10 Reasons For Bloggers To Get Involved With a Non-Profit

This post exploring reasons for getting involved with Non Profit organizations was written by Dr Mani Sivasubramanian from Money Power Wisdom.

Having my blogging structured around a charitable purpose has helped bring unique advantages, give greater visibility and made it deeply satisfying and enjoyable.

Here’s why you, as a blogger, might want to get involved with a non-profit too.

1. Karma. It’s the abstract, universal law that dictates that you reap what you sow – in the long run.

2. Prospects. Many people enjoy doing business with an organization that supports causes close to their heart.

3. Branding. Countless blogs and bloggers have enjoyed a ‘brand boost’ by being aligned with non-profit causes.

4. Inspiration. By seeing a bigger benefit from your blogging success, you’ll be inspired to work harder and push ahead to grow profits.

5. Purpose. While profits are ‘worthy’, a deeper meaning to what you do is a powerful driving force that guarantees sustainability and longevity.

6. Visibility. You get to leverage promotional activities the non-profit runs across multiple channels.

7. Taxes. In many cases, your expenses towards helping a non-profit will qualify for tax-breaks (but check with your accountant before you do anything).

8. Network. When you get behind a non-profit mission, you’ll quickly find yourself a part of a wide, caring network of like-minded people – with many benefits.

9. Sales. Yes, working with a non-profit can explode your sales, particularly when you tie it in with a promotion where your extra profits go to charity.

10. Happiness. In a deeply personal sense, peace, joy and contentment come from helping people less fortunate than ourselves.

These 10 reasons – and more – are what keep me involved in blogging, ezine publishing, website building and all my other online activities… because they all support my work at raising awareness and funds for congenital heart defects.

About the author:

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian is a heart surgeon using his Internet marketing business to fund heart surgery for under-privileged children in India. On February 14th, in a worldwide event called “A DAY FOR HEARTS : Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day”, he hopes to reach at least 500,000 people with the message of CHD awareness. You can help spread the word too.