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How Do I Make Money Fast Blogging?

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of April 2008 Blogging for Dollars 55

Speed-Posting@eMarv asked – “how can one make 25K in 2 months by blogging? :) I know, I know… “

I think you know the answer to that question from your last few words. But when it comes to blogging it’s not a get rich quick thing. I don’t know too many (any) bloggers who made $25k in their first two months. Having said that – I did meet a blogger this week who started a blog and 2-3 weeks later sold it for $3k – so I guess there are some ways to build them quick and sell them off (but this is probably an exception rather than the rule).

My philosophy of building money through blogging is that the secret is in trending up over the long haul.

If you’re after fast money head to the casino – but don’t hold your breath there either!

What would you add to this? Is it possible to make fast money blogging? How would you try if you had to make money fast through blogging?

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Well, I am looking at trying to make some fast money blogging – granted I only need between $600 and $1000, but I need it within the next month or so for a down payment on a Harley.

    I finally got some ads on my blog – so now I am going start writing posts daily, maybe multiple times a day and try to do some traffic building and see what happens.

    I also have thought about offering low-cost custom domain WordPress hosting – why not? I own the server hardware already, why not make money from it?

  2. If his 2-3 week old blog was worth $3K, then why would he sell it? Seems to be if you can create a blog worth that much that quickly, you should be able to make a lot more money if you kept it going.

  3. Well Bill, I’m really curious if you will make this goal. Do you already have some plans on how to get people to your blog, and what’s the content going to be about?

    I know it’s hard, I started my blog about a month ago…

  4. A friend of mine left a comment on my blog today (on a post similar to this), comparing blogging to the lottery. Yes, it’s possible to make some quick cash, but the odds are low.. extremely low. Not much different than buying a lottery ticket. Someone wins every day, but the chances of it happening to you are slim to none. The rest of us have to work hard for what we have.

  5. @Farfield – the blog is a general web design/tech blog – I have been a web developer for nearly 10 years now and am trying to start doing a brain dump. The blog has been active for over a year, though I have not done much posting on it at all.

    As for traffic, I am looking at things such as interaction with other blogs (like comments, guest posting and such), I am on several forums frequently and I will be putting my link in my signature on them now that I have decided I will be blogging more frequently. I also get some good search results for some posts already, so I will probably work on the SEO of the blog a bit and tweak it to enhance that.

    The other thing I was thinking is trying to do some social media marketing on a couple of social networks. I guess I will have to see how it works out.

  6. At the rate Google ads pay, one would have to have a readership in the 10s of thousands daily to make a decent living by blogging. That sort of readership is not built up over two months. Even combining it with offering services (i.e., the web hosting you mention), it still takes work to make a living this way. It’s not like you start a blog and voila! income starts rolling in. A solid subscriber base is necessary.

  7. One of the best pieces of advice I read on blogging income was an old post from Darren here at ProBlogger. He advocated setting daily goals when your blog is young, and slowly increase them over time. When I started I wanted to make $5.00, or roughly $150.00 a month from blogging. When I reached that goal I bumped it to $6.50 a day, or roughly $200.00 a month. It doesn’t sound like much, but compare those daily earnings with a typical bank savings account interest payment. It would take thousands of dollars in savings to spin off several dollars a day in interest.

  8. Well u inspired me to create one blog which will be worth 1000$ after 6 months…

  9. @Bill

    I don’t want to break your heart, but good luck. You are a perfect example of why bloggers give up so quickly. They have high expectations that can only happen if they are lucky. Not saying you will give up, but high expectations is a reason many do give up.

    My current goal is just getting some clicks by the third month.

  10. "
    the blog is a general web design/tech blog &qout;

    Great, there is a real shortage of those on the web ;-)

  11. "
    the blog is a general web design/tech blog "

    Great, there is a real shortage of those on the web ;-)

  12. Being able to make money rapidly from blogging is a nice idea, and maybe some people have done this. But for most people, I think, it will be a case of the long, slow haul – putting in the hours, putting in the work, thinking of good ideas, doing the writing. And hopefully, in time, this will lead to well-deserved rewards.

    I guess blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

  13. Making money fast from blogging is very hard… unless you invest a lot of money or time first.

  14. Well, if you sell out and do corporate blogging, you can make money fast. More than half my income from blogging comes from corporate clients who pay fairly well for the “next big thing” in marketing. But I feel “tainted” sometimes, and I enjoy writing for my personal (but less lucrative) blogs more.

  15. If I needed to make 25K in two months, I would certainly ask this question insteaad: How do I make 25K in two months? Then I’d do a brainstorming session or two, and if blogging came up I’d ask myself if that was a viable alternative, and if the odds for achieving the goal was better with blogging than my other alternatives. And, to be painfully honest, I think the blogging idea would get axed very, very quickly. I’m pretty sure there are other ways to go about getting that money that are much more effective and reliable. I’m not saying it can’t be done by blogging, though, I’m just saying that your odds are probably better doing something else.

    However. If I were ABSOLUTELY set on using blogging to achieve this, I’d come up with what I thought was a good idea for something REALLY outrageous that would get lots and lots of people’s attention, then I’d DO something really outrageous (probably both offline and online, I’d certainly use both online and offline media for everything it was worth) to get that attention, and then I’d work like a madman, find a way to monetize the whole thing, while crossing my fingers that it would work. Perhaps the blog wouldn’t pull in all that money before the two months were over, but if I got something going then I could offer it for sale, make a quick buck, get out – and pay the rent or the wedding or whatever it is you need the money for.

    Good luck! :)

  16. I never started blogging to make money. I don’t spend time and effort on any business that doesn’t have the chance make money either. I see blogging as just another stream on income from which I get personal gratification.
    Blogging can be a major source of income I have seen but there is more to being a successful blogger then income. If you are blogging to get rich quick, then give up now. If you need major money now and need to get rich quick then you need to re-evaluate why you need that much money that quick.

  17. I agree with how blogging should not be considered a short term make money thing. I am not an expert in the field but I thing that it is impossible to make big money with blogging by starting a new blog on a new domain.

    It would be possible to make $3,000 in a few months…but you might need $1,000 to buy a pre owned domain with PR, $1,000 in advertising, spend a lot of time researching a niche, optimizing and witting.

    In the end, you could make that 3,000, but how much will it be profit? Would it be enough to pay yourself for the work? I doubt it.

  18. The only way I could think of to make that kind of money blogging is to signup for CPM ads and then blog every hot news story everyday.

    If you could put out a decent post for each trendy bit of news and gossip, maybe 20 or 30 times a day, you may get enough traffic to hit your numbers.

    Set this to be your homepage :)

  19. @micheal – well, if after not making any money after over a year, I am still playing with ads, designs, templates and making occasional posts, I probably won’t be giving up any time soon. I have a couple other blogs that get posted when I feel like it. If I make a bit of money, great, if not no big deal. As I point out @on stage – there is no reason why, even in a crowded niche such as web development, a person could earn a couple hundred a month – and to me it is play money, not bill money.

    @on stage – you are absolutely correct – and I have no plans on making blogging much more than play money each month – enough to pay a $200/month payment on a new harley. Simple enough, attainable enough, and I see no reason why $600 couldn’t be earned in 45-60 days in that market for the downpayment I need.

  20. Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but nothing quite chaps me as bad as folks who get into blogging just for the sake of making a fast buck. “Get rich quick” schemes have always left a incredibly foul taste in my mouth and this is just the latest iteration.

    I’m sure we’ve all seen plenty of these “pro” bloggers who’ll do anything for clicks, rarely stopping to realize that clicks are almost entirely inconsequential to a blogger who writes quality content. (Unless a considerable portion of those clicks are converting over into readers and/or subscribers, those are fleeting at best.) And why is it that a disproportionate share of these blogging-for-profit-alone guys are like 13-15 years old?

    Their sites are almost always smeared with ads and widgets and so much other junk that you can just barely find what little actual content is there. They’re typically metablogs, just rehashing other bloggers content anyway and without any serious effort to put their own unique spin on the topics.

    Ack! I could just go on & on…

  21. The secret to making 25K in blogging in two months… is to have been making peanuts in blogging over the past two or three years :-p

    Patience is usually rewarded when it comes to blogs.

  22. I agree with Rachel about patience. It’s about development, growth, and having the patience to let things work.

    I’m sure one can always make a few more bucks by paid posting, reviews, etc. The thing with counting on this source is that it takes just as much effort in 2years as in the beginning. One ends up writing for everyone else, and the blog won’t have its unique voice/specialty….it ends up being all over the place, and known for nothing. Not a good longterm plan, is my opinion.

  23. That’s no good, it’s easy to generate traffic and made a blog with daily IP>1000 for just one week, and generate RSS, it’s not so difficult to build a decent blog for just one month and sell for several thousand dollars, but that’s not good for the blogger who buy it.

  24. Anything is possible, no matter what the odds say.

    I’m sure 25k is doable. You’ll just have to be really really really awesome (like Steve Jobs awesome), have no time obstacles in those two months, and be a top tier business or sales person.

    Cakewalk, right?

  25. Derren – I GOT THE ANSWER :

    25k is a bit tough but possible . you have to be really creative though and have a lot of time . here’s how to do it :

    1) spend a month ( like 12 hours a day) getting recognized on forums , Irc’s ,digg , stumble upon , reddit etc . Make your presence important . Get a lot of “friends” and keep in touch with them via social internet sites like myspace, orkut , facebook , I.M etc. You need referral traffic as search engine traffic is time consuming and not predictable .

    2)the tough part , make plenty of funny or super interesting videos and write articles / post pictures that are very “digg-able” / viral every day ( even home videos and a collection of stale funny internet pics will do – the internet repeats itself for eg. full vs. partial rss has appeared loads of time on problogger before ). for eg. The video “how people count cash ” single handedly Earned $1,648 (and counting) in 2 months though the video was really simple to make … my point here originality and interest .

    3) monetize those with every way possible before you drive traffic with you social sites – kontera , adsense , adbrite , chitika even popup’s (don’t blame me you were that asked the quick rich scheme), post your videos on metacafe and break etc. if all goes well / viral you will have $ 25 K in no time . Tough to pull it off but still possible if you can spend like loads of hours a day.

    P.S: i don’t blog that way and don’t recommend it.

    P.P.S: derren is there any chance you can give me the problogger book (in pdf) if I pay you via paypal ?

    P.P.P.S: do you watch the IPL cricket matches :) ?

  26. The best way to make fast money blogging is to write and publish at least one high quality post a day, learn to write great headlines, and the last thing is to get a regular job.

    That is how you make fast money blogging….

  27. I wish there was a quick way to build your blog and start making some money fast. I am trying to post at least 3 times per day and build traffic by doing some advertising. Hopefully in a few months I can start seeing some regular income…not just a few cents here and there from advertising

  28. Honestly, I’d build up a blog with lots of really good ORIGINAL content (no, not scraped or copied from article repositories or anything like that), submit it to all the social networks and get as much of a following as I could and then sell it.

    My problem is that I never want to let them go! LOL

  29. Darren, this is a great and simple explanation on how to make money using one’s blog: Linkage, linkage to one’s own articles. As you’ve done, to our best articles. That’s the secret and the best advice to any blogger believing that making money is an over-night success.

    I wrote a lengthy humorous response to this article and its interesting comments … and almost posted it here.
    Then I realised that it was a post onto itself. So follow the link on my name to read and discover how to possibly make some more serious dollars in less than two months.

  30. @Rob O. –> Time to make a stand for the teen bloggers again. I was reading through the comments and I found one comment about teen bloggers – apparently all we want to do is make money. To a certain extent – yes, a little profit would be good. Even if I did come into this whole online blogging scene for some profit – Never did I realize that I would come to enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts with a willing and sharing community.

    If you hop on over to my site, you will discover that the amount of ads are very limited, but I do understand your frustrations as there are a few sites that tend to overdo their ads, and teenagers are a big part of it, but I am not one of those all for profit ones, I try my best everyday to create original content – but sometimes however I try to spin it, it seems a little rehashed. But I’m learning new things everyday, so there’s always more to come. – End of reply –

    Now to the actual topic at hand. How can I make $25,000 in 2 months blogging…? When I first saw this question, it was around midnight and I decided to go to sleep. Now it’s fresh and early in the morning – so here goes.

    Making $25,000 online (blogging) in 2 months is a near impossible goal. It does however make you think about it and it expands your horizons to start thinking of ways to make big money online. But in any kind of realistic setting, it is unachievable – unless you get some really huge sponsors (but…why would they want to sponsor a blog that is only weeks old?)

    You can put as much Kontera, AdBrite, AdSense, Chitika, TTZ Media, PepperJam Network, Text Links, Banner etc…And You still won’t make it past $1000. The thing is, I am guessing that the blog would be relatively new – and a time-frame of 2 months for a new blog, with virtually no traffic to make $25,000 is simply ridiculous. It would be possible however if the blogger had a lot of capital…but they’re trying to make money – so I’m guessing it is very limited.

    I’ll leave you with some words: Blog, Blogging, Blogger, Time, Commitment, Dedication, Passion, Consistency, Long Term, Respect, Loyalty, Readership, Community, Contribution, Returns. Those sum up what I think you need to be a good blogger that can successfully make significant returns on their investment.

  31. My blog is a few weeks old and I haven’t put any ads on it – though I probably will down the track.

    Like most people I have OTHER things to do besides blogging. So I ask myself – would I rather spent the next half hour working out how to put some ads on my blog, or networking, to build readership? The answer’s always networking – the ads can wait a while. I want something real.

    Happy Birthday Darren! My partner’s birthday is today too!

  32. Alright, I’ll give it a try. Like everything, it depends on a lot of luck, not to mention some damn good social skills, but maybe…

    1. Similar to igizmore above — spend half your day getting to know everybody you can. I wouldn’t target heavy hitters, but people with small-medium blogs or mid-level social media profiles. Get to know them, send them real emails, find out their dog’s names, etc.

    2. Spend the other half of your day writing a very good ebook.

    3. Send the most active “sneezers” in the bunch free review copies, but do not offer an affiliate program. Ask them to help you promote.

    4. Email the rest with a really good, really friendly sales email.

    5. Charge $33, sell 750 copies. 800 if you include administrative costs.

    Not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but possible if your topic and demographics are done right and they like you enough.

  33. I can’t imagine someone could earn 25k in two months by blogging only. The only way I can think off earning 25k in such a short period online is an affiliate website and spending a lot of money on Adwords.

    Blogging just isn’t fast money. Even if I would make 25k a month after one year I would be more succesful than 99,9% of all the bloggers.

    Maybe 25k in total in the first year is a steep but realistic goal. I earned about 15k in the first year in total, and for me it felt like a personal victory.

    Now I earn more than 5k a month from all my websites (not only blogs) after one and a half years. Exponential growth is what you need online, and I can now confirm it’s very real if you persist in creating new concepts and expand the sites that bring in the big bucks.

    Since I’m Dutch and writing on websites in Dutch, translating them in other languages can be very profitable. Don’t be affraid to spend your earned money on translators as soon as you can. I rather spend my money on expanding my network than paying taxes based on profits.

  34. There is no fast way of making money with a blog. You can write it down if you want to. Blogs take extensive amount of hard work and promotion to get to a point when you have a good amount of posts and decent readerbase. Then you really get to sell your ads for over 500+ / spot. That will be the time when you will get to make more money, but other than that it is quiet hard.

    You can make blog and sell those. But you must remember you do it once your users might understand, but the second time they won’t come back to your blog if you sell it because they will know the next one will be sold as well.

  35. I have a friend who makes a good living from blogging. He works at it daily from 4:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. He covers the airline industry and his articles get high placement in Digg, Stumble and Reditt.

    So, work like that, study SEO and over time……

    This isn’t a get rick quick business.

  36. I agree, this is not a get rich quick thing. There is no such thing. Making money blogging, or just making money online is a hard thing to do. Not impossible but it really takes alot of hard work. In my opinion the best thing one can or should do is not put their eggs all in one basket. If you have a blog that makes a dollar a day, then do what you did and make 100 such blogs. Year after year your income will increase! A dollar a day…set reasonable and realistic goals

  37. I was wondering why blogging was thought of getting fast and big money. Don’t they realized this is a career, not a job?

    Although you can treat this as a business, you can’t get big money that fast.

    Another thing, if your’re blogging for money alone then you’re not a blogger. You’re an internet marketer.


  38. My first thought to the question would be:

    A blog about a particular line of products, do product reviews, and them link to them for a commission.

    Just off the top of my head.

  39. Thanks for posting the question Darren! I was half-joking when I asked it. ;-)

    I understand that blogging is for the long haul and will probably not get one rich quick. (I should know, I’ve been blogging mostly off and more recently on since 2005 and just received a Google check for $100. Don’t know when I got the last one… :)

    But the comments did provide some ideas that I can try… ;-) JJ!

    Maybe if I can get 100,000 people to donate a quarter, that will do it. Anybody have a spare quarter? I’ll accept the euro 25 cent piece since its worth more than a US quarter. ;-)

    Thanks again!

  40. Well, I have reached another milestone. I got the down payment for the Harley, now I am going to find a way blogging to make the payment each month. Now, I can pay it outright without blogging income, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep my regular income and use the blog income for the extras in life – a harley for me, a horse for my wife and daughter….that would be great with me.

  41. Great to hear Bill.

    The first step to achieving a goal is setting it and it looks like you are already achieving it!

    If you can make money doing something you enjoy doing and it benefits you and your family, more power to ya!


    And that’s that. There are always exceptions to the rule where a blog will make a lot of money really fast but most blogs take months to reach the $100 minimum on Google Adsense. Don’t expect to make money fast while blogging but do expect to consistently make more and more money month over month, because that is how blog growth works.

  43. Making money from blogging is hard. I made $20 to write a post about loans but that was it. I plan on doing more of it. I make more Cashcrate than I do blogging. Anyone else do this. I do this filling out offers and surveys. Quick cash!

  44. i am very new to this blogging world !
    have made a BLOG

    but the prb is tht my search engine traffic is very very low… can any one plzz help me regarding it !???

  45. I do make $400 every month right now from my 2 blogs that I have been running for almost 3 months.

  46. Most people will never even get close to making 25k from a blog in general let alone it such a short amount of time. My blog is only a few days old and it hasn’t earned a penny yet. So I would say this is either extremely rare or it has never happened.

  47. I’m just a newbie in this blogging field.
    Can somebody help me how to generate income on my blog.
    I have tried to post some referral from the click and get paid ads, does it really work?
    Thanks guys.

  48. I started a blog on June 2 this year and as of June 22 I have had 3,170 views. Is this considered good? I am new to blogging, but I would like to get some ads and generate some cash. What do you experienced bloggers think – am I going in the right direction?

  49. Personally I’m looking to build a good blog fast. If during doing this, someone would like to pay me money then I’m all for it. But money i snot my main goal for my new blog.

    Also if you are after a get rich quick blog, you would need to already have a good reputation, so say i feel Darren could do this by leveraging it on his other blogs and social platforms. A beginner how ever would be very lucky to do so, unless they found someone like Darren to leverage there site on his blog for them.

  50. Diamond says: 10/19/2008 at 4:46 am

    I had to buy a program, which I might say, that did most of the work FOR ME. I researched alot of them before I came across one that truly was a success for me. I actually bought it when it was not on sale for like $200 and something odd dollars but it was worth it and I made it all back luckly! But I would give it a try. The link for it is below.

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