ProBlogger HQ 2.0

A few weeks back I mentioned in passing that I’d show you my new office in a video. I never quite got around to that – so thought I’d show you today.

It’s not a whole lot different to last time in terms of desk and equipment but the outlook and room itself is a lot brighter and more comfortable. One thing I forgot to mention in the post is that this house not only has central heating for winter but for days like today (which will go over 42 degrees Celsius or 108 Fahrenheit) it’s got evaporative cooling.

As I did last time I did a tour of my office – feel free to show your own Blogging HQ in comments below. Do it as a post, post a picture to flickr or a video to youtube – and include the links below.

Here’s what readers shared last time (here and here).

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  1. I must confess the video tour of your office made me break the 10th commandment: “Thou shalt not covet”. Looks great!

  2. Ian Stewart says:

    I see Spong and Coupland on the shelf there. If only an interest in theology and literature made us all great bloggers!

  3. Daniel says:

    Nice setup.

  4. Read Scott says:

    Does this make anyone else dizzy? Maybe it’s just me.

  5. Hi Darren,
    Enjoyed your virtual tour of your office. It seems that your desk is much cleaner than mine. You can see a picture of my desk on my blog at Thanks for sharing your office and all the information and tools for blogging.

  6. Mitch McDad says:

    Cool set-up PB. Love the built-in’s. And love that we all surfer with wire-mess.

    Really digging your blog. Still my homepage and has become a daily must for me.


  7. Warren says:

    Nice digs. I noticed your chair faces out the window. How is the view? Distracting?

  8. Farid says:

    Like the new setup! Seems a lot more spacious and well-lit. Congrats on the successful move!

  9. custodio says:


    This is my second comment today, not normal for me. But since I have a nice setup I will share it ;-)

    I actually did a post about my workspace, but I also have the pictures in the “About Me” page:

  10. Ninja Steve says:

    Wow. That’s a sick office! I’m still reeling.

    here’s my office –

    *ninja disappears behind billboard*

  11. Sotek says:

    Looks very nice. Loving the bookshelf design! I need to get one of those for my office as well…

  12. It will be interesting what Macworld will have in store, I hope Apple will wow us with some great products. The isight built into a monitor is a genius idea. I like the step up of the office, it seems like a quiet, focused area of the house where you can really get a lot of your work done. I think the natural light shouldn’t be that distracting and at least you don’t burn out your retinas will staring at a computer in a dark room.

  13. KiwiPulse says:

    I really like your new office, it look more spacious than my place! The only thing missing is a box to hide all those cords :P

  14. Nice office. It’s important to have a good work environment.

  15. Dan Root says:

    Wow, what a wonderful contemporary yet traditional office. The technology blends very well with the layout. Seems that you are a very clean person. I really wish they would start replacing wired things with wireless. If we can transfer data through the air, we should be able to transfer anything.

  16. I noticed with your old house and your new one you have a lot of white walls.

  17. Darren,

    Are you aware that having a light source (the window) behind a computer screen is really bad for your eyes?


  18. Frugal Dad says:

    Very nice setup! Mine is nothing as elaborate, consisting of a laptop and the living room chair! I especially liked the built-ins, and the sweet ergo chair. I’m sure you’ve felt a new wave of inspiration in the new digs.

  19. Richard says:

    ah! the fruits of your labor! Looks nice!

  20. Darren Rowse says:

    Bill – sorry to lead you into that sin :-)

    Ian – I should say that some of those books are my wives :-) Coupland is mine – I’ve never really got into Spong

    Read Scott – makes me a little dizzy – my camera skills could do with some improvement

    Annie – it’s cleaner than mine too – I shot that video 10 minutes after unpacking my last box and 10 minutes before it began the slide into messyness again

    \Mitch – yeah, the built ins are my favorite bit. Thanks for making PB your homepage – a real honor.

    Warren – not a lot to look at out the window so far. We’re working on keeping our backyard alive during the summer and will work on the front in Autumn. I’d like to put some lawn, roses etc down there. It’s a pretty quiet street so not too many distractions.

    Farid – yes it’s a little bigger and has bigger windows so it’s got more natural light.
    custodio – wow, 2 in one day! :-) Will check out your setup.

    Ninja – thanks.

    Boring Market – I think it’s going to be interesting to see what they announce too. Am hoping for new cinema screens and am interested to see what the new macbook/s will be like as I might upgrade.

    KiwiPulse – yes, need some ideas on how to hide and organize those cords.

    Dan Root – the house is sort of contemporary/traditional too – so glad it’s fitting.

    Chris Jacobson – actually the walls in the office are more of a latte color this time. Hard to tell on the video though. The rest of the house has lots of white though. We’ll slowly fill the walls with more artwork etc.

  21. Mike says:

    Nice place. Hopefully the cool change through this afternoon.

  22. Marylin says:

    ahh how I would love an office like that…

    this is my far-cry from pro- anything ‘office’…

    can you tell it’s a baby-blogger’s desk? milk bottle, baby wipes, kids toys… yea I’m a real pro, lol ;)

  23. Rob Diana says:

    I love that bookshelf. I want that bookshelf. I will be taking a picture of that and showing it to my wife.

  24. Nick says:

    Nice workspace. I’m so happy to see so many bloggers using Macs. Here’s my workspace:

    and my blog:

  25. John Cow says:

    Here’s our neatly tidied up blogging desk.

  26. jamezu says:

    is that your office from home?

  27. Ross Hill says:

    While the weather is nice I try to be a beachblogger or at least an outdoors blogger, with the mighty macbook pro.

  28. Chris Howard says:

    G’day Darren, nice setup. Needs a bit of messing up though. :)

    Thanks also for giving me a good laugh with this line in your comment above:

    “I should say that some of those books are my wives”

    I think you meant to say “my wife’s”. :D

  29. Darren Rowse says:

    Chis – maybe…. maybe I have two… :-)

  30. Leanne says:

    Haha! It’d take me a week to straighten things out and make it video worthy – I’m a post-it noter – doodler – jotter downer!

    You need some colorful art on your walls, though! ;)

  31. Dr.Mani says:

    Nice video, Darren. I like HQ 2.0. Here’s a post I did from way back when… shd update it, I guess, a few changes around the place :)

    All success

  32. Neil Duckett says:

    Here’s a view from my home office in Yoyogi, Tokyo Japan. I have a Sony Bravia 40″ HD Television which displays my Sonly Living Room PC very nicely. All wiresless keyboard and mouse and basically a comfortable set-up for me.

  33. Darren, I love the natural lighting setup. It would be sweet if there was like a section on your blog where people can signup and post pictures and stuff about there blogging setup.

  34. Lisa says:

    I guess I am going to have to start reading your posts with an Australian accent in mind! Whodathought?

    Well, my office is worth a laugh, at least.

  35. Mike Huang says:

    Darren, to tell you the truth this is the first time I’ve watched one of your videos. I must say you have a sexy accent ;) As for your new place, it seems like you’re making it big and the office you got is very nice!


  36. Chen Li says:

    Thanks for the nice tour of the all-new ProBlogger HQ 2.0.

    As a Chinese English teacher studying for an MA in the UK, it is much more flexible for me to blog on my laptop. My bilingual blog is written primarily in Chinese ( ), but I do have an English version available ( ).

    Here’s the link to my “office”:

    If you are interested, more pictures of my life on campus is avaible here:

  37. Lightening says:

    Hmmm…..I wonder if I actually started making money from my blog whether I could convince DH to swap desks with me. His looks out the window……

    My desk looks like a mummy’s desk. A barbie dolls dress that needs fixing…. Some empty toy packaging from when I helped my daughter open a birthday present….A voucher for a free kids meal at Hungry Jacks…. a half finished budget for this year….

    Your new office looks great Darren! Thanks for the tour. My DH came in half way through and asks “who’s that?” :-)

  38. Chris says:

    Great idea, and I really enjoy your blog, so I hope no one reads anything into this.

    There have been a couple of instances where people had their stuff nicked when they’ve done this.

    Remember – Bloggers are more accessible than most people. Remember the stories of the teenagers advertising a parrty on Myspace?

    I’m not trying to spoil the fun, just bare it in mind. Hope it doesn’t happen to any of you.


    Chris // ATN

  39. Fable says:

    Very nice new office, Darren!

    Here a couple pictures of my ‘blogging office’:

    Image #1 and Image #2. That was before our new sofas arrived and me and my wife were using a spare mattress to site on. ;)


  40. We did this last year, but a second look never did any harm.

    Here’s our office.

  41. Darren:

    I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and have been very impressed with the quality. I tried to contact and ask you how you do this but haven’t heard from you so I thought I’d try here.

    What camera and equipment do you use to do this? How do you download it to your blog the way you do it? We need an article for non-techies like myself.

    I want to start doing video blogging over at Adversity University in an effort to get connected with my readers.

    Stephen Hopson

  42. Jason says:

    Its way to tidy. How could you possibly get anything done in a place like that? I’d be afraid to touch anything. :-)

  43. Michael says:

    That screensaver on your computer is really cool!

    The desk is quite nice as well, I was going to be laying out my “blogging headquarters” similar to yours but I didn’t end up getting the apartment I wanted so I’ve had to stick it out with my current setup: MacBook, on an old kitchen table as my desk, it isn’t really that bad though.

  44. arun says:

    its really good to see ur office…. nice setup

  45. I just re organized my little office, it is cleaner than the first time I showed you darren =P

  46. eve says:

    heres mine- wish it was as big as yours!

    in case that does not work-

  47. Tym Barker says:

    Hi Darren,

    Here’s my very first internet video. How come no one else is submitting videos?

    Bubba’s home office headquarters for the Domain Treasure Map blog.

  48. says:

    I like your office, Good Clean Setup

  49. Darren Rowse says:

    Stephan Hopson – I’ve made a post about how I make them here – hope that answers your questions – thanks for your interest.