Why Advertise on Blogs?

My coworker at b5media Chad Randall (he’s the head of our ad sales team and one of the people to chat to if you want to Advertise on ProBlogger or one of our 300 other blogs) has put together a useful post – 7 Reasons You Should be Advertising On Blogs (although call me blind but I can only see 6).

I think it’s a good post for two reasons. Firstly – it’s something that more and more bloggers are doing to grow their own blogs (ie advertise on other blogs). Secondly, and more importantly, this post is a great one to have tucked away to refer to when you’re speaking to potential advertisers to your blog. Whether you send them to it or simply reel off Chad’s points to them I think it makes some convincing arguments.

What would you add to his list? Head over to the post and have your say.

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  1. Yep you’re right, I can only count 6 as well..

  2. Good article right there…. I’ll use this if i ever want to branch out my blog in the future…

  3. Dan Cole says:

    Maybe he said 7, but did 6 to make us count again and check out the page more.

  4. Darren, Do you advertise on other blogs (considering the other blogs you do not own)? I haven’t seen much evidence of big name blogs or any blogs for that matter advertising on others. Not to be spammy, but that wasn’t a too shabby post by Chad either.

  5. Ironically, SEOs do advertise on blogs constantly – in the form of text link purchases.

    Many prefer High Pagerank blogs and text links instead on banners because of anchor text backlink benefits.

    The only problem now is with the nofollow controversy and the recent pagerank penalizing of blogs that do not use it. As well as losing their abilities to pass pagerank.

    Text link advertising is just as valid as banner ads, and it provided a source of revenue to hard working bloggers to help offset their expenses.

    The question now is will being forced to use nofollow for BOTH text and banner ads, make many blogs less alluring to SEOs except the very high traffic and high profile ones?

    Will any decrease in revenue harm the incentive of Bloggers to invest in their blogs?

  6. Neil Duckett says:

    I think it’s clever to say 7, list 6 and as Dan said, get the reader to re read and pay more attention to the article … and promote dicsussions like this too!

  7. Fiar says:

    I offered my own reasons Why You Should Advertise on Blogs. I think the reasoning is pretty solid.

  8. CatherineL says:

    Interesting post. I liked the way he used Windows Vista and Four Hour Work Week as examples. And also what he said about the waterfall of influence and other bloggers also blogging about them.

    They are powerful points to use when trying to persuade someone to advertise on your blog. I’ll definitely be trying them out.

  9. PitchPanel says:

    Excellent article. Even though there’s a lot of activity in the market, I think blogs are still a largely untapped resource for advertisers.

  10. Been mulling over whether I should advertise on other blogs. Still not sure after this post.

  11. Blogs are the best places these days to advertise, and a blog like this one is sure a goldmine!

  12. mankind says:

    blog are the best place to advertise because it informal and and not complicated at all.Most people nowadays enjoy reading blog rather than a normal website.

  13. Lex G says:

    Basically on one hand blogs have a low threshold networking characteristic, and on the other hand blogs have been made very accessible for almost anyone who owns a blog to place ads on …

    Lex G –

  14. Oprea Marian says:

    I have notice the same trend as well. Companies start to see the real value of advertising on blogs. However almost any top website that enters will become more or less fill with ads. Blogs or not will take the same trend!

  15. jhay says:

    Awesome post! I’ll definitely link to this on Advertise here page. Though I have to tweak the content a little, to make it fit the geographic background of my readers and potential advertisers since my blog is on a ccTLD domain.

    Any help here would be hot. :D

  16. That’s interesting post. I am curious what are those 300 blogs.

    I bet they generate a lot of revenue.

  17. I agree, it is a good selling point when talking to would-be advertisers. At least they can look at figures and see you are serious about getting your blog out there.

  18. Firewalker says:

    Blog network is a growing investment. Your investment will grow along with the blog. Like Darren said: watching the grass grows. The point is, whether the blog you are going to put your ad in is a going concern blog.

  19. Darren Rowse says:

    Boring Market – I did do a little experimenting with advertising on other blogs a year or two back. I never really got into it but did see some reasonable jobs – particularly when I got a little creative, used humor and picked relevant blogs (similar topics to mine).

  20. I am a website designer and most of my recent work has been custom WordPress blog themes. I have asked several clients to allow me to place a 125×125 image ad on their sidebars in exchange for a reduction in the project price. I have found that inquiries from these ads are my best referral source.

    Needless to say, I think adverstising on blogs is a great resource.

  21. I didn’t do this in 2007, but is really something to look into. On yahoo for $100? It would be cool!

  22. jeff paul says:

    Interesting post! I am a new in internet marketing. I don’t have much knowledge about it but I’m searching for good material which helps me in moving my business.

  23. Matty says:

    I’m fairly new to blogging so this has helped me a lot. I think i might give it a go :)