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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Either way…it’s easier said than done. :-)

  2. I can’t stop laughing. Please, do not do this to your readers anymore!

  3. I though you would mention something about writing certain types of post or doing certain things…oh well. That wasn’t a very helpful picture by the way :-(

  4. Which route did you take, Darren?

  5. hi darren

    This is nice cartoon.
    In my opinion you can become famous blogger by moving to a domain (after a period of time of being at free blog host) and care about readers need. which i am preparing to do very soon :)
    Mido from pimp my cash

  6. It’s funny. I regularly get pointed at in the street, as the pictures insinuate. Does that mean I’m famous?

    I have a new website in my RSS feeder.

  7. Man that makes sense.

  8. That’s me! Just kidding. Still working on the famous part.

  9. Umm … yea … OK !

    So… umm…. yea …. How do you become famous ?

  10. It’s a cute cartoon but I feel like I’ve just been tricked. Do you have Halloween in Australia? If so, I guess we can expect some additional trickery on Oct. 31st as well ;)

  11. no famous blog is complete without great cartoons!

  12. That guy has a wicked hairdo.

  13. Very amusing and so simplistic why didn`t i thik of it ? !

  14. I loved it. Very insightful.

  15. Hahha :D
    i love this cartoon :D lol

  16. Hey, when I worked though this I had an epiphany… .

    Dave is a frigging genius!

  17. Thanks Darren – and thanks to your commenters for the kind comments.

  18. Genius, I say!

    This is right up there with “Ya know how to make a small fortune in internet marketing? Start with a large fortune.”

  19. Great cartoon. I think I will go with getting famous by becoming a blogger.

  20. It’s about time someone leaked out this secret. AND IT WAS ALL FOR FREE!

  21. I wanna be the guy pointing fingers.

  22. I’m half-way there!

  23. And I want to be the wife beside the guy who pointing finger.

  24. We all want to be in your shoe… to become a great blogger like you and help others to succeed.

    Just our head down and work harder and smarter.

    Carlo Selorio

  25. EssEtch says: 10/12/2007 at 1:55 pm

    Here’s another route: Write a nasty blog > become infamous (very quickly) > start a good blog with links on the nasty blog > enjoy the fame!

  26. How to become a famous a famous blog cartoonist: 1. Become a cartoonist. 2. Get your work posted by a famous blogger.

  27. I like how all it takes to become famous is two people with one pointing at you. I’ve been famous then since the girls pointed and laughed in high school!

  28. I choose the 2nd route. At least i did something good that makes me famous. But to become famous first you can do anything event worst thing.

  29. Finally it all makes sense to me. Too funny.

  30. Before i read the full entry, i think its about another tips about blogging, and after read the full entry, it make me LOL.

  31. That illustration clarifies everything, it is so easy! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.

  32. Thank you for that detailed and insightful analysis, Darren. :)

    But does anyone really *want* to be famous?

  33. Cool!!! May I take it as my source and post it on my blog??

  34. hahaha. what a clickbait title

  35. Great cartoon. I saw the headline in my rss reader and was thinking it would be the usual 10 step process and tips on blogging. Haha…this is great.

  36. LOL

    However, all of the work and dedication was left out in both of those routes. ;)

  37. Love it, insightful deep, everyone has now seen the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Or is that just some bugger holding a torch.
    I vote for more laughs on ProBlogger

    Have a B L O G G I N G good day!

  38. Oh, looks so much easier than what I thought! ;-)

    And how long, pray tell, does this process take?

    LOL! Very insightful.


  39. Half way there! All what’s left is to start my blog! Oh wait, I’m on the wrong path in my mind :D.

  40. Thanks! I’m not even half way there yet, but this was good and useful stuff.

  41. why are you copying someone else’s work, even though he wants you to?

  42. the easiest way to become famous is to han gout with people who are famous.

  43. I totally with what you said… Internet and blogging is one of the famous ways of becoming famous… he he

  44. Just one thing I would like to know, if I become a famous blogger would I be pestered by beautiful woman every time I walk down the street…………..yes please.

  45. Easy to say, and hard to be done by blogging.
    But blogging with some publicity on you tube ,and on social networks like hi5 and myspace is more easy to be famous world wide :)

  46. Write some thing about it – Only cartoon cant explain the thing.

  47. lol cartoon but its true too.

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