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What is Your Favorite Social Bookmarking Site?

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of January 2008 Reader Questions, Social Media 94

This week’s poll focuses upon social bookmarking sites.

Bloggers have a fascination with these sites – some because of the lure of avalanches of traffic, others because they find them to be sources of inspiration for posts and others because of the social interaction.

But which social bookmarking site do you like the most?


I’d love to hear why you choose the social bookmarking site that you do and if you choose ‘other’ what one you’d add to the list.

Thanks to sitemost on Twitter for the idea for this Poll.

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  1. for me stumbleupon :) it sends more traffic when you aren’t expecting

  2. I can’t live a day without :)

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t include Sphinn in the list… I don’t personally use it, but it’s popular with your readers, I’m guessing.

    Personally I use Stumble and Delicious.

  4. We use Digg and Propeller at Famecrawler and Propeller continuously sends more traffic than Digg.

  5. I need to stumble more often

  6. I voted for other because I prefer BloggingZoom. BZ is still small enough to be able to make a significant impact, but large enough to bring in quality traffic.

  7. SU for me. I don’t think Digg likes me anymore.

  8. I use StumbleUpon because I believe the playing field is more level than at digg. Your readers can stumble you and you can get lots of traffic very quickly. You don’t have to be part of an elite crowd like at Digg.

    StumbleUpon accepts a wider variety of topics as well as photos and videos. Digg users (voters) tend to enjoy more tech related articles and bizarre news stories.

    What I dislike the most about Digg is the mob mentality hat festers among it’s regular users. It doesn’t take much for them to put a person down and it takes even less for them to launch a verbal attack. The other day I was going to digg a fellow blogger’s article. She’s a female and it was not your normal “DIGG” material. The comments were getting ugly very quickly. One person wrote a comment berating the topic. I felt like a recess aid at my kid’s school, watching the bullies lurking and looking for trouble.

  9. I see most of the comments revolve around generating traffic. I use Digg to find ideas for content.

    I don’t really rely on social bookmarking sites to generate traffic. I think there is enough commentary that shows that social bookmarking sites do not really bring traffic that comes back to your site on a regular basis.

  10. I think stumbleupon is my favorite right now, just because it generates the most traffic for my site. haha. I think I use delicious the most though.

    I also like because it is almost always on-topic for my interests when I am looking for articles to read (outside of my rss feeds).

  11. My fav is Stumbleupon. I like it so much I am writing a series on it. It seems to be the easiest way to get good traffic. People actually read the articles, sign up to my rss and come back again to visit my site. I also enjoy the ease of networking with other bloggers and the ability to chat and share ideas with others. Its not as secretive as digg…

  12. for the record – I ( seconded @smitemost for the recommendation of this poll. haha

    but I agree with lots of the people above – while all the social bookmarking sites are helpful, and it can never hurt to have a presence on any of them – gotta love StumbleUpon for the traffic they send (especially in relation to the amount of work you have to put in to get that traffic to your site – all it takes — sometimes — is a “thumbs up”)!

  13. my faviorite social bookmarking site:

    -:- digg


  14. I like Diigo. It provides the all of the functionality of (and allows syncing with your account) but also provides a mechanism for notes and commentary. Particularly effective in educational environments.

  15. I use delicious just because it was the first one I found when I started blogging.

  16. hi,

    nowadays my favorite social bookmarking site is stumbleupon ;-)

  17. I’m a particular fan of Sphinn. Even though I’m not an SEO guru by any means, I find internet marketing fascinating. Besides that, the Sphinn community is both the friendliest and most focused social bookmarking community with its level of activity.

  18. thanks everyone for your suggestions. I was going to include both Sphinn but thought if I started having to include more nichey/targeted sites that I’d have to add 20 or so more :-)

  19. I like StumbleUpon as my favorite, but I think Thoof is a close second. I noticed that Thoof isn’t listed, so maybe I found something new? :)

  20. Must be stumbleupon …

  21. I like StumbleUpon a lot as a user, to find weird and interesting stuff.

    I get lots of SU traffic but they don’t seem very sticky. Still, nice to have folks swing by (however quickly).

    Still need to make the time to delve deeper into delicious as a social site. I love it as a place to park my stuff, but I want to do more with exploring it for interesting links and peeks at the zeitgeist.

  22. StumbleUpon is my favorite because it’s the easiest way of finding new content. is great for re-finding content that you already enjoyed, and Digg is a nice way of seeing the current hot-topics, but SU is out on its own for discovering content. :)

  23. I really like StumbleUpon. I’ve found all sorts of cool things stumbling and I’ve made some good contacts from it too. I’ve also seen more traffic from it than other sites.

  24. Can’t go a day without Digg! That’s mostly due to the fact that I haven’t really checked out the other social bookmarking sites yet. I’m just the type of person that when I find something I like, I stick with it.

  25. At Falling Fruit we find Stumble Upon generates the most traffic by far, which is one perspective on using bookmarking systems. Digg’s crowd is simply to tech oriented, even if they have multiple categories. MindBodyGreen is an excellent compliment to Digg given the focus of their site – Mind (personal devo. , spirituality, psychology), Body, Green (green biz, sustainability, etc).

    The other perspective is using these systems as reference tools, for which I use Delicious – ridiculously efficient when combined with Firefox! I wish I could separate tags by commas, but it’s so good that I don’t care.

  26. I chose reddit because I generally find a diverse selection of good reading material there. I also use extensively for bookmarking my own finds and StumbleUpon for exploring the weird wonderful web.

  27. May be next time I suggest you ask which social bookmarking sites we use – so that we can choose multiple services when voting.

    I use and Stumble upon frequently.

    Why isn’t Ma.gnolia in the list ?

  28. I should add that I agree with supermom_in_ny’s assessment of Digg’s aggressive and hostile nature…real turn-off for me.

  29. StumbleUpon has been great for my site. I also like it because it’s easy to navigate and find new blogs I’m not sure I would have previously found.

  30. Cookiemouse is just getting into StumbleUpon after being a long time fan of Delicious.

  31. I love StumbleUpon. I’m a big fan of the randomness of it, especially if you have really disparate categories. I’ve only just got into social media and I find Digg and Reddit very un-user friendly.

  32. – definitely! Easy to use, simple, brilliant.

  33. I think the poll says it all. StumbleUpon is the best. There is no greater way of finding various sites than SU.

  34. I use Digg to get traffic and find excellent articles. It’s perfect. :)

  35. Stumbleupon is my favorite and Sphinn is coming in a close second. I have noticed that any website bookmarked with either of these sites are indexed in Google almost immediately.

    I “Sphunn” an article last week and it was in a search I did in Google an hour later. I was impressed and have been using that site ever since.

  36. sarat kumar says: 01/19/2008 at 7:46 am

    I just came across site from one news article and I went to visit that site only to see what it does.. I explored a little and I began to love the way it organized the data..

    What struck me most is that I can search anything beyond just news and articles in it.. i can get info about cool tools, softwares, tips and tutorials.. and basically i liked the idea of sharing my favorite links to who ever like in a simple n stright forward fashion.

  37. Until just recently it had been Digg, but my article on the impending tax rebates here in the States drew hundreds from StumbleUpon and swayed my vote.

  38. i use stumble upon and delicious for different things… if i see a cool site i’ll give it a thumbs up, but if i’m doing research, i’ll use delicious, because the tagging is easy and it’s very simple.

  39. StumbleUpon by far gives the best traffic. For personal bookmarking, however, I prefer Delicious, I can always find what i’m looking for easily…. I would die if I was stuck with old school bookmarking again!

  40. I’ve experimented with all and SU is the only one that ever brings me traffic. It’s also very steady as opposed to the jumps you get from others. So easy to use and to use on others sites as well. It’s a great concept into today’s ADD society.

  41. It depends. I like looking at Digg and Reddit. StumbleUpon is fun, and brings me traffic. I use instead of my Firefox bookmarks…

    I’m not going to vote because I find them all useful.


  42. Like many others, I look at most of them. But SU seems to have less junk and more of what I am looking for. And, from a blogger / webmaster’s side, it is the one that seems to work best for getting real traffic to my sites.

  43. Voted Other for Blogging Zoom….

  44. StumbleUpon is my fav…but I also stumble all the time, it is addictive. I like the ability to view my interest. I like being able to broadcast to friends and I like to view what my friends look at. I also like the Stumble image options.

  45. As a dedicated stumbler for 43 months now, that was an easy survey. However, I’ve just recently started using it more as a tool to give some small amount of recognition to sites and blog posts that I think are worth looking at, like this post and this blog.

  46. wow, stumbleupon is winning by a land slide ;)

  47. I mainly use social bookmarking to advertise my blogs.

    I’ve found that when I dig an article I get more readers.

    Oh, by the way, I love your blog…I’ve gained quite a bit of blogging knowledge.



  48. People are voting for Stumbleupon, and most likely because it’s a good marketing tool where you can push your own agenda, but I’d argue it’s not REALLY a “social bookmarking” site. I doubt most users use Stumbleupon to store info about interesting sites they visit, but more for “stumbling” and promoting. The interface to read out stuff you liked isn’t that structured, etc.. and for actual “bookmarking” the only one in the list that really focuses on that is Digg and Reddit are really news sites, to be honest, I wouldn’t store all my bookmarks there.

  49. Interesting poll. I was surprised to see so much support for stumbleupon, but maybe that has to do with the less-than-transparent practices of that “other” social bookmarking site.

    I think there are more people banned from Digg than there are actual Digg users and submitters.

  50. I like SU also. Lots of fun sites and decent traffic from them.

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