Duncan Riley talks about His Experience with TechCrunch and Future Directions

Good interview over at BlogHerald with Duncan Riley who today finishes up as a blogger at TechCrunch.

The ground covered in the interview is great listening – from how he landed the TechCrunch job, to what it’s like to dealing with the email on such a position, to dealing with trolls in the TC comments, to work/life balance, to working with video, to what he’s doing next (starting a new website at The Inquisitir)… and more.

All in all I found it to be a really interesting interview. I found the first half better than the 2nd – but it was all good.

Listen to the interview with Duncan here.

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  1. caTcode says:

    good luck, i hope he will create a great blog there..

  2. Robin says:

    I’m so subcribing to his new blog.

  3. bonchibuji says:

    I wrote about Inquisitr…

    4 reasons why it sucks and and 5 reasons why it (will) rock!!

  4. Alex Hammer says:

    Darren and Duncan are bloggers elite. Good to see them “still together” in this piece. Best wishes to both, and Duncan in his new venture.

  5. Hagrin says:

    This is going to the unpopular view, but so be it.

    Good riddance. I actually started filtering out stories authored by him from TechCrunch/Techmeme because of his extremely unprofessional attitude in not only covering stories, but responding to user comments and other blog authors. I’d like to think that Arrington has his ear to the ground with the users of his site and realized that Duncan’s adversarial methods were not the direction to take a supposed tech/startup news site.

    I may actually consider adding TechCrunch back to my RSS reader.

  6. Del Sauzo says:

    Good luck to him !!!!

  7. Sandy Naidu says:

    Look fwd to subscribing his new blog…He is sooo open with his views (which is good)…

  8. Ryan McLean says:

    I wish it was something I could read…not listen to
    Because I seriously can’t be bothered