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Blog Tips – Twitter Style [Competition]

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of January 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 212

Over this weekend I want to run a ‘little’ competition here at ProBlogger. I’m offering a ‘little’ prize (see below) and all you need to do to put yourself in the running for it is to submit a ‘little’ blog tip. Let me explain:

Lately I’ve been getting into Twitter (I’ll write a post in the coming week about what I’ve learned in the process).

The Competition

While there are numerous thinks that I like about Twitter – one is the challenge of getting something written in 140 characters.

While I wouldn’t want to write this way all of the time – it does make your pause before twittering something to think about what you want to communicate and how you can do it succinctly.

This forms the basis of this competition.

How to Enter

Your task is to write a blog tip that will help others blog better in 140 characters or less.

Your entry to this competition needs to be submitted as a comment below. You’re welcome to post it elsewhere also if you wish (Twitter, your Blog or anywhere else) – but only comments below will count for the prize.

Please start your comment with the keyword TwitterBlogTip – this isn’t counted in the 140 characters but will help us to defeat the spam filter which falsely moderates some comments as spam.

So what’s the prize?

This prize is actually a gift that was given to me late last year from Google AdSense. It was given to quite a few AdSense publishers so some of you already have one – but I know many of you missed out – so I’ll giveaway mine (it’s unused).

It’s a 2GB USB Flash Drive (pictured below – image courtesy of FishandClicks):

Google Usb 2007 2-1

I’ll pick one random but genuine entry from those comments submitted to win the prize – and as it’s so small I’m happy to ship it anywhere in the world – so feel free to enter wherever you are.

Entries close on Monday at midday (my time here in Melbourne – which is Sunday evening for many of you). I’ll announce the winner Monday.

UPDATE – this competition is now closed. I’ll announce a winner later today. Thanks to everyone for the amazing response. Some of the tips submitted are quite profound and I’ve learned a lot just from reading your responses.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. If u blog like a teen txts only teenz will read ur blog. Write properly and target readers will follow. Crawlerz 2.

  2. Oops… (Always follow the directions in a contest entry.)


    If u blog like a teen txts only teenz will read ur blog. Write properly and target readers will follow. Crawlerz 2.

  3. TwitterBlogTip: A perfect blogger is one whom has forgotten about the world They speak their mind on a unique range of topics. That is what makes them shine

  4. TwitterBlogTip. write content. not new, just genuine. not perfect, just great. and give your readers something worth to talk about. show up and be yourself.

  5. TwitterBlogTip:

    Show a distinct personality in your blog. Write as a person, not as your marketing department.

  6. TwitterBlogTip

    To increase productivity, write three inspiring post titles each day. This creates a backlog of skeletal posts to flesh out over time.

  7. TwitterBlogTip:

    The most important aspect of blogging is simply showing up. If you don’t put any effort into blogging, don’t expect anything in return.

  8. TwitterBlogTip

    “Dig deep into CopyBlogger’s history. See how it formed and expanded, as well as its design. Mr. Clark built a blog by the book and won big.”

  9. Tip:

    “Learn how to do the reply function properly, so that you don’t come off looking silly like I did!”

  10. TwitterBlogTip:

    “Learn how to do the reply function properly, so that you don’t come off looking silly like I did!”

    (Sorry, I didn’t put the twitter in front!)

  11. TwitterBlogTip: Start talking to your readers not to yourself, showing your fashion. Soon, if not too late, someone will start talking for you. Until then, stay talking. And blog even more.

  12. oops, fashion should be read passion. Sorry.

  13. TwitterBlogTip: Find your own voice. Like the stars, we are all meant to shine.

  14. TwitterBlogTip:
    BE a professional BLOGGER rather than someone who is just trying out bloggling to see if it works

  15. TwitterBlogTip

    Be consistent!

  16. TwitterBlogTip explore a follow-up or complimentary post to a current, favorite or old blog post. This improves visibility and help keep your blog active.

  17. TwitterBlogTip:

    Listen to the pros. They have once been just like you. Someday you can be better than them. Keep your ears and eyes open.

  18. TwitterBlogTip

    Don’t crowd your page! allow for paragraph breaks — simplicity goes a long way.

  19. TwitterBlogTip: Twitter Dee … Twitter Dum … Time to get some blogging done, but remember, an Untwittered life is not worth living (Socrates).

  20. TwitterBlogTip

    Its important to become an active member of your blogging community. Get your name out there if you want other people to find your blog.

  21. TwitterBlogTip:

    Find your identity as a blogger. Once you know your own identity, it will influence everything else you do. From content to voice to interaction.

  22. TwitterBlogTip
    Collect bookmarks or favorites to save time when embedding links.

  23. TwitterBlogTip

    Ask Questions! Engage your audience!

  24. TwitterBlogTip:

    Keep grounded with real stories to invite the reader in, make your writing come alive and prevent you from sounding like a talking head.

  25. Social Media site friends raise awareness of your blog quickly. Develop relationships with like-minded people who will share your words.

    138 characters including periods. Love all these great tips.

  26. Twitter blog tip

    Write long or short, often or not, quality content is most important. Second to that is knowing and caring for your reader.

  27. TwitterBlogTip

    I knew enough about travel to blog without a real plan for 18 months, but now a weekly editorial calendar/topic plan keeps me focused.

    Thanks, Darren, and see you both on Twitter and hopefully in person here in Austin at SXSW Interactive!

  28. TwitterBlogTip

    Force yourself to write 20 blog post titles in ten minutes. Breaks blogger’s block and builds inspiration.

  29. TwitterBlogTip:

    -Tagged/label your post.
    – Let people subscribe to feed that contain full post.
    – Be specific.
    – Make it as simple as you can.
    – Use minimalist template.
    – Reduce java script/embedded object.
    – Love your reader before yourself.

  30. Work with your competition rather than against them.

  31. TwitterBlogTip

    Use Angeles Arrien’s 4-Fold Way:”1)Show up 2)Pay Attention (to what’s got heart & meaning) 3)Tell the Truth (no blame) 4)Be Open to Outcome”

  32. TwitterBlogTip:

    Images create interest and break up blocks of text. For better readability, learn the HTML code to align images so text flows around them.

  33. Darren,

    I just submitted my TwitterBlogTip above and have to thank you for what I experienced… I sat to write a tip, had no idea what I’d choose, took a deep breath and looked out at the trees. I asked myself, “what do I use to anchor myself to my own soul before I sit and write, attend a meeting, have a meaty dialogue, coach a client, or negotiate a real estate deal?” I realized that I rely on Angeles Arrien’s “Four Fold Way”, but yet I have never thought to use the philosophy as a guideline when I head to Twitter and compose a tweet…until now. So I want to thank you, because had I not sat to submit my tip, I never would have remembered to use one of the the wisest pieces of advice I’ve ever received. My Twitter friends thank you also:)

    May you always “Show Up, Pay Attention, Tell the Truth, Be Open to Outcome”,

  34. TwitterBlogTip

    Remember who you are writing for. Consider who will be reading your post and make sure to say something that will make an impact on them!

  35. More can be said in one sentence of sincerity than will ever be said in a thousand treaties of pretense.

  36. TwitterBlogTip

    A blogger’s haiku:

    Daily blog postings
    Solid, sincere, true content
    Open eyes and minds

  37. TwitterBlogTip:

    Love what you do.

    Be true to yourself.

    Give it everything you’ve got.

  38. TwitterBlogTip

    “Don’t be an echo of an A-list blogger. It’s tempting. But rise to the challenge to create your own unique, helpful and excellent contents.”

    Great idea for a contest Darren. All the best. :)

  39. TwitterBlogTip:

    You aren’t perfect – don’t pretend to be!

  40. TwitterBlogTip

    Do what you like to see done.

  41. TwitterBlogTip

    If you’re not crazy about what you write, there’s a good chance no one else will be either.

  42. TwitterBlogTip:

    It is important to balance updating regularly with having substantial content. Don’t update with fluff just for the sake of updating.

  43. Twitter Blog Tip:

    Learn from what works for others. Look for ways to adapt it and make it your own. But never copy–always be uniquely you.

  44. You can not realize any rewards from your blogging, until you put your readers first. Always blog for your readers.

  45. Join Blogging social network sites like MyBlogLog and Mashable

  46. TwitterBlog Tip:

    Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, NEVER confuse form with substance.

  47. TwitterBlogTip
    Respond to all comments.

  48. Twitter blog tip:

    Experience life fully, then blogging can be successful.

  49. TwitterBlogTip: (adapted from the zen blogger’s manifesto)


  50. TwitterBlogTip:

    Post about someone else’s blog at least once a week. Not only does it spread your name within your niche, it also generates links back to you!

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