Why Do You Blog? [POLL RESULTS]

A few weeks back I ran a poll here on ProBlogger asking readers why they blog.

Keep in mind that this blog is about making money from blogging so you’d naturally expect that the ‘money’ answer might be higher than in the wider blogosphere but here are the results.


There’s lots of good discussion in the poll announcement post which explore motivations for blogging further.

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  1. Lex G says:

    So it’s actually a poll on ‘why do PROBLOGGER readers’ blog ?

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    well you could word it that way – or because anyone reading this poll is a problogger reader it could also be why ‘you’ blog as everyone had an opportunity to participate :-)

  3. Dan Root says:

    Well, looks like money seems to be the only thing on some people’s minds! haha.. Can’t blame them.

  4. WTJ says:

    hehe.. having fun while earning money is quite good. If making money is the only purpose, that makes one a blog slave.

  5. Allen of EOL says:

    I often equate fun with money :-) Interesting results, although not entirely surprising.

  6. Shamess says:

    It’d be interesting to see how many of the people who blog for money actually make any money. And of the ones that do, to compare how much they make to how much people who blog for fun make.

    I’m a firm believer that people who create a website (a blog or not) with the intent of making money rarely do make much at all. I’ve made far more money since I’ve stopped trying, and it’s a less stressful thing to do now too.

  7. Cath Lawson says:

    But I suppose you could argue that blogging for fame/profile, business or networking would eventually lead to making money anyway – even if people don’t want to make money directly from blogging straight away.

  8. Ignacio says:

    The results are very predictable. Most of us, read this blog with the #1reason as our main purpose.

    Would it be interesting to know what blogging platform do they use?

    I’m quite sure, most of the people who answer “money” use WordPress, because that’s the platform to make the money (so they say…)
    But, if you browse through Blogspot, you’ll see family pictures, poems and things like that.
    They do it for fun.

  9. abhilash says:

    Blogging with Money intent has some advantages too.. It forces to be professional and think about readers. Though being obsessed with Money and not enjoying blogging can kill a blog.

  10. Rushit Shah says:

    hey i forgot to poll this. but my reply is fun and if i have to select two i would say fun and networking.


  11. Leo F. Swiontek says:

    to earn money as well as to have simple words for entertainment.

  12. Express myself and to have fun. If I could earn a little bit of change and pay for hosting to make this a free endeavor, that would be great!

  13. Jason Brown says:

    We’ll who would have guessed the majority of ProBloggers readers are blogging for money, what a surprise. It’s nice to see that although making money is the number one reason for the readers to blog it’s not the only reason – it’s nice to see that fun come in a close second with business in at number 4. This I personally found a bit of a surprise as I thought it would have been number 2. I think this shows quite clearly that although making money from blogging is the number once motivation for ProBloggers readers its not the only – and that readers don’t see their blog as a business even if it is. A business that not seen as a business, I don’t think there is a better way to make money.

  14. William Cox says:

    I would like to see a poll that asks, “what is your SECOND most important reason for blogging.” While most of us probably have a predominant (money) reason for blogging, I would expect there would be quite a range of 2nd most important reasons – hobby, business, education, etc.

  15. This post is featured in today’s’s Daily Blog Summary – a 5 minute summary of the top 50 Make Money Blogging sites. Great post.

  16. WOOPS! I had a counter on my system that was supposed to tell me how much time I had for your video project — and I slaved away for four straight days to make my very first video for it. Well, I just tried to post and realized my counter was off — pretty far off– so, I’m asking if I can post my very special video here.

    Thank you Darren, if you’d be so kind, I worked hard on it and I do want to share it with you and everyone!

  17. Wayne Tully says:

    It’s interesting to note that money and fun are the two top reasons why we blog, I suppose you can tie the two together, for me it’s being recognized as an expert in my field.