How to Get Your Domain Indexed by Google After Being Banned

Those looking to buy a new domain for a blog might find a post by Chris Webb titled Banned From Google – How I Finally Got Listed useful.

In it Chris describes his struggle to get listed in Google and the discovery of how his domain was previously used by a Spammer which got the domain blacklisted in the search engine.

Luckily for Chris he realized what the issue was and got the situation rectified and is now indexed again by submitting a request for re-inclusion using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

In other SEO related news – Aaron Wall has put together a useful post – The Blogger’s Guide to SEO.

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  1. Live Crunch says:

    Nice tips from Chris, but there are also other ways to remove the ban even.

    I love google search …

  2. aaron wall says:

    Thanks for the mention Darren! Hope your vacation went well.

  3. Mike Goad says:

    Interesting post by Chris. That would be a scary thing… to do all the right things and yet have nothing at all show up on a google search. Some folks would just give up in frustration.

  4. Max Powers says:

    I never even thought about something like that happening. I would probably give up and start over with a new domain name if I had not read this post.

  5. Joe says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine having a domain banned. I probably wouldn’t know what to do either. Thanks for the tip, darren.

  6. I’m waiting to read John Chow’s account of how he gets good google results again :)

  7. Hans Muster says:

    Damn! I’ll check furterly always the history of the domain. I would never think about that if I didn’t read this post.

  8. Nadim says:

    Well its a good thing to know how to get the banned domain back on google. But as far as the domain search begins no one really know’s where and how to find if there domain name is banned… this post of chris is too helpful atleast for me for letting me know how to track a domain to its past days… though at times people usually look out just for getting their domain name…


  9. I never thought we can re index site for Google. great tips!

  10. j. noronha says:

    I never had a domain banned, but experienced something that’s almost the same, with a domain almost one year old. Google put my best content on the supplementary index, my blog simply disappeared from the search results.
    It took me almost 3 months to get things solved. It was all about affiliate links without nofollow attribute.

  11. Gyutae Park says:

    I think Google is pretty lenient with bans once you correct all offenses, wait a while, and admit that you were wrong. However, many webmasters would rather be on Google’s bad side than give up paid links, link schemes, or blackhat methods of manipulating search results.

  12. If it was a true spammer ip listing could easily prove that and Google will play nice. The big problem is getting yourself back in Google’s good graces after you screwed up at a young age (i.e. AdSense). I swear, they wouldn’t even consider my application for employment because I clicked my own ads five years ago…lol.

  13. Eric Sharp says:

    Good information for those just starting their blogs, or for experienced blogers.

  14. 66tx says:

    I’m waiting to read John Chow’s account of how he gets good google results again :)

  15. John is not a banned domain in the sense of being banned, it’s just given a manual penalty.

    I don’t think Mr Chow is keen to get into Google’s good books anytime soon, but that’s John Chow for you :)

  16. Sangesh says:

    Very useful information for those just starting their blogs and for experienced bloggers alike.


  17. Anoop says:

    I am not able to open Chris link –

    Receiving 404 Error!

  18. Javier says:

    I would have given up already… great effort!

  19. Hi,
    Nice post I found here. I am in the same predicament right now with my site. I already did what Chris did to get indexed again but it is been 20 days and my site did not get unbanned. Any other ideas?

  20. This is a great posting as it shows by the comments left,Most people dont know what to do if their site is banned so posts like these are very usefull.I have managed to get a few sites unbanned in the past for new clients (i didnt get them banned lol)

  21. Takumi86 says:

    Hi darren, i tried to access one of your blog post which is “How to get indexed by Google” but can’t seem to opened so i am gonna post here How you can get indexed by Google properly

    I made that post in hope that i can help for those who having difficult time to get indexed by Google. Enjoy