Bidvertiser Add RSS Advertising

One of the areas that many bloggers want to see improvement in when it comes to making more money from their blogs is in the area of RSS Advertising.

Today Bidvertiser started experimenting with just this.

I’m yet to try it for myself and there’s a distinct lack of information on the Bidvertiser site about this new development – but it’s good to see a new entry into the RSS advertising space.

From what I can piece together – the process of adding them to your site involves you verifying your feed and choosing a category for your blog/feed. If you give it a go let us know how it performs for you in comments below.

Update: I’m told by a contact at Bidvertiser that this will be officially announced later today. The process for getting involved is:

1. Join BidVertiser as a publisher (or login if you already are).
2. click the “Public Beta – BidVertiser ads for your RSS/ATOM feeds. Click here to start! ” link.
3. Type you feed URL
4. Verify your feed ownership by adding a unique code to your post
5. We will provide you with an alternate feed address that will include the ads
6. We will provide you with a “Subscribe” widget for quick subscription (there are detailed instruction of how to add it to each of the popular blog platforms).

The upside is that this is a potential way to earn an income from your RSS feed. The downside is that you need to promote a new RSS feed to your readers for them to see it (from what I can see). I can see this as being something of a barrier to many bloggers.

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  1. Michael says:

    I’ve been experimenting with different ways of monetizing my blog lately and this is going to be added to my list.

    Thanks Darren

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I hope there’s a way around the alternate feed address thing.

  3. Getting someone to your blog is relatively simple. Getting them to subscribe the blog’s RSS feed is more difficult.

  4. Ben says:

    I’ve tried advertising in my feeds and had little success. I’ve have a better return by promoting my other blogs as the advertisement. Also, just curious, but why isn’t there any ads on the Problogger feeds? Or, is it that Google reader just can’t handle them?

  5. simon says:

    tired Google ads on feeds with little success but then again my RSS feeds is not as big as yours, will go to there site later to have a look..

  6. jhay says:

    Not yet for me. I need to increase my feed readers first.

  7. LarryG says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Darren. My blog is still relatively new, so I won’t face the problem of having to move a whole slew of subscribers to a new feed. I have been chronicling the different ways to monetize a site on my blog. Hopefully I will be able to give you some feedback in a couple of months.

    Just implemented the feature. Fairly straight forward…let’s see if it works.


  8. bob cobb says:

    I would try it if I could keep using feedburner

  9. I agree with Bob.
    I’d probably try it if I could keep using FeedBurner.

  10. I agree with the others, this doesn’t seem as helpful for people with an established feed. Getting people to change their subscription address seems difficult, especially when it is only so you can send them more ads.

  11. Rome says:

    This will be hard, lets just wait for adsense and feedburner :) Hope they work on it.

  12. Sangesh says:

    Well, this is good news. I would sure love to give it a try.

  13. An alternate feed address??

    No thanks.. wouldn’t that kill all the benefits of using FeedBurner?

  14. James says:

    I have removed Bidvertiser from my blog since it didn’t give me a good return. But later on this is nice to try..


  15. Florchakh says:

    You can redirect previous feed address to the new one. What’s a problem?

  16. I think advertisements on a feed is excessive. If you are subscribing to a feed then you probably are doing this because you are somewhat tech-savy and just want the content the site offers without all the extras. I’d imagine ads in feeds wouldn’t be very successful for these reasons.

  17. @Florchakh

    The problem is that those of us who use FeedBurner don’t want to lose it’s features..

  18. Florchakh says:


    Wait. Can’t you replace original feed address with RSS taken from Bidvertiser within your Feedburner option panel?

  19. @Florchakh

    I doubt it. I’d expect Feedburner would ignore their ads.

  20. Martin says:

    i used to promote bidvertiser quite a lot and was one of their 1st betatesters for those rss ads but i didnt like it too much. feedburner works better for me.

  21. Florchakh says:


    Folks from Feedburner cannot diddle in content of your feeds that much, it would by against their “Don’t be evil” motto. If Bidvertiser success in RSS advertising, it will be just one another thing “prompting” them to start a serious RSS advertising within Feedburner Ad Network.

  22. @Florchakh

    Well, Feedburner already does feed advertising – you can turn it on under the “Monetize” tab. I tried it, but didn’t like that it also affected Flares on my site, so I turned it off.. but it is there..

  23. Florchakh says:


    Haha yes they already do advertising, that’s why I added “serious” before that word. I mean, if any third party company success in RSS ads, Feedburner will be forced to improve their offer to you (if not, they will lose an amount of cash on our “likings”, you see I don’t like it too =)

  24. NSpeaks says:

    Its useful for people who are using feeds at their domain as bidvertiser supports Domain masking but then you loose features of feedburner.

  25. NSpeaks says:

    Finally found a simple way to use Bidvertiser Ads for feeds with Feedburner : read from

  26. George says:

    They have now added a plugin for WordPress and a solution for FeedBurner and blogger to allow you to use your original feed address.

  27. It is unique and amazing service provided by Bidvertise

  28. It’s like a Google adsense alternative solution.