What is the Biggest Mistake That You’ve Made as a Blogger?

It’s time for a reader discussion/open thread and today’s question is:

What is the Biggest Mistake That You’ve Made as a Blogger?

What in your time as a blogger do you look back on with regret, wish you’d not done or wish you’d done differently?

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  1. PegasusTeam says:

    I started way too many blogs to maintain, so they all turned into splogs where I was just posting affiliate letters to try and make some money. None of the posts were even good content. I totally lost the focus on all the blogs.

    I have cut back to just a few and I’m trying to sell the domains for a few of the ones with potential, then I will just focus on just my main blog.

  2. Travis says:

    Not starting sooner.

  3. paulscholes says:

    Maintaining too many blogs and cluttering the site with ads.

  4. Hi,

    I hope my comment still has space here.

    My biggest mistake so far and still suffering from it is my long URL i guess. Although sometimes I land on Google’s first page and somehow have regular visitors, I still believe my traffic would have been better if I made my URLs ( my other blog URL is also long) is quite shorter.

    Thank you for asking, and hoping for a clear advise.

  5. Zath says:

    My biggest mistake was changing my permalink structure and didn’t use the right plugin – it broke my links and after 9 months of blogging (and just starting to receive some decent Google traffic) I think I was effectively sandboxed again and it’s taken another 5 months to get Google traffic back again.

    A tough lesson to learn, but hopefully no matter how annoying it felt at the time, it didn’t actually put my blog’s development back a full 5 months.

  6. JennyHow says:

    I supposed mine is not starting a blog sooner, way back in 2004.

  7. Tom says:

    My biggest mistake was probably not starting my own blog sooner. I could have ended up with more content by now.

  8. Benny says:

    yeah, same here. should’ve started earlier.

  9. The biggest mistake for me is not deciding on what to focus my blog content on and to whom. I must have spent months trying to figure out how I wanted to talk about my topic and who my audience should be. Just took to long to figure this out and I lost out on some serious content development time.

  10. I am going to echo the sentiments of many bloggers–my biggest mistake is letting my blog go pretty much idle after being selected as a blog of note by blogger. Thus, I effectively let my blog content go stale. I saw many other blogs who started after me, quickly surpass me in viewership (because of their content). However, it is a struggle to balance the demands of life and a blog. I was getting married at the time to a long distance finance and planning the destination wedding, so I let go of my obligations to my blog.