This is it – The last 8 hour giveaway!

Well ladies and gents, this is the absolute final 8 hour giveaway in the ProBlogger Birthday Bash! Can you believe it?

What we’ve got here is a pretty random mix of prizes, and we’re ready to get on with the giving!


How To Enter

  • All winners chosen at random. One comment per person – duplicates will be deleted prior to draw.
  • If you’ve already one something from a previous giveaway, please don’t enter this one (unless we said it was okay on the other one).
  • Leave a comment below, with our last keyword of the giveaway: “Random8” (This helps us through moderation… don’t worry if you misspell it or forget it by mistake – but try to remember or we might lose ya!)
  • This giveaway ends at 4am on Monday October 8 (New York, USA time)

Our last 24 hour giveaway is still going on, so if you’re interested in business and life, go check it out.

Look forward to a final post from Darren to wrap up the whole thing (yep, we’ll have one special last giveaway that all can win!) sometime at the end of the 24 hour giveaway.

I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone thus far – you’ve been great, and most of you have welcomed me to ProBlogger for the giveaway in the most wonderful of ways! Thank you so much! ~ Lara

Update – We’ve just closed this competition. We’ll be in touch with the winners and sponsors in the coming hours. Stay tuned for one last post and competition in the coming hour or so. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. Random8

  2. Andrew says:


  3. Andy says:

    Random8 Please…

  4. Ricardo says:

    Random8 is great

  5. Random8

  6. Vincent Chow says:

    Hope it’s still on – Random8

  7. Lauren says:

    Random8 This is a great idea!

  8. random8…

  9. Steve says:


    Thank you, Lara. and ProBlogger.

  10. Thaleia says:


    This was a great way to celebrate! Thanks Darren!

  11. Anuj Seth says:

    I wanna win something!!! ;-)

    Here is the code: Random8

  12. Ravi says:


    Last contest, hope I win *something*….I’ve entered every single one thus far!

    Thanks a million!

  13. John says:

    Random8. I hope i would be in that.

  14. Natasha says:

    Random8 and happy birthday bash ProBlogger!

  15. Matt says:

    send me some love, baby!



    a typo: “If you’ve already one something from a previous giveaway….”

    should be WON not ONE. :)

  16. OnkelSchark says:

    who doesn’t love giveaways?

  17. Chairboy says:

    Random8, does that sound a little too Random, maybe Random4 would have been better!!!

  18. Steve Madsen says:


  19. Blogadeur says:

    Please enter me. :)


  20. thebassman says:


  21. doc_graham says:


  22. Andy Merrett says:

    Random8 indeed.

  23. Joao Moreno says:

    As you were saying… Random8 !

  24. sbpoet says:


    still trying…

  25. Random8

  26. Julia says:


  27. Kathryn says:


    Great prizes

  28. Jacky says:

    Some Random8 huh? ;)

  29. Daniel says:


  30. Billy H. says:

    Random8 … This birthday bash was great!

  31. DotDriven says:

    Random8 entry

  32. esvl says:

    Am I to late?


  33. musicampus says:


    I h8 3 be l8

  34. musicampus says:


    I h8 2 be l8

  35. Thomas says:


  36. kaiwah says:

    Random 8. What a great contest provided by you. Keep it up!

  37. Alex Kay says:

    I feel so Random8 today!

  38. Leone says:


  39. Random8

  40. so says:


    This is great

  41. Darren says:


    popular series this :-)

  42. Random8

  43. Andy C says:

    Jesus Christ – isn’t anyone else finding this interminable, never ending string of oh so very exciting ‘GIVEAWAYS’ of cheap plastic gifts, tedious in the extreme ?

    I can’t think of a single thing more likely to make me unsubscribe from what is otherwise an excellent blog.

  44. BlogInsider says:


  45. Melvyn says:

    Almost missed this one! Random8

  46. Friedbeef says:

    Hmmm… is this a search engine experiment?


  47. Neil Duckett says:

    Random8 … and feeling lucky this time!!!

  48. Random8

  49. SEO TIPS says:


  50. Sam Nova says:

    Monday is Random8