ProBlogger T-Shirt Hits Italy

Davide “Tagliaerbe” Pozii from Italy just emailed me to let me know that he’s got his ProBlogger T-Shirt. He sent a picture too. Anyone else out there with a picture to share? I know there’s more Tshirts in circulation and would love to see people modeling them!


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  1. Cool T-shirt!! I totally need to get me one of those. :)


  2. Tech says:

    Is it just me or does he look Davide look a lot like you?

  3. Talk about branding worldwide. :)

    I just may have to pick one of those up.

  4. Neil Duckett says:

    Righto, you got me with this now Darren, order has been placed … i’ll sport on in Japan and send the photo in a few weeks. Snowing here in Tokyo today so i’ll be taking the photo inside!

  5. Gazanya says:

    will you do the seo with t-shirt :)

    we are think that we want make verry much t-shirt and we want to scatter this t-shirt ;)

    only think :)

  6. Whoah! Nice T-shirt. :)

    Are there any white versions of it?

    Plus, any chance of it being distributed in Malaysia?

    Or do we have to order it online? :D

  7. Emma says:

    I just ordered one yesterday. I think your getting post ideas from my blog.(wink)

  8. Darren Rowse says:

    Delmos – follow the link in the post above – there are white ones plus other colors. In fact the lighter color ones print better – their dark ones like Davide’s are ok – but i prefer the light ones.

  9. Juha Ylitalo says:

    If I ever get above 500 euros/month earnings from blogging, I might buy one of these shirts into Finland, but at this point I can’t call myself problogger… :-/

  10. FabioG3 says:

    Two thumbs up for two of the bloggers I like the most together on the same page!

    Bella Davide!

  11. When I go full time blogging I’ll get one too.

  12. FYI: is looking for a computer person (software developement, I think) for the Squidoo team. Seth is offering a $3000 finders fee.

  13. Frugal Dad says:

    Sweet…my shirt would have to read “PT Blogger” as I’ve yet to generate enough revenue to go full time.

  14. Haha.. I like his wide smile while wearing it! :D

  15. Ruchir says:

    Nice T-shirt

  16. Leon says:

    Awesome shirt. I want one!

  17. ailema0 says:

    can i have 1 for free? :)

  18. I dropped you a mail via your contact form a few weeks back but you could always get your t-shirts seen in a new movie this year ;)

  19. Hey…nice t-shirt. That guy looks like you Darrin!

  20. Traffyk says:

    Aahahha Davide is our local pro-blogger, he’s really a fantastic man and maybe the best italian blogger!!
    He looks like you Darren, aren’t you?
    It s only a little bit uglier than you :P

    Greetings from Italy!