am
    not really good writer so i
    need some time to make article.

  28. Gee, I feel inadequate now, my goal is 2 a week

  29. I am posting around 35 to 40 post for past month(May). My Traffic increased a lot when compared to previous month(April)

  30. I am posting around 6 posts per day.

  31. Mine was pretty normal at 7. I post about 2x per week so I was pretty close to my average.

  32. We had 32 in May thanks to doing previews for each of the 16 NCAA baseball regionals during one week. Normally, we have around 20 or so per month, but with the increase in traffic we received in May, we have new vigor to do more this month.

  33. I recently post abaout 1 post a day..

  34. Gee, that made me think. Which one is my main blog, so I checked what I thought were my two main and entered the the results of the greater of the two. I take it you will use the results for another informative post?

  35. I only had 6 in May. I blog when something interest me. Lately I’ve just been very busy and not seen a whole lot going on that I felt blog worthy… unlike in January when I posted 70 items.

  36. I posted 125 stories in May at Data Center Knowledge. I’m trying to post 5 to 7 items each weekday, as our site traffic is dominated by “business hours” visitors. I’m a full-time problogger in a sector where there’s a great deal of news right now, so there’s no shortage of things to write about.

    As DCK has gained readers in recent months, the site has gotten on the radar of the top companies in the data center field, so there’s been a huge jump in incoming press releases and technology briefings. It makes it easier when the news comes to you instead of having to track it all down … I’m still working the phones and RSS feeds every day for stories, but it makes it easier to fill the pipeline each day.

  37. I’ve had 76 posts in May, but for the past 30 days, it was 81 posts, with a few of what I would consider “major” articles included in that tally. I’ve been averaging 88 posts per month lately.

    For anyone looking for a really easy way to tally this stuff without having to count, there is a great plug-in for WordPress called Blog Metrics. It’s by Joost de Valk, and automatically keeps track of all sorts of statistics, giving you a really handy birds-eye-view of all the activity on your blog. Check out some of his other really useful plug-ins, too, if you haven’t already:

    Once again, Blog Metrics:

  38. I should also add, I posted 21 articles for on top of the 76 in May at my own blog, What can I say? I really enjoy writing, communicating and publishing and hope to make a real living at it one day… Which is really what makes some of Problogger’s tips invaluable.

  39. I had 50. I post at least ONE post every day. It keeps me honest. ;)

    I started my blog mid-July 2007 and May was the month I reached post number 500. Whoohoo!

  40. 171 for me in May, which was down by about 10 on the usual amount. Too many, though, hence I’m on hiatus as of June 6 recovering from some work/life/health balance issues (like most here, I still work a full time job on top of blogging).

  41. I do not post daily to my blog; but average at least twice per week, sometimes more.

  42. 12 for me in May, which was up from 10 in April. I’d like to post every other day, and I’m not as far off from that as I thought. So thanks for asking, Darren!

  43. 25 for May which for a college sports blog is an off month. Baseball is going on but the main sports of football and basketball are both in their offseasons.

  44. 21 posts in May. June and July’s numbers will be much higher with all the exciting stuff that is about to happen – watch this space! So excitied!!

  45. I used to post 7 days a week, twice M-F and then I went to 5 days a week, once a day. I pretty much stick to between 15-20 posts a month.

  46. A little over one post a day here. That’s about my average. May was a good month for me – several really good posts that got good traffic :-)

  47. Is this thing broke? I see only 9 votes in the results, but over 90 comments …. Anyhow — 15 was my response for my intermittent fasting blog, but I was out of town for the last week of that month.

  48. I write on several blogs and manage to get at least 3-5 posts a week on 4 different blogs. Some weeks are more prolific than others depending on travel, speaking and client work.

  49. I am completely amazed that folks can post so much! Most of the blogs I read post a couple times per week. Me, I posted 12 times in May. Yikes!

  50. 27 in May. I’ve been trying to keep to a definite 5 day a week schedule with 6 days sometimes and having a day off. In May I consistently posted on 6 days and double-posted on one day when I found a news story directly related to what I had posted about earlier in the day so I put in a very short little update!

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