Movember – Slow Start but I just Landed a Premium Sponsor!

Fmf Introducing7-1I’ve got my first Premium Sponsor for Movember! It was a bit of a slow start for the first few days with just $30 being sponsored – but FMF’s $200 donation puts us up to $230.

Join the party and follow my progress on the Movember page here at ProBlogger. I’ve uploaded a picture already – although my Mo growing abilities are a little slow so far. I’m attempting a Trucker Mo (as voted upon by readers) but it could have to end up being another variety if that doesn’t work out.

Please consider sponsoring me here. Whether it’s a big or small donation – it will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Nice job by handing a premium sponsor. Once I have the money, I will definitely sponsor you :)

  2. I would just like to add that you should never be embarrassed about how much you can afford to donate. Years ago I would not donate at times due to my embarrassment of the small amount.

    Then one day I was talking to the fundraiser of a local charity and she set me straight about the appreciation of any donations received.

    On this topic she told me any amount helps greatly and their main concern is the help that any money received provides, not making judgements on the amounts they received.

    Like Darren stated, a lot of small donations to a worthy cause adds up.

  3. Darren Rowse says:

    Max – yep – there is nothing wrong with a smaller donation at all. They all add up – if every ProBlogger reader donated $1 we’d be raising tens of thousands of dollars in a single day.

    While some can obviously afford a larger donation – the little ones have a major impact.

  4. This is definitely an awesome idea Darren. Hopefully, I will be able to put the money together because I like how you are going about this in a more creative fashion than just simply donating. It’s awesome that we’ll be able to see your progress via your ‘videoblogging’ and those who donate will get not just emotional satisfaction, but exposure as well. Well done!

  5. Neil Duckett says:

    From one Mo Bro to another – Nice work Darren … if i can offer a word of advice, trim carefully and slowly … continually shape the MO back slowly …. you can always take more off …. you can`t put it back on ;>)


    Man Of Movember 2004

  6. Darren Rowse says:

    nice advice Neil – will keep that in mind.

  7. haha, i think this is going to be entertaining by the end of the month, you are going to look like a seedy old man – but thats ok it’s for a good cause! I hope you raise a heap of money for this good cause!

  8. Mauro says:

    Hi there.
    I can be a sponsor because i’m really a poor guy :)
    Buy i would love to offer Darren a block (a good one) of pixels in my new pixel advertise project!
    Let me know if you want them Darren :)
    Best regards from Portugal.

  9. Aruni says:

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of Movember. What an interesting endeavor. Good luck with the moustache growing!

  10. Dr.Mani says:

    Is there a way to donate via PayPal?