Feedburner Ad Network Syncs with AdSense for On Page Ads

Breaking news just to hand:

Feedburner seem to have quietly added a feature to publishers in their Feedburner Ad Network that allows them to sync their Feedburner account and AdSense account – at least for their on website content (ie not in your RSS feeds).

Logging into the Monetize area on your Feedburner account (if you’re approved to access it) and you’ll see:

Note – Feedburner Ad Network allows you to run ads both in your feeds and on your page – this option is only for running ads on your page/blog and not in your feeds.

Having said this – hopefully in time the option will come to combine Feedburner RSS ads and AdSense RSS ads (a program that has been in beta for a very long time).

Thanks to Collis for the email heads up on this one.

What Did You Do for Halloween…. On Your Blog

Halloween-Photography-Tips-1Did you do anything for Halloween on your blog? I know that Halloween isn’t celebrated in every country – but it is an opportunity for bloggers who want to make the most of seasonal trends in web usage.

So lets showcase what everyone did on their blogs this Halloween. I’m sure there are some creative examples worth highlighting.

I’ll start us off – at DPS I updated my previously posted Halloween Photography Tips post (with new pictures and information) and put it back on the front page of the blog (I did this last week to give it some lead time). The result was pretty good with quite a few new links from different sites and a marked increase in traffic as a result.

This is actually the third year in a row that I’ve updated this post and given it some front page attention. The great thing about reusing it is that it’s grown in it’s search engine rankings each year.

Now it’s your turn – if you did something special (whether it be design wise, adding new specially written content etc) tell us about what you did and what results it had in comments below.

PayPerPost Inc Changes It’s Name to IZEA

Picture 2-15I just got my hands on a press release that announces that PayPerPost Inc is changing it’s name to IZEA.

IZEA will be the parent company for the different services that PPP has been operating including,,,,, and

PayPerPost will continue to run as a service – it’s really just a launch of the parent company – probably a good move as PPP has a fairly fragmented brand among bloggers – some loving it and some hating it.

The new IZEA isn’t completely up and running yet – but the launch is scheduled for 1 November.

It’s Movember – Please Sponsor Me

Today is 1 November which means that like thousands of other Men around the world I’m starting to participate in Movember (see my page on Movember here).

Movember is an event that originally started out of Australia and New Zealand (but which has gone international this year) where men (Mo Bros) grow Mustaches as a way of raising money for charities around Mens Health issues.

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BlogRush Launches Phase 2 – My First Impressions

Logo-2-1BlogRush has announced it’s Phase 2 launch today and I’ve just taken a look over it.

What you’ll notice when you first log in is a new dashboard (instead of an ‘under construction’ note). The interface is all very nice with new graphs etc. The information in the graphs is all interesting (although not a lot different from what they previously gave).

What is interesting about the new Phase 2 Dashboard is the section that shows how BlogRush is performing on a post by post basis. In this section they show you how many times each post has been served to the widget and how many times they were clicked. Also each post has been given a ‘Buzz’ rating.

This of course is useful in seeing what kinds of posts work best and what doesn’t work.

In the video announcing the Phase 2 launch John mentions that these ‘buzz ratings’ from all of the blogs in the network will be aggregated to provide a new service to show what’s hot across the full network. This new site will be called TrafficJam will be an interesting development to watch – it sounds like an alternative to a Digg like site and if they can get a good user base it could be quite a good traffic generator and reason to keep using BlogRush.

My First Impressions of Phase 2

  • My initial impression is that the reports and dashboard are all very nice
  • The post aggregation information is useful – particularly for those wanting to see what kinds of headlines work. Using the ‘reports’ area shows you which posts worked over a period and which didn’t. I’ve learned a lot in the last 15 minutes from this report – it’s a great way of getting a handle on what kinds of titles people are drawn to click on!
  • Performance is still very very low for me when it comes to CTR. Over the 6 weeks since I started with BlogRush I’ve earned over 8 million credits. I have 6.5 million credits still owed to me so links must have been served up on blogs around 1.5 million times. From that I’ve had around 890 people visit my site. I know that BlogRush has had people trying to scam the system, that some of my blog titles probably could be better and that they’re still improving the system – but 900 clicks from 1.5 million impressions is fairly insignificant I’m afraid.
  • Current Credit Balance seems completely blown out for me. I currently have 6.5 million credits that are unused. I know John says that this number goes up and down – but mine just keeps rising.
  • John mentions there are new categories being added – good move – this should help with CTR
  • The new ‘flavors’ editing is good – it means you can change the color scheme of your widget quickly without having to change code on your blog. There are also new sized widgets (although you’ll need to change the code on your blog to change sizes).
  • Filters is a good move. You can now block posts that you don’t want to appear in the widget (using keywords), block posts from other people’s blogs or block other blogs completely.
  • The glaring missing stat to me is the actual numbers of visitors that you’ve had from BlogRush come to your blog. Seeing how much traffic you’ve earned is great – but unless you see figures of total traffic received it makes it hard to analyze how well it’s going. You do see it on a post by post basis – but not in total unless you’re willing to go in the ‘reports’ area and manually add them all up (like I just did… phew).

I’ve only spent 15 minutes looking over the new BlogRush – there is some good feature additions, nice new reports – and promises of new and interesting developments to come.

However, this system has been promoted as a traffic generation system and unless it is able to significantly improve the traffic that it sends those participating then it isn’t going to be used for much longer by many publishers I’m afraid. I’ve tried to be as optimistic as possible with this one as I think the idea has merit – however now that I’ve seen the results that were blocked to us for the last couple of weeks I’m feeling quite underwhelmed.