Online Advertising for Newbies – SXSW Podcast

sxsw-panel.jpgThe session that I participated in as a panelist at SXSW is now available here. It’s a panel so it covers a fair bit of ground and includes information on ad networks, affiliate programs and other topics associated with making money online.

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  1. Wendy Piersall indicated that her blog’s traffic skyrocketed once she got an initial link from ProBlogger.

    How did that link come about?

    How was her blog discovered?

    Was this just a case of helping out a friend?

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    SEW – I’m not sure I really remember what that first link was for. Wendy might remember! She did actively participate on ProBlogger and write a guest post or two in the early days which might have helped.

  3. nmw says:

    Listened to bits & pieces — sounds good (will listen again later / in more detail this week).

    Love the commentary re domain names — obviously spot on! :D

    RE “Disclosure”: Note that for generic domains / sites, the website behaves like a “yellow pages” category — and therefore users *EXPECT* & *WANT* advertising (this is probably also the reason why Google censors “parked” domains out of it’s index — because they do not want the ad money to “drift off” that way. Interesting also to compare this to the supposed “lack” of content for other types of websites (besides blogs)….

    In sum, contrast between “ad network” approach and “tailored” approach is fascinating — see also “Are Ad Networks Good In Recessions?”:

    :) nmw

  4. david cheong says:

    Congrats on those who are in the list. :)

  5. Great Stuff, also really took a lot from the commentary on domains and networks.

  6. Dennis Edell says:

    Downloaded to give it a good listen when I have more time…definitely looking forward to it, thanks!

  7. Ryan Mac says:

    Your networking and the influence you have is amazing, one day I hope to have that influence Darren
    You’re an inspiration to many

  8. For sure looking forward to that panel! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ah, yes, that very first link that caused me to be mesmerized by just how much traffic can come in at one time. I think I just sat there and watched my stats for hours. ;)

    That would be this post here:

  10. Roman says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing podcast for free. It would be great if you could touch a bit more on what Wendy said: using paid text links without being penalized by Google.

    I am new to this, but from what I understand for example TextLinkAds are one of those services. They even have Darren on their website endorsing the service.

    Yet I understand that Google might exclude you from a search or decrease your rankings if you use paid text links.

    Maybe a topic for another post? On what to do to benefit from the services while maintaining the search engine traffic?

  11. RE: Text links – not sure I remember exactly what I said in the panel, but I believe I meant running the text links through javascript instead of organic html links. By running them through javascript, they aren’t indexed and thus don’t pass page rank. AdSense, AdBrite, etc. all run this way.

  12. Paulino says:

    You have thought me so much.

  13. Dr. Bardou says:

    Where was this conference? In what city?