Feedburner and AdSense Integration Officially Launched

As we mentioned in our scoop yesterday – Feedburner today announced that AdSense can now be integrated with FeedBurner Site Ads.

Get the full details at Feedburner’s blog today.

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  1. Do they think that adsense users with feedburner feeds are not already using adsense on their sites. Implementing their code changed my site design. Please enable adsense ads in our feeds but not on our sites. Thank you.

  2. Hi Darren, I’m confused by this (I read your other post about it, too).

    If they aren’t offering ads for your feed, and you already use adsense on your blog, how is it a benefit to activate this service through Feedburner? Is this really just for people who haven’t signed up with adsense, giving them another way to sign up?

    Or, is this a way to configure adsense in your content instead of using the adsense-deluxe plugin that does it for you??

  3. Thanks for the tip… I’ve added adsense to my account for one of my blogs. I love feedburner!

  4. John Hood says:

    FB is working on a fix for layout issues with certain templates, including mine!

  5. Thomas L says:

    This is really cool, but is there a way to get the ads to only show up in your feed?

    Not sure I want restructure my ad setup.