Search Engine Friendly Titles for Your Blog

Aaron Wall from SEObook has a good screen capture/video on Search Engine Optimization Friendly Page Titles for Bloggers today:

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  1. worknplay says:

    thanx for sharing Darren! I had read in an article before as well how post title can make your blog appear on top of the search engine lists.

    For instance, if you write a post on something that is happening say in 2008 that is not very expected right now but will pick up as the time closes in that will show at the very top. And as time goes by and the event closes in that will draw in a lot of visitors.

  2. Rednights says:

    Interesting somewhat … though nothing particularly noteworthy.

    Looking forward to the meta description video, because Google seems to place some random text there for me =(

  3. James says:

    I’d like to add that when you write ALL CAPITALS TITLES it shows up more than the others in the SERPS.

  4. Blog Opinion says:

    I don’t know What’s happening with Google page rank . There crawlers gone mad . My pagerank fell down to 1 from 3 . On other hand my Blog Opinion page rank rise up to 3 from 2 …

  5. Great tips!
    Search engine friendly titles is important but meta description also very important.

  6. Jake says:

    Interesting. I often avoid page titles that are sentences. Also, I thought it would recommend to put the site title last or not at all. I thought he was going to say the Wikipedia one was helpful because it shows its about the topic and you can tell its an encylopedic entry, which is more likely what people are searching for than optimizing (they would have searched SEO optimization I would have thought). Maybe I’m just different from the general surfing population.

  7. TheVamp says:

    Thank’s for tips

  8. This is an excellent video..Aaron Wall is the man!

  9. Sometimes it seems like more time must be spent on optimization than on providing content. Every time I look around there is another tip or method to get me closer to perfection.

    I find myself continually going back to make changes to try and provide the best food to lure the Google spiders to my pages.

    I just want to write great, helpful and interesting content, not also run the printing press.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the tips and advice. As a newcomer, I just never understood the importance and time required of continued optimization when I got into this gig.

    I know if you have no readers, your site is pointless, but I was hoping for a one night stand, not a marriage for life.

  10. BONTB says:

    Thats why I use all seo pack i put each description and each title different , I changed my theme yesterday and hope it will be more seo

  11. Starfeeder says:

    I love his book :) very helpful…

  12. Interesting video with some solid ideas.

    I have customized my blog theme to allow for custom titles, custom meta keywords and custom meta description for each individual blog post. It seems to be the way to go and is quite simple to implement.

  13. shy guy says:

    Hmm. boring clip..

  14. Niamh says:

    It would not have crossed my mind to put a qualifier before a keyword. On reflection when starting out it is probably best to decide on a succinct short name for your brand so that it can be lotted in with the keyword and get into the firsst 65 characters.

  15. Sangesh says:

    Search engine friendly titles definitely raise the page rank, but i know fore sure that, there are also more things to be taken care of.

    One of them is meta tags.

    I have also heard of “key word rich” article. I think I have a little idea about this but I am not sure. Hope to see articles similar to this in the future Darren.


  16. Michael says:

    Some good logical tips there. Kind of makes you wonder what people are thinking when they make long nonsense for titles – they’re hurting themselves more than helping.

  17. Thanks for the tips!


  18. hi darren!there is some problem with the video.has it been deleted?

  19. Apollo Bay says:

    Great advice, I think by far the worst titles I have seen on government websites.

  20. emigre says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to have this as a post rather than a video? The images are blur and the pointers could have been better put across in words.

    That way we won’t have to listen to the whole audio again just to refer to some point.

    This trend of doing videos for everything is really annoying.

  21. Niamh says:


    I agree to a certain extent but having watched it again he was actually using the strategy he was recommending i.e. get your brand in there somewhere. He took us to his site and in a subtle way let us know what that he has a book out.