Using Linkify to Make Linking to Others Easier

Improve-BlogIn this post Matt Cutts from (and Google) shares what he did in 2007 that improved his blog the most.

The shortest, easiest thing I started doing was using linkify.

You just highlight some text and click the bookmarklet to open Google’s search results. Pick the result you wanted and click “create link” and the hyperlink is pasted into your text form.

Since I’ve been using linkify, I’ve found that I link out to good sites more often.

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  1. Linkify links to Google’s SERPS?

    The impression from their FAQ is that it saves time from having to do the manual anchor text HTML code?

  2. Mark says:

    Matt – that looks like a very handy piece of software to save some time. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. esvl says:

    That looks great. Will try it out sometime.

  4. Patrick D. says:

    Is it really that hard to make a link? Geez. It’s just two sets of brackets and a couple words. Work it out.

  5. Husbandhood says:


    Hey thats pretty cool. This post comes up as the second search result on Google. Very easy to use. How about that. Great tip thanks.

  6. All you need is a little discipline to continually keep your important blog posts as referenced as possible. If your talking about someone, be nice and link to them. The more links that you send out at people, the more people will go to them, and then the more chance that the corresponding blogger/company will respond with either a personal email or another link back to your own blog.

    Once saying this, I’m not referring to the lazy way of doing things through the wordpress built in function linkback, but to do it the old fashioned way of doing it yourself

  7. MIDO says:

    Nice tips darren

    I will start to use it in my blog

  8. Good tip there man. Thanks :)

  9. Bob Angus says:

    Linkify works great in WordPress. You can use it in the “Code” view of the editor, not the “Visual” view. The one thing that I wish it did was capture the title information and automatically paste it in the link title.

  10. Daniel says:

    Great tip Darren. Keep on sharing any helpful tips you find with the rest of us =0)~

  11. LiVe CrUnCh says:

    Cool tip , will see how it works.

  12. Dave Lucas says:

    Well, this is wonderful? OK

  13. This is a nice tip. Can you use it for Google’s blog search? I would rather link to a blog.

  14. Mike Goad says:

    Cool tip, Matt Cutts. No, it’s not hard to make a link, but I don’t normally hand code anything and 20% of the time, when I do, I make a mistake. This will help eliminate some error for me. Thanks!!!!

  15. I’ll take a look at anything that makes my life a bit more simple. Thanks for the great tip!

  16. Patricia Harrelson says:

    Matt, if I’m reading this tip right, you’re saying that you can search for a link for a concept or particular point in the post as you are writing by using linkify. Is that right?

    Do you have to be writing inside a site like Word Press or Blogger to use the function or is it something you download from linkify? I’d like a little more info on how this works.

    Guess I can just go to linkify and check it out.

  17. Bloggrrl says:

    Oooooh cool! It works! I love it! I’m going to especially be using this on my recipe blog.


  18. ellen says:

    interesting..let me try this and find out. will get back to you guys.

  19. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Linkify. I will even try it out here and link it to a social bookmarking article.


  20. Adam says:

    Nice tip to easy linking without making errors.

  21. Bengt says:

    There is a great add-on to Firefox that does the same, Copy as HTML Link.
    I use this a lot when blogging, it simplifies my work.

  22. Cool tip and a cool web link too to get more organized.

    Thank you.

  23. Ruchir says:

    Never knew of linkify before. I’ll definitely try it out…

  24. netvalar says:

    Sounds almost too good to be true but I can’t wait to try it out. I may even end up going back over my own blog posts and editing them with links.

  25. Fotografo says:

    Nice piece of software for all bloggers.

  26. Angela says:

    Great tip and it was very easy to set up, thanks! This will come in handy as I never really think to link out and I realize the benefits of doing so but just never take the time, this will make it quicker.

    Thanks for the tip on WordPress Bob, I was testing it out there and as you said it doesn’t work unless you’re in the code area.

    Angela Wills

  27. Ephena says:

    Cool beans. Links, and the free use of them make the Internet what it is.