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Why Do You Blog?

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of February 2008 Reader Questions 70

It’s time for another poll – this one gets at your motivations for blogging.

Why do you blog?


I’m not asking why you started blogging – but what keeps you blogging – what are your motivations?

Obviously I’ve only chosen a few reasons for blogging and there could be many more. If you’ve got another one feel free to add it in comments below.

Thanks to Dr Mani for his idea for this poll via Twitter.

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  1. Well, I selected fame or profile, although it’s not entirely accurate. I think my motivation is more to be recognized as an authority on my subject, and thus garner more opportunities, both in writing and contacts with like-minded individuals. But it is fun, irregardless.

  2. I blog for fun. It’s all about the fact that I can relate to people, and form “online” friendships on a much broader scale with people from all around the world, rather than just people that I work or live with.

    I’m in it for the money, as well!

  3. Woah, Darren, something is really messed up on your blog.
    Everything is displaying all screwy…

    as for me, I blog for multiple reasons.
    my main reason is networking, the secondary reason is to share my knowledge (fun), and the tertiary reason is to make a little extra money (mostly to cover hosting costs).

  4. I blog for kind of the same reasons as Brian Purkiss, but it also helps me to really put my thoughts on paper. This stimulates the thinking process (the processing of the mind) for me.

  5. I picked “networking,” but it’s more than that. I’ve only been blogging for a month or so. I started the blog to begin to expand my use of technology and to write about nonprofit issues. The purpose was networking, getting former clients to know I’m back in the game after a family-related breather (money making would come from consulting, not directly from the blog).

    But blogging, which by nature involves reading other blogs, has been much more of a learning process for me. Not just about the techniques of blogging…I mean learning from other’s perspectives on the the issues I’m involved in. I advocate life-long learning; I just didn’t realize how much blogging fell into that category. I feel like a sponge, absorbing new info everyday.

  6. I started blogging as a means to get things off of my chest. Basically because my friends got tired of listening to my opinions and I needed an outlet.

    Now I use it for that, to tell people about things, and as supplement to my radio show ( where I expand on topics that we don’t get to go into great detail on.

    I started out as mostly commentary, moved towards informational (with a hint of commentary), now I’m back to commentary with some instruction on occasion. Some would probably say I have no focus…

  7. Very apt question, I actually wrote about my own reasons for blogging this week on my site. I can’t remember what made me start blogging, but a bunch of factors have come to the surface over the last year that have kept me blogging. It’s brilliant for getting my ideas written down, and allowing me to really think and evolve those ideas. I know I wouldn’t be anywhere near as clued up about my niche if I didn’t blog about it

  8. I started my blog because I wanted to speak out to people I knew and i didn’t know. To tell the truth about my life and my real thoughts.

    My blog is a real life soap opera! :D

  9. I blog because being online is my second nature … I actually started publishing online in the time of the BBS when everything was 2400 BAUD modem …

    I had a BBS installed on my 486 PC and paid for my own phone line when I was 16 years old … The BBS was called ‘new world order’ ….

    Good old times …

    So basically I’d say that nowadays I blog because I have that ‘Urge’ … and because I like to experiment with combo’s of commerce, technology and communication ….

    However if you want to make money you’re better of doing affiliates instead of blogging ;)

    Lex G

  10. I voted for “money,” but I hate to classify it as just that.

    I use my blog for money, business, and networking. The main reason I blog is to use it as a way to connect to my readers and to use it as a launch platform for websites I develop.

    If your voting system allowed it, I would check all 6 boxes.

  11. I voted for fun couse i am bloging for fun but just a time after I am close to make a big network when that time I would vote for business. I like so much coding and designing.

  12. Although money seems like a fairly strong motivation, the fun that I have would really be my motivation to continue. I can not imagine money being the only thing keeping me going unless I was actually making a lot. Even so, I would still have to have fun doing what I was doing or it would eventually die. Everyone that says that they are purely in it for the money are kidding themselves. Blogging gives you the freedom to make money doing something you enjoy.

  13. I thought about checking either “networking” or “fun” because those are both important motivations for me in blogging. But I decided to go with “other” instead. As a pastor my primary motivation in blogging is simply ministry, sharing my thoughts on God and life from a Christian perspective and trusting that will be helpful to other people out there. But I am also having a lot of fun and enjoying the people I meet while doing this!

  14. Stimulus, broadening horizons, creative focus and space for expression, interaction with like minded people & exchange of knowledge and ideas.

  15. Although I voted for fun, I blog on my personal blog ( for many reasons. One, I can’t stop. :D And two, if I go too long without posting my mom calls and nags me.

    On the other blog (attached to my name), I write to help others.

    While both have ads, money is no the main motivator. There’s plenty of other as to earn money, so for blogging you’ve got to love it before you can cash in.

  16. Well I blog mainly for fun and advocacy, money-making came as a bonus that helped me with school expenses. :D

  17. Well, for me, i blog for 2 reasons. 1, i’m disabled and cannot walk, so i occupy my time at the computer, and i really enjoy blogging, so it seems like the perfect “hobby” so-to-speak, and secondly, to give me a place where i can post the articles i write on a regular basis. Its all well and good submitting to article directories etc, but that doesn’t really allow you to build your own ‘personal’ community as such, so a blog allows you to do that.

  18. I blog for love of my niche.

  19. I voted business but really it is a combination of business and networking. I run a daily photo blog and it is not my intention to be a pro blogger or make the majority of my income from the blog.

    The reason I blog is that it works better than having an static online gallery of my images, google prefers blogs in terms of SEO and through my blog I have gained a number of clients after commercial photography. Advertising currently covers the costs of hosting etc but in time I would hope it would start to pay for my cell phone contract and maybe one day new camera equipment.

    Blogging for me is a way to drive traffic to my “portfolio” of images and promote myself as a professional photographer in a world of high competition and easy access to digital cameras.

  20. I blog for passion and fun, but why in the heck is your blog breaking if the latest firefox version? Also another question, I see your google adsense referral, has Google enabled referrals for Australia and Europe?

  21. I think very few people blog for just ONE reason. This study would have been a little more accurate if you had the readers list their reasons in order of importance.

    One person may list them out like this:

    Money, Fun, Fame & Status, Networking, Business, Other

    while others may have been like this…

    Business, Money, Networking, Fun, Fame, Other

    etc etc…

  22. Where’s the “cathartic release” option? As in, “I must write or I will become crazy and mumble unintelligibly at the world”? ;)

    I picked “networking”, but … yeah. *mumbles unintelligibly* :D

  23. I started blogging in an effort to commit to writing every day. I’ve wanted to be a “real writer” since I was a kid. Who knew blogging would give me an audience and that I’d actually end up liking these people? It’s a blast, I’m meeting like-minded and intelligent people, and I get to feel a little like a
    “real writer” too. Great question.

  24. For me it comes down to a number of things. Of course everyone wants to be a “problogger” and make some $$$, but that may not happen for 99% of us. I blog for a number of reasons. I/m very fascinated with the web, how it works, how many people are at my “doorstep” and how I can something that I write can be read all over the world. Also, I blog because no one else will listen! If I stood up in a room full of people and decided to ramble on about my interests or just some miscellaneous thoughts, who would listen? It’s also very addicting…like a competition with myself to attract more readers. I also have tons of time on my hands and it gives me something constructive to do.

  25. I blog for many things, but my ultimate goal is to make money, and I do a decent job by offering what people need.

  26. Blogging is fun for me. The fun part is getting money! hahaha

  27. I blog primarily because formulating posts helps me learn, but I also enjoy sharing my knowledge.

  28. Money+Business+Fame or Profile+Networking+Fun and some more ^^

    Blogging can give us so much, why just picking one of them ?! ;)

  29. Darrin, never lose focus that its all about the money. Never forget this, you have the opportunity to become rich and have this blog easily earn over $100K per month (which is over $1Million USD per year). If you need any motivation watch the movie Wall Street over and over again!

  30. My blog is personal. If it every got any serious traffic, I wouldn’t slapping on some google adsense or some other ads. Main goal is to be interesting and learn to phrase the random thoughts into desirable presentations.

  31. Fun, but it would nice to make money.

  32. I fit in the “other” category – while money and limited fame within my niche are nice, what I really love is being the only person providing such a service to the particular niche, and what gives me the biggest buzz is when I get someone writing to me right out of blue saying how they found exactly the information they were looking for from my blog.

    There’s also a degree of self-therapy in the blog – I have stress issues at my job, so blogging is a great way to be in control of my work (and my blog is work to maintain!) thus brings a lot of personal satisfaction and helps me with my depression issues.

  33. I do not believe any one reason is enough. You need multiple reasons to make it worthwhile.

  34. I started blogging because I didn’t think there were enough people out there blogging about what I do. I continue to blog for a few different reasons. Number One is because I want to affect change in the world. My secondary reason and probably the more personal reason is that it gives me more of a purpose to my life. FYI, my blog is about how to start living a more green life style and making a positive impact on the world.

  35. For the personal blog, it’s because it has become a habit, and I need a place to put down my thoughts. It’s also a way me and some friends check up on each other.

    For my puppetry blog, it’s because I love puppetry and I like to share what I made and what I learned. If one day I can launch it into a business, that would be nice too… though that’s not happening at the current stage.

  36. Darren, you were a bit late than me in posting the topic ;)

    Yesterday i too had opened the same topic, hope you have a check on that :

    I love for money, also for networking!

  37. Correction: If it every got any serious traffic, I wouldn’t MIND slapping on some google adsense or some other ads.

    Interesting how one word can change the meaning.

  38. Down the road, I’d like people to be saying “Look at him, he started a blog with absolutely nothing and now makes a living off of it”, then the interviews would come pouring in :P. Right now, though, it’s not the 60 cents a month or the 13 blog reactions keeping me going, it’s the fun. I feel like I’m building up content and honing my skills in writing, all while having some actual potential. It would be great to make money, but even greater to know that I’ve learned some real skills along the way!

  39. Darren,

    Blogging was made for me. I’ve journalled, I’ve written poetry (published, too), I’ve done theses that turned into books, and pity all my friends and relatives, because when I write a letter you need a forklift to get it out of the mailbox. Even my notes on client interactions can get weighty.

    Blogging allows me to be the editor-in-chief of my own little mag, and I accept all the good articles I can write. I do have to reject some, but I let me down easy.

    Experience Design is a topic that’s really taking off right now, and I love to contribute to the body of knowledge that’s out there through the blog. It’s for business and profile purposes, because it lets potential customers know a lot about how I work and how our company works, and helps folks to “sell” themselves on Experience Design; it’s for fun, because it’s an outlet for rants and raves about designing Maximum Customer Experience; it’s personal, because people buy from people.

    I love to teach and share. I know not everybody can be my client starting tomorrow. My blog allows business owners to gain a few ideas they can put into practice right away, and I no longer drive friends crazy with every observation that pops into my head. Now I drive ’em crazy by saying, “Hang on, I’ve got to write that down.”


    Maximum Customer Experience Blog

  40. I have only started blogging recently. I do it in order to indulge my compulsion to write. I also write articles on Wikipedia, but I wanted an outlet in which I could express my opinions.

  41. Well Darren, I blog for MOST of those reasons you listed, actually. I blog for money, fame (not necessarily fame, but I just love knowing that people out there read what I write, it’s a great feeling), networking, and FUN. Blogging is so amazing and I don’t think I could pick just one reason! ;)

  42. I checked “other”.

    Although I certainly have fun blogging and love networking, the greatest gift I get from blogging is helping others. Whether I’m sharing a time saving tip, asking a thought provoking question, showcasing a new blogger, or linking to a great article, my joy comes from knowing what I write may benefit others.

  43. Btw Darren, the poll has broke down your design.

    The right sidebar place is empty and actual sidebar has moved down below this post.

  44. I started blogging after placing information for my brother regarding helping his friend get into music. After making those posts on myspace I started getting questions that I answered and many times had to go do a bit of research. I love doing research so that was fun. I moved my blog away from Myspace once I learned that some of my readers weren’t on myspace and didn’t want to join. I did this so that they could leave comments sadly no comments appeared but I enjoy having my blog separate from any network. During the time that I was doing research for myspace readers I got involved in couple of forums and now I keep my blog going due to those forums. It has allowed me to build a reputation (I am constantly saying I don’t deserve the reputation) that makes me feel good.

    Being recently asked to particpate in a start-up music company for a few weeks and be included on a list of big name music conference people. I would have to say what keeps me blogging is networking. The number of readers for my blog is extremely small (avg 20 uniques/day) but the quality of readers is huge. From authors of music resources to music manager companies to promoters.

    I have also from blogging thus researching found new niches that could use a bit of Netvalar in them. And thus expanding my profile is another reason, I am working out for myself how I want to redo my different profiles to work together instead of being separate.

  45. I would say I blog for all the above reasons. But my major reason is for fun…

  46. Mainly I am blogging to learn. I am studying for university entrance exams and that’s what my blog is about too. I learn by writing and researching information for me and for my blog. And I hope that my blog will help others learn too. And it’s great fun!

  47. I had to choose other because I really want to help fellow visual artists. I guess blogging to be helpful would be my choice if it were up there. I am driven by the urge to share my experience with others and get all sides of the spectrum together – beginning artists together with advanced artists beginners may be too scared to talk to. I know the position on both ends and I hope to bridge the gap between the two :)

  48. I think almost everyone has more than one reason to blog. I chose business, because though I would do it for money, I´m not really earning much yet . . . but blogging has been great for my writing business. Thanks to people looking at my blogs, I´ve picked up a lot of ghostwriting work!

    My personal blog is for fun and networking, it´s just a place to share my interesting life as an expat mom, but not to earn or anything. :)

  49. Agree with Xue. I blog for learning more myself as well as to help others learn. None of the responses really fit but the closes I guess was networking, so that’s my vote.

    Blogging about learning things ensures I really understand my content and sharing it to others in a useful and concise way helps me to really set those ideas in stone. I’m amazed how many people I talk to about things in life where topics come up that relate to something I’ve blogged about and I have a quality answer already well thought through since I’ve blogged about it.

  50. Blogging is a way of free expression and wonderful way of self
    of course most of that free of cost.

    This gives new friends, new world open and exploring new stuff.

    All together it is a great experience for me.

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