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problogger-birthday-bash.jpgMore great stuff…

You guys know the drill by now, yes?

Leave a comment, and make sure to outrun the spam filters by including “dogcat” in there.

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The Prizes

Winners chosen at random, and prizes are dispensed randomly. You may not choose which prize you get (comments doing so will be deleted in order to keep the odds in check) and if you’ve already won something this week, you are not eligible to win from this list (unless we already clarified that the one you won on was open to all).

This one ends at noon on Saturday October 6 (EST – New York, USA)


This one’s closed to new entries, and winners have all been notified by email.
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  1. Leigh says:

    dogcat..catdog,I really dislike that cartoon

  2. dogcat


    The secret code has been broken. The MotherShip will pick up my prize.

  3. Mr. Triple D says:

    I want this!

  4. Neena says:

    Here is my entry.

  5. Dennis says:

    dogcat your votes for ProBlogger at

  6. nakedpastor says:

    dogcat is cool… me wannie

  7. bharadwaj says:

    dogcat – i am moderated..
    i am game on to win!

  8. dogcat?

  9. Ivo Stankov says:

    dogcat this time.. huh

  10. easterangel says:

    dogcat now!

  11. Shelby says:


  12. Patrick says:

    Can I dogcat the contest this time?

  13. dogcat – alright.

  14. Nuts & Milk says:

    dogcat! am i in ?;)

  15. dogCat

  16. denkisa says:

    dogcat wtf?

  17. Vincent Chow says:

    dogcat rabit turtle

  18. dogcat

    Or is it catdog? Felines, canines, front nines, cat o’ nines — whatever, I want to win!

  19. tony gee says:

    Mommy? How much is that dogcat in the window?

  20. Bimal says:

    Funniest ever cartoon dogcat

  21. Elit Alice says:

    i have a dog. and i want a cat. dogcat dogcat dogcat!!

  22. Kelly O says:

    Hey, I have a dog and want a cat, too! dogcat

  23. Is it too late to look for the dogcat I just woke up?

    Lara Says: Nope, not too late – this one ends at Noon EST (New York, USA)! Go get some coffee… ;0)

  24. Neelmani says:

    I would also love to join… I have never won anything on net. Let me be the one :)

  25. Siebel Guru says:

    I would be just statisfied with a mug… Pleassseee give one to me :)

  26. Gina says:

    Great prizes! My nephew, Chippy the cockapoo would love to receive them. He would even write about it in his blog :-)

  27. GSV13 says:

    where is my dogcat?

  28. Jamie says:

    dogcat – also cake.

  29. krillz says:

    Dude I just saw a dogcat! “dogcat”

  30. Rose says:

    Dogcat! Dogs rule!

  31. Dogcat.

  32. ][v][atty says:

    dogcat – like the cartoon :-0

  33. Angelica Ars says:

    dogcat… cats usually don’t like dogs, dogs are stupid enough to like cats :-)

  34. Karen Rhodes says:

    dogcat but i prefer CATdog:)

  35. mel says:

    what is dogcat anyway?

  36. Billy H. says:

    Catdog was a good show, but I think dogcat would have been a better idea. Oh, wait… There’s no difference, is there?

  37. Robyn says:

    Hi Darren, just happened by so thought I’d enter. Not sure what you mean by “dogfight” but thought I’d include it here!

  38. Chee Kui says:

    My Dog Love My Cat.. Wooot?!

  39. Robert Tatum says:

    Dogcat – what happened to that dogcat in the window?

  40. taylorblue says:

    Am I too late??? Dogcat!!

  41. Lara Kulpa says:

    LOL Gang – this one’s got another 2 hours and 45 mins left to it… so keep entering! :)

  42. dogcat

  43. Adam says:


  44. VitaiminCM says:

    “You don’t love me, you just love my doggy style!”
    Snoop Doggy Dog ’93

  45. Harri Lammi says:

    dogcat horsecow

  46. Ken Dahlin says:


    I haven’t even had coffee yet.

  47. Gujai says:


  48. Thom Allen says:


  49. Andrew says:

    dogcat no spam!

  50. Blogopinion says:

    dogcat catmouse