Competition: Create a Slogan for Bloggers Hit by the Page Rank Slam of October 07

Lets lighten the mood around here a little and have a little fun with this whole Page Rank Update – it’s time for a competition.

The winner gets a 3 month subscription to Brian’s new Teaching Sells program – worth $97. If you’ve already bought it then you get a refund.

The competition is simple – design a slogan for bloggers hit by the PageRank hit that Google dished out yesterday. Submissions will be received in the comments of this post for the next 24 hours.

  • Entries can be in any form you want – image, video or text (perhaps a little banner ad that bloggers can put on their blogs might work?). Get as creative as you like.
  • One entry per person.
  • Brian and I will select a winner tomorrow.

Here’s one I quickly whipped up – I’m sure a lot of you can do much better though!


Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


The Sydney Morning Herald just published an article about the page rank shenanigans of the last 48 hours. You can read it at WWW spooked by Google algorithm tweak.

PS: it’s an old picture and not my computer – I didn’t trade in my MacBook Pro :-)

Update: I’ve closed comments on this as the 24 hour deadline is up. Thanks for everyone for entering! Now Brian and I need to sort through them all to find a winner – give us a day or two, there’s a lot here!

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  1. NetCritics says:
  2. James says:

    PageRank? We don’t need no stinking PageRank!

  3. ———————–

    * PR Jail


    * PR-ison

    THIS IS WHERE THE IDEA ORIGINATED. Here is the official entire list of blogs and Websites (but it is on a private Google intranet)

  4. Louiss says:

    google slap us, we kick google ass out.

  5. Lani says:
  6. Mark says:

    “Google B|#ch-slapped me and all I got was this lousy slogan!”

  7. Hello again..
    I added an image to my slogan

    Downgraded by Google

  8. derek says:

    Tyra Banks speaks out about Google:

  9. blackysky says:

    I was listening to kanye west song when I hit this page
    what about that don’t kill me
    Can only make me stronger

  10. blackysky says:
  11. Google Page Rank Updates Leaving You Feeling Limp?

    Blog Viagra – Two Small Blue Capsules and You’ll Feel Like You’re on the Technorati Top 100 List!

    Real Client Testimonial:

    “After the last Google slapdown I was left with a PR of 4, but my wife got me a bottle of Blog Viagra and now I’m feeling like a PR7 again … I’m blogging all night long”

  12. Anuj Seth says:

    “Google Who??”

  13. Pearl says:

    I’m not even ranked! (or am at zero) but I feel for all who got affected!

  14. SportSayer says:

    Here is mine (multiple variations):

    Also, Darren, where can I get more info on the Bonus day at BlogWorld Expo? Location, signup info, ect… was not include in your post.

  15. Pagerank Slapped United! Do You Think We Care?

  16. fantomaster says:

    Let’s be constructive, folks – how about implementing an alternative? Here’s a suggestion:

  17. nkmedia says:

    Q3. When Google declared war on webmasters.

  18. Sweta says:

    Google is Threaten by SEO!!

  19. rob says:

    Love the subtlety of the underlying message

    How bout, “This blog is Google sneered but reader cheered”

  20. Rhys says:


    I’ve included my entry “Kicked In The Googlies” on my latest post:

  21. Google the Ogre

  22. Shawn Farner says:

    We lost rank but never sank.

  23. Sara says:


    The graphics were superfast, but let’s just consider it a concept piece =)



  24. Phil says:

    Ha! You do all clearly care, I bet some of you didn’t even lose PR and you still write about it.

  25. CashQuests says:

    “Unreliably basing our link valuations on Alexa since 2007.

  26. Motti says:

    Just thinking will are not fighting against Google but we are competing between ourselves.

    So here is my point of view:

  27. Bee says:

    “PageDunked and proud”

  28. Darren D says:

    I have a question for everyone who has been hit by this page rank reduction. Have you suffered a corresponding reduction in Google traffic?

    If the answer is no, then what’s the problem? Can anyone point to a direct correlation between page rank and search traffic? Has this blog suffered a 33% drop in such traffic?

  29. James says:

    Hi Darren, my slogan is:
    “PR11, because I’m worth it.”
    My image:


  30. Bill Perry says:

    “Google – Completely, totally and utterly beating up PageRank AND ego all at the same time!”

  31. James says:
  32. Pete Moore says:

    Theres no point in getting vexed
    If you were hit by googleplex
    Lets spread a little cheer
    By cracking open another beer ;-)


  33. While I’m on a roll, a Page Rank haiku

    my page rank has dropped
    google does not control me
    site will rise again

  34. Newsniche says:

    “If you can read this then your Page Rank has been lowered”

  35. Google Trick – No Treat

  36. Matt Jones says:

    The bar is always greener on the other blog

  37. Zac says:
  38. Alfredo says:

    Here’s mine.


  39. Here’s the link to my entry :-)

  40. Silky says:

    Hmm, how about:

    “Google ate my Page Rank”

    as an oh so amusing parody of

  41. Tom says:
  42. Clement says:

    Just wondering about all this noise about PR. Let Google do it their own way.It is theirs. Concentrate on improving your blog and writing good articles. If your blog is great like Darren’s traffic will always be there for you. Period!

  43. Sangesh says:

    Clickdi click, its the Google’s trick.

  44. Clement says:

    Just a small stupid question. We hear a lot about Google’s PR? What sort of page ranking mechnanisms do other search engines (Yahoo!, Ask) use?

  45. Contest Beat says:

    Hi there

    I blogged about your contest here –

    All we do is write about contests in the blogosphere so hopefully we can send you a few more entries too!

    Regards, Matt.

  46. Hyder says:

    Here’s Mine!

    “You May Take Our PageRank, But You’ll Never Take Our Freedooooom!!!”

    Link To Image