Chris Garrett and Darren Rowse Talk Blogging

Got a spare hour (55.24 minutes to be exact)? No me either – but if you want something to listen to today while you blog you might like to listen to a podcast interview that Chris Garrett did with me a couple of days back – The Story of the ProBlogger – Darren Rowse. Towards the end of it I even announce a small new ‘project’ that I’ve been working on for the last five months that is going to be ‘released’ at the start of June.

About Darren Rowse

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  1. bonchibuji says:

    well..dont have time for it..can you post the transcript..or excerpts..

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    sorry but at this point I don’t think Performancing have plans for transcripts or excerpts.

  3. What about a downloadable version – to listen to on the road?

  4. Crazykinux says:

    Or making it available through iTunes?

  5. A podcast might be a good idea.

    Smaller, bite size bits.

  6. RancidAmoeba says:

    Look, I don’t have the time to read long posts, can someone make a podcast out of this – err, wait…

  7. Thanks for the link. But I agree it would be good to be able to download this so I can stick it on while im driving. I dont really like listening to things while im trying to work.

  8. Would be great if you did a podcast of it then i could listen when i go for my jog.

  9. Darren Rowse says:

    Tim, Crazykinux, Garg, Thomas – these are all great questions and ones that I would encourage you to ask Performancing (the site who interviewed me). This is a little like saying to someone who was interviewed in a newspaper that the photo in it should have been color or that it should be have spread over numerous articles – I just answered the questions and left the rest to those presenting the interview!

  10. Tom Beaton says:

    Giving it a listen now. It has been pretty informative so far.

  11. Balaton says:

    Very interesting interview, Darren. I listened to it yesterday at Performancing.

    Performancing and ProBlogger are my number one source. ;-)

  12. MJ Ray says:

    @Darren: if it’s not available as a podcast, why call it a “podcast interview” in the introduction? That created a false expectation, so some commenters are understandably unhappy, including me. I can’t download that interview to my podcast player, as far as I can tell.

    Also, I can’t see any comment form on the page, or any way to “listen to the interview”. I guess is a badly-made web site and I suspect that’s why negative comments are being left on the better-made, easier-to-use problogger site, instead of Give the interview if you want (and mention it in a links round-up), but, rightly or wrongly, I feel that good sites like problogger have some responsibility not to promote dross with a full post of their own.

  13. Grant Hoskins says:

    The comments on this post are hilarious and made great reading while I started listening to this great interview. Some people have no idea.

  14. Karen Putz says:

    Dang, anyone have a transcript?

  15. Lani says:

    My brow is still furrowed from the comments above which left me somewhat stupefied…

    But it was an interesting interview, Darren, and big congratulations on your “new project”! :)

  16. MJ Ray says:

    OK, after two silly comments above, I went digging in the source code of the performancing page. It’s a ShockWaveF’d page with a subtle error in the scripts, so it doesn’t display properly on some browsers, or if some ad-blockers are installed.

    However, it seems you can download the 50Mb MP3 file directly.

    Hope that helps.

  17. David says:
  18. Hyder says:

    Darren, I stumbled upon your project. Mind if I blog about it?

  19. There is a download link up there now. I did consider having a transcript (my wife is a VA) but I thought against it so as not to spoil the surprise :)

  20. Hey Darren, thanks for mentioning the interview. As always, everyone at Performancing thinks the world of you.

    Thanks for setting such a positive precedent in the blogging world.

  21. Brent says:

    Congratulations on the “project” Darren.

  22. Sue says:

    Actually, it was great to hear both Chris G’s and Darren’s take on some stuff. And may I also add my congrats to the “big project,” although I’m also directing it to your wife and son. :)

    Oh, and for those that can’t find a comment form at Perfomancing, you need to register if you want to see it.

  23. I wish there was a transcript so I could read it on the subway (Toronto) on the way home!

  24. My fellow on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.