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Win a share in 5000 Entrecard Credits

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of January 2008 ProBlogger Site News 191

A couple of weeks ago in my Interview with Entrecard’s Graham Langdon I said at the end that I was going to run a competition to give away my Entrecard credits to some lucky ProBlogger readers.

The time has come.

I have 5000 credits to give away and I’m going to give them to 5 readers (1000 each). 1000 credits could buy you some nice publicity on some great blogs who run the Entrecard widget on them.

You can enter in one of two ways (in fact you can enter in both of them to increase your chances). To be eligible to win the 1000 credits you need to be an Entrecard user so that I can gift the credits to you.

Here are the two ways you can enter (you may do both).

  1. Leave a comment on this post (one comment per person). Include the word ‘Entrecard’ in the comment to help stop them getting caught up in my spam filter.
  2. Leave a recommendation for ProBlogger on Entrecard – the link to leave a recommendation is at the top right hand side of my profile page (one recommendation per person).

I’ll pick two recommendations and three comments (all randomly) at the end of the week and each of them will win 1000 credits.

Good luck!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Wow there are a lot of people going out for entrecard credits. Very exciting.

  2. winning entrecard credits is always fun.

  3. I just signed up for Entrecard. Thank you Darren.

  4. Please pop my name into the hat for your entrecard credits. ;-)

  5. Entrecard. I joined EntreCard when I saw it in your sidebar and wanted to have one so I could drop it here. Now I’m addicted, reading blogs I’ve never seen before. It’s put the fun back in blogging.

  6. I haven’t really messed around with Entrecard yet, this would be a good opportunty for me to do so. =)


  7. Entrecards, Entrecotes! I’ll have em all!

  8. Thanks Darren, finally got to joining. Those credits will help me get my blog out there.

  9. I’ve had some great success with Entrecard. The secret is to get as many credits as possible and use them. The more ads you have the more traffic, the higher in the rankings you go, more people buy your ads. It’s a bit of a circle. I hope I win the credits.

  10. Entrecard? Hmmmm, sounds interesting.

  11. Entrecard’s 1000 points from Darren is specifically for me … is this the 100th comment?

    give it to me darren … cheers

  12. Entrecard helps me alot to increase my traffic as well as its easy for me to advertise my blog….Thank u Entrecard

  13. I’d love to win 1k Entrecard credits ;)

    Count me in.

  14. Entrecard I am in..

  15. Entrecard sounds lika an interesting idea.

  16. I would love some Entrecard credits!

  17. EntreCard

    Your contests rock, Darren :)

  18. Entrecard please!

  19. I hadn’t heard of Entrecard before your post. I just signed up, please count me in the contest.

  20. Time for another of the most commented posts on the blog then? :D

    Good of you to give away the credits like that. :)

  21. Thanks for referring to Entrecard itself Dareen! :-)

  22. Woohoo!! I love this Entrecard idea you got here man! Cheerio! I am surely taking a slice of it!! (I hope at least LOL)

  23. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win Entrecard points.

  24. I would like to become Entrecard superstar

  25. Entrecard

    Great contest as always, Darren!

  26. Those credits could go a long way towards my goal of world domination

  27. Thank you, count me in on the Entrecard contest.

  28. ‘Entrecard’

    Great contest, I left you a recommendation! You seriously are the one blog I read religiously and have learned and grown so much since I found you back in the day!

  29. Entrecard

    What a great and easy contest. Wish I had looked earlier at the post!

  30. EntreCard – Mmmmmm EntreCard credits

  31. I signed up for Entrecard last week but have yet to decide if I want to use it.

  32. entrecard contest
    hi darren,

    to be honest, I always admire your writing style and idea than JohnChow. i can see a different approach by you and john chow.
    He always brag about his earning and success. Reading your modest and down to earth make a newbie like me feel comfortable and to start a conversation with you.

  33. I’ve written a recommendation for ProBlogger on EntreCard. I hope I win 1000 EntreCard credits!

  34. I was going to discontinue Entrecard ‘coz Im not able to go beyond 35 or 40 credits! so I can’t buy ads on popular blogs at all! 1000 credits would be really nice…

  35. Great EntreCard contest


  36. I would like some Entrecard. Wish me luck!

  37. give me some Entrecard love :)

  38. Entrecard

    p.s.: Darren is heterosexual, Fred ;-)

  39. Entrecard Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Manna from heaven. Yesterday I learned about Entrecard and though what a great way to launch my new blog, ThisMarriageThing. Today, I find your contest. Coincidence, I think NOT.

    I’m gonna use my credits to customize and promote our crazy discussion of marriage and boomerhood.

    Thanks, Darren!

  41. Good of you to give away the credits like that.

  42. Entrecard?

    Darren you always have the best give-aways. I’ve been using Entrecard for a few weeks now, and I have to say it is awesome. An extra 1000 credits is a great giveaway.

  43. Entrecard has been a surprisingly good addition to my blog.

    Thanks for the contest!

  44. Eh.. What is Entrecard ? :-) Just joking!

    For one, Darren sure has a lot of things to giveaway. Simply fantastic!

  45. @ Darren and Byllis

    I updated the post on the rules regarding recommendations found here:

    The problem was that people were using the message system to ask for recommendations from other members who might not even had ever visited their blog before.

    It’s quite alright to hold competitions on your own blog, for your own readers who know your blog and visit it frequently, to write recommendations.

    Sorry for the confusion!

  46. Count me in. Entrecard is a great little community.

  47. I’d love to win Entrecard credits. Thanks so much!

  48. Nice give away, I just discovered Entrecard and added it to my blog. Looks good so far.

  49. I’d love some extra Entrecard credits! That would help get a spot on Problogger ;) if I can ever catch it when the queue is not full…

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