Blog Tips – Twitter Style Competition Winner

Over the weekend I held a little competition here at Problogger where readers were asked to submit Twitter Style blog tips (tips that were 140 characters or less).

The winner (chosen randomly) is CatherineL who submitted this tip:

“Be human – Your readers want to learn about your mistakes, as well as your successes.”

Congratulations Catherine – I’ve just emailed you to get your address details.

Thanks to everyone who entered. There were over 200 tips submitted and among them were some real gems. I personally found the exercise to be a lot of fun to read through this afternoon – there’s some great tips in the mix.

If you have some spare time you might find reading through the comments worthwhile.

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  1. esvl says:

    Ah my hopes were up but congratulations to CatherineL

  2. KiwiPulse says:

    Congratz Catherine :D

  3. Neil Duckett says:

    A great tip and considering it was chosen randomly a very fitting winner.

  4. Congrats, winner!

  5. Well done Catherine.

  6. Congratulations!!

  7. Joanna Young says:

    It’s a sound blogging tip – and it was a great competition, thanks!


  8. jsanderz says:

    Very good advice,

    Congratulations to you, Catherine.


  9. Greg says:

    A very intelligent and fine tip. Congrats!

  10. Ray says:

    Congrats! Catherine. :)

  11. Frugal Dad says:

    An excellent tip, and well-deserving of the prize. It’s hard for anyone to admit their mistakes, especially to the thousands reading your blog. However, making mistakes is human, and admitting to them helps you appear more human.

  12. Hey congratulations Catherine. Saw all of the entries and have to agree with you that there were some really great comments. Think the one you chose though was one of the better ones.

  13. Mike Goad says:

    Congrats, Catherine! (and it’s actually someone I “know” this time.) Too cool!

  14. CompuWorld says:

    GOSH..I cannot believe that my punch line missed the prize.

    Congrats to the winner..

  15. CatherineL says:

    Thanks Darren; and everyone else for your kind comments.

    There were some brilliant entries and I loved reading through them. Am glad mine won though – I really needed a new flash drive.