TwitterFeed – Promote Your Blog Posts to Twitter Followers

TwitterfeedQuick blog promotion tip – is a service that will automatically twitter any post that you publish on your blog.

I’ve started doing it on my Twitter account and have seen quite a few visitors come across from it so far.

Thanks to cat-laine (blog) for the tip.

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  1. DefogMyBlog says:

    I like Twitter and use it for a mixture of fun and blog promotion. I’ve also found some really interesting blogs to follow. It does not give up its riches immediately. It is a bit like truffle hunting.

  2. Adam Snider says:

    I really don’t like auto-poster systems on Twitter. It smacks of spam, especially if the person doesn’t post anything other than blog posts.

    Personally, I prefer when people only post their best articles to Twitter. Or, even when they post every article, but obviously do it manually. Combine that with other, non-blog posts, and it feel more genuine.

    I have to agree with Dr. Mani above. I have unfollowed people for doing this.

    I won’t unfollow Darren, because, well, he actually posts other stuff as well, and the vast majority of his blog posts are worth reading (though, I get them in my feed reader already). But, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this promotional tactic for everyone, as it has a fairly good chance of back firing.

  3. Aaress says:

    Excellent way to boost traffic!

  4. Rinaldo says:

    Now doesn’t want to open… maybe a Digg-1stpage-like effect from this post?.

  5. Eric says:

    I have been trying this method for a few weeks now and haven’t seen much of a response but my blog is so small I wasn’t expecting a lot of follows.

  6. Andrew G.R. says:

    Every little bit helps. Gonna register now! Thanks.

  7. Anne says:

    I have a new travel blog and I got traffic from twitter. I ran a search and pulled up people interested in travel and listed them as people I’m going to “follow”. A number of them visited my site and I saw a big traffic surge. From this I got a handful of people who now actively contribute to my blog.

  8. Katrina says:

    I use the Twitter Tools plugin for wordpress (WordPress site). It has some pretty good features. I mostly just use it to post my blog entries to my twitter account and display my current tweet on my page, which are the most useful features I find. It can also create blog posts from your tweets and if you updated twitter a lot, it can create a ‘daily digest’ post of your tweets – but I haven’t used those yet. :)

  9. Shane says:

    I also use the Twitter Tools plugin. I works great.

    I prefer a one way to twitter from my blog.

  10. Thanks for this one. I’ve noticed your posts in your twitter feed. It seems nice.

  11. Linette says:

    I haven’t tried Twitter yet. It’s on my list of things to try, maybe I’ll get around to it after the Christmas rush. This is definitely something to contemplate trying.

  12. Sterling says:

    I use twitter to give one line tips and to add a bit of lifestyle description for my readers. I don’t do that on the blog, which is more business oriented. People seem to really like it.

  13. Sounds cool… Any known bugs? better try it..

  14. Deb Ng says:

    I’m new to Twitter as of last month. I didn’t want to get sucked into another social networking distraction, but so many people convinced me of its benefits when I was at BWE, I decided to give it a try.

    Yes, it can be a distraction, but it’s also a great way to tell everyone what I’m up to and make them aware of my posts.

    I’m debng on Twitter.

  15. Lipton says:

    I can’t find any documentation on that site? Trying to embed vidoes and photos, but I dunno I guess they expect people to magically figure it out?

  16. Cool site and service!!

  17. Jawed Iqbal says:

    I have been trying this method for a few weeks now and haven’t seen much of a response but my blog is so small I wasn’t expecting a lot of follows.

  18. iqbal says:

    i am also using twitter to bring traffic.

  19. TGrundy says:

    Darren: interesting reading the responses to see how many people don’t use Twitter yet. Also, find some of the negative comments interesting. I’ve just started using it (Twitter) recently (within the past month) and find that I like it a lot. Not only is it entertaining in many ways, but I’ve also discovered some good blogs to read because of it.

    As far as TwitterFeed goes I hadn’t really thought of using Twitter in this way until I saw this post. Bears checking out, although the concerns about losing followers is a legit one.

  20. Ruchir says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the service. Now, I won’t have to do it manually…

  21. Thanks for the tip! I am just starting to get into social media and twitter, and so any info is good info for me.
    ~Angela :-)

  22. Andrei says:

    It’s a great way for new bloggers to get some traffic.. thanks for the tip!

  23. Cat Laine says:

    Took some of folks’ advice from the comments and used it for AIDG’s twitter account. Results: It seems that twitterfeed is a great way to get traffic to your blog, but you get much more traffic if you interact with friends/followers + use twitterfeed. Otherwise unless you’re an A-list blogger (Darren, Boing Boing, Laughing Squid, etc.), you’re just noise in the twitterstream. If you’ve made some connection with your readers (stuff about you, @ replies, some DMs to peeps you find interesting, other useful links), folks seem be more likely to check out your posts afterwards.

  24. If you want to automatically post your eBay items, just like Twitterfeed does for RSS, you can use My name is linked to the site.

  25. Jason Moody says:

    I’ve found that at its simplest twitter is great for posting small items or stories that aren’t big enough to justify a full blog post. Sometimes I expand the twitter into a full post as a story develops.

    Some of my most useful contacts have come from the strangest places so I wouldn’t discount Twitters networking capability, and I suppose at one point the internet, website, blog, (fill in your own choice here) was regarded as a bit strange and of little use, but as we have seen, the next generation will view things like encyclopedias and local advertising directories in much the same way that we wonder how things were transported when the options you had was a steam engine or a horse.

  26. Excellent tool. We’re now using this to send medical treatment updates to our patient base directly.

  27. Yeah, another vote for twitterfeed here. The main advantage of placing the blog feed into twitter is that your blog articles will automatically be sent to your twitter messages, though not all content of the articles will be sent, but only the title or the top paragraph including the link to your post.