ProBlogger Readers Prefer ‘No Show Briefs’

OK – time for a ‘comical’ interlude.

I was just over at the ProBlogger Book page at Amazon and scanned down the page to see this:

related search amazon problogger.png

OK – so what ProBlogger reader is searching for ‘no show briefs’?

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  1. Joe Boomer says:

    Wow, that is…disturbing to say the least.

  2. Hmmm.


  3. Farfield says:

    haha that’s really funny. You can’t do anything online anymore without bein noticed!

    PS: it wasn’t me :)

  4. Planet Berry says:

    Gotta love the humor in the Search Patterns…..this one looked awfully plain!

  5. Gary says:

    Wasn’t me – I wear boxers.

  6. Nancy McCord says:

    Oh that really made me laugh and the photo is so funny. Would any guy really wear those. No, don’t tell me. :0)

  7. MrCooker says:

    Poor Darren, attracking a public he’s not aiming for I think.

  8. Denial is an admission of guilt!

  9. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

    I’ve read about other authors who have seen their books listed with crazy stuff. I guess it could have been worse, but not by much.

    Little did you know about what kind of undies some your readers wear. Any by the way, it was not me.

  10. That’s disturbing.

  11. Very Funny!!

  12. David Hobson says:

    where did you get my photo from.

  13. That is Hilarious!

  14. SpaceAgeSage says:

    Maybe your recent speed posts were so “brief” and … ahem … “well packaged” that it reminded a reader to purchase these? Ya gotta love the Internet!

  15. Lori says:

    Awww crap! Busted ain’t I..the only thing is, they were too small for my man:)

  16. Brad V. says:

    I guess people who want to blog full-time also need a comfortable pair of briefs to wear while blogging. Personally, I prefer boxers.

    That is really funny though! Great cross-marketing!

  17. Jeremy Davis says:

    He’s a digital photography pro.
    He’s the make money through blogging godfather.
    He’s spent time with the clergy.
    He’s got a book.

    And now he’s an underwear model.

    Darren’s got it all, folks.

  18. ann says:

    hehehe… that’s funny. :D

    weird how searches go..

  19. liveforever says:

    I wanna meet him – you got a dating service now, Darren?

  20. Michelle says:

    Well, when I get my ProBlogger book, I’ll make sure I wear my pair as I read it.

  21. Darren says:

    lol I actually wear no-show briefs. They’re very comfortable :)

  22. Google Tutor says:

    oh man, busted… sorry Darren but the wife thinks they look hot on me.

  23. Haha – I more than one person would have had to have searched for that for it to come up as a suggested item?

    Too funny…

  24. Darren Rowse says:

    hehe – maybe I should bring out a range of ProBlogger Briefs…. hmmmm

  25. Genesis says:

    I bet Problogger Briefs would really sell well. :) Just get some readers to look for them after clicking on your book link to Amazon and presto! they´d be right under it!

    Seriously, though, it´s great that Amazon lets you earn off people´s wanderings. I haven´t sold a single item yet that I recommended, but people have bought all sorts of other things after clicking on my affiliate links. :D

  26. infmom says:

    Does this mean we caught you with your pants down?

  27. Ok Ok, it was me…

  28. Wayne says:

    funny, I have the strange urge to clean spam out of my inbox…

  29. Rob O. says:

    Ordinarily, modesty would prohibit me from responding, but since you did ask…

  30. We all know John Chow searched for that.

  31. Eli says:

    It wasn’t me, I swear!

  32. Matt Cuttz says:

    Wasn’t me. I wear black ones.

  33. Christopher Sean says:

    I did look for bikini style briefs, but not those. I wear them when i wear a suit. Keeps my suit from having that weird lump when the boxers get folded.

  34. Veronica says:

    I’m more curious in finding out when men became worried about their panty line!

  35. lex g says:

    First time ever that I see underwear used as an incentive …

  36. Dan says:

    Did nt know amazon was that funny. May be people like to read their book after getting comfortable. Thats a lil too comfy.

  37. Kip says:

    Looks like they are trying to push the virtues of working from home (“Work in underwear! Wear same t-shirt 5 days in a row! Complete with ratty slippers!”)

  38. Cookiemouse says:

    I had two search hits for druid sex, and hope the two found each other.

  39. Fadzuli says:

    Well you can consider blogging about briefs now..hehe

  40. You caught me! Hey, it’s lonely being a blogger!

  41. Syed Balkhi says:

    that is a funny one … Good thing I went to Barnes and Noble