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How many RSS Readers does your Blog have? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of December 2007 Reader Questions 59

How many RSS readers does your blog have? (your biggest blog – if you have more than one)

This is the question for this week’s reader poll currently running in the sidebar.

It’s a question that some won’t be able to answer (so I’ve included an ‘I don’t know’ option if they don’t have access to Feedburner stats – but I figure there are enough blogs running their feeds via Feedburner these days that we should get some decent results.


I am looking forward to seeing the results on this one.

PS: if you’re looking for information on how to increase the number of RSS readers to your blog and how to optimize your feed you might enough my previous series of posts – How to make Your RSS feeds POP!. Also during the next week I’ve got a couple of posts that will extend this series a little further – stay tune.

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  1. Right now it’s about 450 but it’s polish blog so my readers come only from Poland :)

    I’m thinking about en English version of it.

  2. Does feedburner capture all the feeds? I don’t understand its charts because it jumps so quickly. Like one day it shows one figure, then later in the same day, something like 10 or 12 will drop off. Then it jumps back up. I wouldn’t think readers would fluctuate that much in one day.

  3. @ Shark Girl:

    Mine does that too. It’s a different number almost every day.

  4. Why am I the 3rd to comment, but only the 1st to answer the poll ?

    So for the time being, 100% votes for 1-100… I love stats !

  5. About 130-180… it varies between days and sometimes spikes way up and then goes way down.

  6. plasticpilot- That’s odd. I just voted and the poll is telling me that I’m the only vote so far. Maybe a glitch?

  7. My RSS readers are growing by the week :) Hopefully I can break 1,000 mark within a few months.

  8. A little over 300, started the site in may.

  9. Darren, which plugin do you use for running the polls?

  10. I’m in the majority it appears 0-100.

  11. I find it interesting how many people view feedburner to be so important. I also have set up for emails to go out when I update as well as a weekly newsletter that goes over what has been posted for the last week.

  12. @Shark Girl: FeedBurner’s number should only change once a day (at 3am Eastern for the chicklet and 5am for the stats interface). You might not be looking at the right thing.

  13. You’re probably right Dave. I don’t know how to use it, or read it. I wish it would tell me who my readers are. All I see are what rss reader they’re using, but I don’t know who my readers are. Does anyone know unless they tell you or make a comment on your blog?

    I’m relatively new to blogging and have just recently installed feed burner. I was hoping to be able to see who my subscribers are, but I guess no one really knows do they?

  14. My Blog is about japanese language learning and I have about 40 RSS readers… not so much.

  15. Hey Darren,
    Does this include e-mail subscribers? I am planning on a post for Monday re: Not forgetting e-mail subscribers. There are quite a few bloggers (including some prominent ones) that don’t even offer e-mail to readers.
    I did include those readers in my answer. :-)

  16. I think somethings wrong with the poll. I viewed results before voting, and it had like around 50 votes. After I voted I only saw my vote. Might want to check that..

    I’m in the 0-100 bracket. I have about 14-18 subscribers.
    It gets really addicting checking how many readers I have. I guess once it gets past 100 I won’t be so worried about it. :-)

  17. I think this would be much more useful if you also asked how many unique visitors and page views the site reads. It would be interesting to see the correspondence.

  18. We’re in the 160 to 180 range…

  19. Yay! I was first to vote, i have 13 – 16 readers, help me subscirbe now, click my name!!!!

  20. Well, I’ve got a lot more readers on my knitting blog than on my writing blog, so . . . that’s the number I’m going with (grin).

  21. I personally have never had a counter go above thirty. I would really like to read some more articles pertaining to how to increase the daily readers.

  22. 0 – 100 for me.

    Hey shark girl, if I’m not wrong, feedburner counts the number of reader instead of the number of subscriber (although the higher the number of subscriber means you’ll have higher number of reader). Meaning only those that open up their favourite feed reader (any feed reader, eg. Google Reader) will be counted into the stats. Thus the stats will vary everyday.

  23. 105, baby! And climbing, if slowly. A week ago I would have been in the 0-100 category.

  24. Only eight for me (how embarrassing). But I have a nice big RSS logo on the page, so I’m hoping it will start to attract more…

  25. Hafiz, if you’re right then that would make sense about the fluctuation then.

    I have a lot of visitors to my site (what I consider a lot anyway) and use statcounter and sitemeter to track traffic. Feedburner never catches the traffic the other stat counters catch, so maybe you’re right about how feedburner works.

    At least I have subsribers then, but I have more repeat visitors who just show up every day, but don’t subsubscribe. I can’t publicize how many readers I have because the United States Department of Justice asked me that question, and I won’t give them the satisfaction of knowing. They said my blog makes them nervous. They can subpeona it if they want to know. Otherwise, I would post it here how many subscribers and visitors I get to my site.

  26. We’re at 60. Am working on that 30 days to a better blog diet though.

  27. I’m in my third month of operation with my site and have around 10 readers. I think the fact that I post rarely doesn’t help in terms of converting viewers into readers.

  28. It seems that the poll may be broken, currently it is telling me that I am the only one who has voted so far.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  29. Poll worked OK for me.

    Glad you asked now instead of last week. Just went over 200.

  30. I just wrote an article titled 35 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your RSS Subscribers. Your readers might find some good tips for increasing RSS subscribers.

  31. Darren, though our blog is an niche as they come, your suggestions for enhancing RSS subscribers could not have come at a more opportune time. Thank you!

    Please accept our best wishes for safe and joyous holidays!

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  32. Joe – whatever feedburner’s stats say – that’s the number I’m after. It does include email subscriptions – but they are derived from your RSS so I guess technically they’re using RSS.

    Poll seemed to have a glitch for a couple of you – apologies – but it does seem to be counting them ok.

  33. I’m in the current majority. I guess the key to raise the numbers is to offer great contents as well as your creativity in gaining it.

  34. Hold at 900+ mark for a few month, couldn’t break through

  35. 225 at present, which has taken a year to build…

  36. mmm first vote apparantly

  37. Just got my first a couple of days back. WHohoo!!

  38. Although hesitant to express my ignorance, I am unsure of how to get all of the statistics that are probably available to me regarding my blog.

  39. About 2 :( I’m new and working on it, help out guys! Jk :)

  40. Woohoo! I’m one above average, at least on my older blog.

    Like the guy from the Disneyblog, I’m curious how subscriber numbers relate to visitors. On my old blog, they are close. Subs fluctuate between 160 and 187 and visits between uniques between 180 and 200. My newer blog gets a bit more traffic, but a lot fewer subs.

  41. I just did a post on increasing subscribers and making money. Darren, are you copying me?

  42. Been flirting with 500, but haven’t crossed that yet. But it’s double in the last 6 months, so hopefully soon enough.

  43. My subscriber count fluctuates between 30 and 40…

  44. I have about 750-800…

  45. Actually Feedburner measures between 370 and 470 within a week at my blog. This Variation is extremely high I guess, anyone with similar experiences??

  46. Hey Darren – must have totally missed your “RSS POP” series – so it’ll be a good Monday morning read.

    One of my bigger blogs has close to 3,500 subscribers – but you know what? I really do believe that there’s more value in working on your email capture systems – thus in the new year I’ll be focusing less on rss (ie: smaller button – and it’s there if those who know about it) and I’ll be really positioning my email capture form above the fold and make it my main focus.

  47. My subscriber numbers have increased 14% in one day!

    I only had 7, then I followed Darren’s suggestion and subscribed to my own feed, and now I have 8.

  48. sadly I am in the first bullet. It is still climbing (slowly) but my blog has only been available for less than 2 months so the other ranking areas look good to me… rss, not so great. Scott

  49. 16 readers for me…. my blog is 15 days old

  50. My feedcount varies normally at almost 10 no difference. It is around 231 today. Hope to reach 500 soon. Does any one has any idea of how many feed subscribers you need to apply feed advertising from google.

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