Aweber To Start Reporting Blog Broadcast Subscribers to Feedburner

Yesterday in my Review of Aweber a couple of readers commented that they wished Aweber would report those to Feedburner the numbers of those subscribing to RSS feeds via email with Aweber’s ‘Blog Broadcast’ feature.

Today Andy reports that this is a feature that will be added soon. This removes one obstacle to going with Aweber that some bloggers have balked at.

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  1. Mystery says:

    Aweber is no doubt the top autoresponder service out there, but at the mean time I am quite happy with EmailAces.

    It is a service that should not be underestimated…… provides excellent delivery and is quite cheap compared to Aweber and Getresponse.

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  2. Andy Beard says:

    It will be interesting how much a change this will make for Aweber. They have always been significant in marketing circles, but this will give them much more visibility among bloggers, and bloggers will gain much more powerful list management features.

    Subscription numbers and how they relate to blog growth, links, etc have always fascinated me.

  3. Interesting, Aweber seems to be worth investigating.

    So it’s not a BBQ? Kidding..

  4. Ruchir says:

    Hmm…now I can see more people using Aweber. Nice move by them…

  5. Brian Clark says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. I already pay for AWeber for marketing (naturally), but have used Feedblitz for the blog due to the Feedburner integration.

  6. Marc says:

    Superb. I’ve been using Aweber for a while now as it’s undoubtedly the best lead capture – autoresponder solution. But with recent debate over email marketing v RSS feeds, it’s nice to see Aweber moving to capture the best of both worlds.
    Always one step ahead.

  7. I use Getresponse but I may take a look into awebber I hear good things about them!