Impromptu Video Stream Session [NOW ON]

If anyone’s around I’m doing a very impromptu video streaming chat at – problogger.

I’ll be on for 30-60 minutes while I have a bite to eat. If you want to chat, have any questions or just want to say G’day feel free to drop by. It’s lagging a little but last time we did it I think everyone had some fun. See you there soon.

Update: Thanks everyone – that was fun. Yes it did go for 2 and a bit hours, but I had a ball. We’ll try to do this every week or two from now on and yes I’ll attempt to schedule ahead so people can set aside the time. It probably won’t happen for about two weeks though as we move house on Friday and it could be a week or so til the new broadband connection is in place.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    I’ve been in there for a while, what a great place to hang out. Althought the video is a bit lag

  2. Thanks so much for this session Darren, it was extremely helpful (hopefully you’ll have more soon).

    Adam aka silent1mezzo

  3. Dan Schawbel says:

    Thanks so much for this Darren…very cool!

  4. Keith Dsouza says:

    Great session Darren, it was real fun talking to you. Hopefully we can get this done more often now.

    It was really intersting to know your opinions about different topics and queries.

  5. Rinaldo says:

    Excellent session. I like the idea of a topic if you start to do this chats regularly.

  6. Hamish M says:

    That was a great session Darren! Thanks for your time, and overtime. I look forward to participating again!

  7. CharliWag says:

    Hey Darren!
    Thanks so much for that Impromptu Video Chat!
    I managed to record 10mins of high quality 1 way conversation.
    Mostly on the topic of blogging health and weight loss and international Bloggers!
    I believe you okayed this being on the web if not fell free to contact me and I will take it down asap :).
    (I believe you have my e-mail as part of the comment form).
    Here is the download link :)


  8. 66tx says:

    It was really intersting to know your opinions about different topics and queries.

  9. James says:

    Ah man… I missed it! I hope you do this again soon…