Computers, Video and Gaming Giveaway! Eight hours and the clock’s ticking!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgThanks to all who entered the travel giveaway! Now that’s over, we’ve got some nifty computer / video gear and gaming stuff (even casino gaming!) to hand out. Yes, I know, this is one thing that many of you have been waiting for!

Before we give you details of this giveaway (below) – here are a few details:

  • All winners will be chosen at random.
  • This one will be open until 4am New York, USA time October 7th.
  • You may not win if you’ve already won a prize elsewhere (unless we’ve said so on that particular post already that it’s okay).
  • While we’d love to be able to let you pick your prizes on these, it’s just way too hectic to be able to do so. Prize distribution will be random.
  • Once a particular post closes, we will notify both the sponsor and the winner so that you may work out the details of the prize distribution.
  • Keep in mind that there are only 3 more of these 8-hour giveaways after this one. If you think you might want ANY of these, make sure you enter. (We do have one more 24-hour one coming up as well).

So with all that said, here’s the list:

All you have to do to enter to win one of these prizes is leave a comment with “ComputerGaming” in it somewhere to help us with moderating.

This one ends at 4am New York, USA time on October 7, 2007.

At that time, comments will be closed, and winners will be drawn at random and notified.

Check out the other great prizes up for grabs during the giveaway!
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Update – we’ve just closed this giveaway. Winners and sponsors will be notified of the results in the coming hours. Thanks to everyone for entering!

There’s only a few more giveaways to go – the next one is kind of Gourmet – you can see it here. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. Vijay says:

    I certainly love the tech stuff out here and I am going for it..


  2. Ronald says:

    ComputerGaming baby!

  3. Vincent Chow says:

    ComputerGaming should be my next thing after upgrading my 256MB RAM, which is currently killing me with its slowness.

  4. Ravi says:


    So how many other people are entering almost every contest and have yet to win anything? Guess we’ve just got to keep trying :-D.

  5. on we sometimes discuss Computer Gaming, like the connection between Bioshock and Ayn Rand. Search for it…

  6. Ian says:

    I sure do love ComputerGaming! :)

  7. jaklang says:

    The collectibles from Binions Horseshoe Club is worth the grab in ComputerGaming world.

  8. Veron says:


  9. Yaffa says:

    I like to eat ComputerGaming for breakfast.

  10. Weddingzilla says:

    ******Computer Gaming!*******

  11. Lee Gibbons says:


    yes sir.

  12. Phil says:

    ComputerGaming !!

  13. Ray says:

    ComputerGaming is nice

  14. I want to win – ComputerGaming

  15. Alex says:

    ComputerGaming would be sweet if there was no world of warcraft.

  16. Adnan says:

    I love ComputerGaming!

  17. Ryan Imel says:


  18. Pat Telfer says:


  19. where do you think lies the future of ComputerGaming with all the XBoxes and PSPs and what-nots taking over (and maybe even geeting cheaper sometime soon-?!), in the near future…
    I suppose

  20. Jarkko Laine says:


  21. Shrihari says:

    All these prizes would do great for me.

  22. Mike says:


  23. Isaak Kwok says:


  24. Dmitri says:


    And I must say that this Giveaway idea was awesome.

  25. Darlene says:


  26. Brian says:


  27. holli jo says:

    I don’t love ComputerGaming, but I’m crossing my fingers for the camera!

  28. ComputerGaming is awesome.

  29. Ririan says:


  30. kailani says:

    M husband loves computer gaming! Count me in please!

  31. Ross says:

    ComputerGaming would be a great prize to win! Thanks :)

  32. DPeach says:



  33. Jake says:

    Coffee and computergaming. That is the life for sure don’t you think?

  34. Phillip says:


  35. Pat says:


  36. Mariella says:

    I hope I win at least one prize :(


  37. IL says:


  38. Ramesh says:


  39. David Lau says:

    That’s too fun , xoxojj

  40. Anne says:

    Since I write for computer games, I think winning some game goodies will not only be fun, but business-worthy :)

  41. Dale says:


  42. Nessa says:

    Vive la ComputerGaming giveaway!

  43. ComputerGaming

  44. ComputerGaming

    However, I should point out that the prize I offered is NOT a computer game but a bona fide board game for ages 12+.


    Lara Says: Thanks for making that clear, Yehuda – The stuff from the casino in Las Vegas isn’t computer related either, and the video camera isn’t gaming related. But we had to come up with a key phrase to find people if they got caught up in the spam filters, so we used “Computer” and “Gaming” – that’s all. :) But thanks for letting everyone know! :)

  45. Joe N says:


  46. Jamin says:


  47. Jason says:


    Some impressive accessories there. Could really use a new keyboard.

  48. I think ComputerGaming is pretty darn generous. ;)

  49. Matt says:

    ComputerGaming rocks my socks.

  50. Terry says:

    computer gaming