ProBlogger Streaming Session – Now in Progress

It’s time for another short and impromptu video streaming session.

Feel free to drop by here to say G’day, ask questions and have a little fun.

Update: Thanks to everyone who dropped by – as usual it was fun. I managed to record the second half of the session and it’s available on the link above. Unfortunately the first half seems to have been lost as I got disconnected half way. Not sure how much sense it’ll be for those viewing the recording as I was interacting with questions from those in the chat room – but hopefully it gives a taste of what we covered.

Update 2: Speaking of video streaming – Yahoo have today launched their own video streaming service – Y! Live. I just set up a ProBlogger channel – although it’s got lots of bugs and can’t handle all the bandwidth from their launch at the moment so there’s nothing really to see on my page yet. If you’re thinking of doing video streaming on your blog it might be worth securing your own channel before anyone else does.

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  1. Ed O'Keeffe says:

    Darren just finished up with this hour long video / text chat and I thought it was well worth watching and interacting with him and fellow readers of the blog. I would definitely recommend checking the next one out.

    I look forward to the next one, thanks Darren.

  2. Wayne says:

    Feb 8th at 11:00 AM…what does that translate to in California??? LOL

    I missed it, I’ll catch the replays I guess.



  3. Rudy says:

    @Wayne : that translates to Feb 7th 4pm Pacific time. I was there and it was quite interesting and informative. Darren was a welcoming host that made us all comfortable during the video chat.

  4. Ross Hill says:

    For some reason no video came through, I’ll have to look into it before next time.

  5. JEMi says:

    darn.. I missed it too

    I look fwd to seeing what I missed however I can

    oh – and it took less than 2 seconds for me to click that link and secure my channel
    lol you know. just in case. thanks for the tip

  6. Thanks for the heads up about Yahoo, will get right on that one!