Speedlinking 28 October 2007

A few links from the last day or two for your surfing pleasure:

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  1. WordPress 2.3.1 also appears to be out:

  2. maneesh says:

    new 5 at b5 .. quite a board you guys are building up!

  3. Alex Kay says:

    Really enjoyed Wendy’s article!

  4. worknplay says:

    thanx for the update Darren! I just moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress and I am glad I did :-)

  5. jsanderz says:

    Wendys post was an inspiring read, it just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to something and keep at it, sounded like a lot of work.
    Good luck Wendy.

  6. jsanderz says:

    Forgot to mention the few words that Wendy mentioned about Stumble upon, she is so right. You can post one article and get thousands of readers for weeks on end and post another and get very little, why I don’t know either.
    I think Darren should write about Stumble.

  7. This is one of the reasons I love this site. Links to other people’s sites with interesting content, advice and information. My list of favorites keeps growing everytime I visit here.

  8. Wow that is like a dream team to have on the b5 board. Congrats!

  9. Us Novices follow you rigorously. Do you have the time to read our posts. We are not pros. Not even remotely in your league. But many beginners find us useful. Would you mind featuring some of our posts somewhere if you find worth while ? We are celebrating 200 upcoming posts..

  10. Thanks everyone! :)

    Darren – I second the request for your thoughts on SU – although I bet it will read a lot like your post a week or two ago on the changing sentiment over at Digg.

    Seems like anything written on a blog is now being buried and accused of ‘blogspam’ – which I find childishly ridiculous. Then again, can we expect much more than that from Diggers? ;)