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Another 24 hour giveaway – Where are the poets?

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgCalling all wannabe (or professional) poets!!

This one closes out at noon (EST – New York, USA) on Friday, October 5.

Prizes at stake:

How to Enter:

It’s “Ode to ProBlogger” time! All you have to do to have a qualifying entry to win one of the above 5 prizes is to leave a comment below with a poem about ProBlogger. It doesn’t have to be a “love poem” or written in any particular style (though yes, rhyming would be nice). You don’t have to link to anything or write anything on your own blog – you simply have to write a poem about ProBlogger the website or Darren, the man behind the site, right there in the comments section (of course if you really want to share your Ode with your readers you can post it on your blog – but we’d also ask you to share it here in comments so we’ve got them all in the one place).

Please include the word problogger or Darren in your Ode to help us catch all of these comments in Akismet.

There will be no judging, so please feel free to write BAD poetry!

The random number generator will choose 5 winners who will be notified by email.

Here comes the rub: If you have already won something, we’re sorry but you’re not eligible. If you win one of the iPods, you will then not be eligible to win anything else. Entering is not a guarantee of winning anything, and this whole thing is just for fun so if you think you’re a bad poet, write something anyway that somewhat resembles poetry. We seriously don’t care if it’s good or not!

Check out the full prize list (now updated to show which prizes have already been awarded or are in progress!) and if you’re not subscribed to the RSS feed by now, you’ve likely missed your chances to win a whole bunch of cool stuff already!

PS: If you’re looking for a little ‘inspiration’ – here’s an Ode that ProPoet Robert Bruce did for ProBlogger a while back:

Sorry, had to remove the video because it was acting all wonky… if you like, you can view it here.


This giveaway is closed, and all winners have been selected and notified. Thanks for all the really fantastic stuff (yes, even the “bad” stuff) – You all amazed both Darren and myself with your creativity!

  1. Once blog was called web log
    now turned to blog.

    and One man called Darren, caring enough to start sharing.
    Many have follow and most have fallen.

    Darren continue to rise and with pride he reign over the blogging sphere.

    ProBlogger Darren – now sharing to newbie blogging.


    Alright I know it is bad, but I tried ;-)

  2. Oh problogger, oh problogger
    When I read problogger…
    I drink me a lager.
    and think of your er… daughter
    and other things that don’t motter?
    uhh… oh problogger oh problogger
    bring me a prize
    oh that daughter, oh that… other… daughter
    make me..hmmmmm… wise?
    and drive away the flies
    oh problogger oh problogger… ughhh!
    (poet knifed in the back)

  3. hey, hey, hey
    Darren is the man
    if you don’t known him
    them you’re not a man
    that writes on a blog

  4. a too-cynical haiku about all us bloggers’ never-ending search for ways to make money, get attention, and win prizes:

    a leaf flutters down
    fifty bloggers grab for it
    we’re a greedy bunch

  5. Once there was a problogger named Darren,
    Without whom my blog would be barren,
    With his advise in mind,
    My blog visitors did find,
    Good content for readers local and foreign

  6. An Ode to ProBlogger

    The posts are information
    The blogs are sometimes funny
    But the biggest reason I’m reading ProBlogger
    Is to try and win some money! :-)

  7. I learnt to be a blogger
    Cuz I read this pro-blogger
    And I owe it all to Darren
    Cuz mine’s not so barren
    But the pro birthday bash
    Beats me like a lash
    Cuz I just can’t seem
    To get a prize or some cash…


  8. You’ve read all the rest,
    Now check out the best! is so damn cool,
    Every other blog will crash into the TechCrunch Dead Pool!

  9. Oh Problogger,
    You have helped me so.
    With the wise words of Darren
    You have kept my blog from being barren.

  10. It was 2005
    I remember so well,
    my wife read ProBlogger
    and it rang a bell

    She got an idea
    From some words Darren wrote
    it paid for a car
    and inspired this silly note

    Problogger is great
    Everyone should read it
    54,000 dollars in prizes
    Should make you believe it.

  11. Justin says: 10/05/2007 at 1:56 pm

    problogger has the tools
    for those who can’t lose
    in the blogging game
    Darren is the number one name

  12. Darren – are we gonna see you reading these on the weekly video? :)

    this has been a lot of fun with a lot of laughs …

  13. A site I’d never heard of
    But now I am subscribed
    ProBloggers promise of presents
    Was enough to tantalize.


  14. How to make a blog?
    Ask Darren he will know
    He is the king of all bloggers
    Problogger takes the show

    He’s even taught Shoe a little lesson
    and even gave tips to Chow
    He is the wisest of all bloggers
    He makes everybody say wow

    He shows you how to make money
    His blog is on point
    Its mentioned all over google
    and even on DigitalPoint

    If you want to really blog
    and you want to be the best
    then follow Darren Rowse
    because their is no contest.

  15. I spelled their wrong if you can correct it. I meant to spell there.

  16. ProBlogger is full
    Of great tips day after day
    I keep coming back

  17. Darren, Darren he’s our man…
    If he can’t blog it – no one can…

  18. My problogger poem:

    I just found this blog,
    And think it’s really cool.
    Looking forward to reading more
    From this blogging “school.”
    Off to find the PB feed
    And add it to my list
    So none of Darren’s nifty tips’ll
    Mistakenly be missed.

  19. Darren is red
    Macs are blue
    PCS are Green
    And I love you all….

    Yes that was super cheesy.. Do I win for being cheesy?

  20. nice monetizing ideas

  21. Anyone can start a blog
    But if you wish to be a star
    You can’t just write about your dog
    You must instead set yourself apart.

    If thoughts of this fill you with dismay
    Do not despair, you have Darren
    In word and video clips you play
    He’ll guide you to profit, amen.

    Problogger is the site for you
    If making money is your goal
    Be sure you have the patience to
    Work hard with all your heart and soul.

  22. Darren owns the no 1 blog…
    No need to go to other sites and sob!!!

  23. Problogger is really cool,
    All the tips make me drool.
    I come back every day,
    There’s plenty here for me to stay.
    For my addiction there’s no cure,
    Problogger is the best… thats for sure!

  24. Bonnie says: 10/05/2007 at 2:48 pm

    It’s bad for my hat and makes my eyebrows grow red hot,
    So blogging without Problogger I don’t do an awful lot.

  25. Here’s my best, quickest shot at a really bad poem… ;)

    I’m a new Problogger reader
    And very glad to have found it.
    I’ve added it to my blog feeder
    and reading Darren’s tips is something I won’t quit!

  26. Darren Blogs to Earn
    All others can Link And Earn.
    He may gag
    But we only brag.

    Wow, we used our site name Link And Earn quite well. We are professional braggers.

  27. Hey Darren He’s our man…
    if he can’t help us make money, NOBODY can!!

  28. yo, night after night
    i puruse pure profitable insight
    flowin’ free from Problogger
    smilin’ as i drink mo’ lager
    ’cause Rowse is in my house
    & his ideas are fallin’ like rain
    borin’ through my brain
    like an icy snow auger
    only on Problogger

  29. ProBlogger Haiku

    Viewing Problogger
    Surfing posts current and old
    Subscribing to RSS

  30. There was a bald dude called Pro Blogger
    Whose post gave us oodles of fodder
    He helped us make money
    And his jokes were quite funny
    But Darren he never plays Frogger

  31. PS Please don’t win me the extreme makeover cos I don’t have anything to make over.

  32. Is it possible
    That someone like you,problogger
    Could complete me?

    You’re the only one I want
    The only one I think about
    The only one I truly love

    You’ve treated me wrong sometimes
    As I’ve done the same
    But everyone makes mistakes
    And your not one of mine

    Be with me for the rest of time
    I’ll give you my heart
    And you give me your mind

  33. Friends that watch your back
    Friends that play with your heart
    All act the same from the start
    Before you know it some disappear
    Others stay beside you for life
    Those are the problogger
    The best friends

  34. I am jealous of Darren
    I admit, I can’t stop starrin
    At the blog empire he grew,
    Since back in 2002

    How did he do it?
    He saw right through it.
    The money potential of blogging!

    Thank goodness for Problogger’s insight
    Every blogger’s Delight!

    Thanks Darren!

  35. I never heard about problogger before
    now I’m addicted, I can’t resist anymore
    Darren? Who’s that man?
    I’m a geek as much as I can.
    This poem seems to be senseless and ridiculous?
    Of course, it is.

  36. Darren aint no Australian jocker
    givin away Ipods as his everyday fodder
    with readers to please
    he does it with ease
    its what makes him the #1 problogger

  37. A ProBlogger Haiku

    Darren’s site is cool
    Talks about making money
    And I kid you not!

    AnitoKid at

  38. A Haiku for You!

    Darren’s site is cool
    Talks about making money
    And I kid you not!

    Anitokid at

  39. Searching for an Ode to Poetry
    I stumble upon a man named darren
    born a peasant of chaferty
    he was lacking wealth and women
    I informed him of a wizard, wise
    and of he set upon his quest
    to search for a wizard, wise
    through the woods he went
    stopping only to log wood for fire
    fifty years later still no wizard, wise
    yet he was now a problogger

  40. Even down in Sri Lanka,
    The island paradise of Lanka (check it out)
    We still hear of Problogger
    The best of internet web loggers

    But oh, he’s not that haughty and proud
    Dispenses his blog Karate by the pound
    Gives us advice that is quite sound
    May the help he gives come around

    He helps us amateurs on our feet
    he helps us beginners design our sheets
    Darren is a most incredible guy
    He’s also cute too; He’s my kind of guy!

  41. There once was a man named Darren
    at his website I just can’t stop starin
    problogger belongs, in lymeric and songs
    for he is THE bloggers baron

    After reading these poems
    I know where Darren’s going
    a clever man, with a clever plan
    up the seo river he’s rowing

  42. Another ProBlogger Haiku:

    Problogger is great,
    Darren is an expert on,
    Making dosh from blogs.

  43. problogger give us tips, tricks and all for free!

  44. There once was a guy named Darren,
    Whose blog started out quite barren,
    But daily it grew,
    With tips old and new,
    Proving he was no Aussie larrikin.

  45. Here’s my pathetic attempt at a poem :D

    It’s already been three years
    Darren had worked on problogger
    But even on this occasion he is a giver
    Giving readers prizes to make them happier


  46. The screen within a frame within a frame
    Doesn’t seem social at all;
    And are text and still images to blame
    For why I want to stare at a wall?

    Finding good people online
    Happens when they want to find you
    Thanks to Problogger and Darren
    This screen has found another use.

  47. Shotty says: 10/05/2007 at 5:22 pm

    I know nothing about a blog
    I know nothing about Darren Rowse
    but the prices on this log
    would be nice so now i browse
    and read what’s here to see
    problogger is the place to be!

    (o god i’m no poet)

  48. Problogger
    the internet logger
    his ideas will rock ya
    till your isp blocks ya

    p to the r to the ob logger
    Darren rowse is the pee ro blogger

  49. Problogger shares the gift of knowledge
    for not at fault, they drop out of college.
    follow the dreams to own their life,
    students of blog soon to enrage a wife.

  50. If you are a new blogger
    about blogging you just want to learn
    You must visit a site named ProBlogger
    Darren will soon teach you how to earn

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