Today’s third (and final for today) giveaway in the ProBlogger Birthday Bash!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgAlright – this is today’s final giveaway, but don’t despair! We’ve got something super special in store for tomorrow morning that’s going to carry us through until Friday morning (“morning” = 8am EST), and we’re expecting even MORE response on that one than our first and second giveaways today!

Okay, enough chatter, on with the giving!

Mederma for Scars has graciously donated 25 tubes of the new and improved Mederma scar treatment to the first 25 people who send an email to [email removed – they have reached 25 winners!] with the subject line “ProBlogger Birthday Bash – Mederma for Scars” (Remember the first giveaway today when it comes to “case” of letters? Make sure you are paying attention here!) and include your full name and complete mailing address.

I will be updating this post once I’ve been notified that all 25 winners have been collected, so please don’t email a submission once I’ve done that.

In answer to some questions I received about who can enter and further rules about eligibility: Please keep in mind that the winners of today’s first and third prizes will not be eligible for any other prizes during the duration of the giveaway, and it’s going to be like that for the entire event, so if you’re not really interested in a particular prize, it’s probably best not to enter for it. The reason we do this is to give the greatest number of individuals a chance to win something. By all means, if you’re interested in more than one prize, enter for more than one, but know that if you win anything, that will be the only item you win.

There are two exceptions, and one of those is the SeekZap prize we gave away earlier today, the other will happen at the end of the giveaway and we will let you know specifically in that post that even if you’ve already won something, as long as you’re eligible for the prize, you may apply for it. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. doug m says:

    Darren i must say that this is truly amazing. It’s great to see this kind of response and also that you would take the time to collaborate and provide these prizes

  2. Aruni says:

    I am so impressed with how you are orchestrating this competition. I didn’t realize that if we won something we wouldn’t be eligible. As much as it’s cool to have Mederma for scars, I already have a tube that 3/4 full so I’ll wait to see what the next prizes might be.

    Will you do a post showing what the prizes will be for each contest #? That way I can focus my speed and time on the ones that I want to go all out for! :-)

  3. Kara says:

    Email sent! I’ve always wanted to try Mederma. I have a 2″ scar on my leg from an injury I got from sanding.

    Who injures themselves while sanding, you ask? Me, that’s who! I was sanding cabinets before repainting and got some dust on my shoes. I went to climb up on the stool to sand some more, slipped and came down in the sink. I broke a bunch of dishes, but didn’t cut my leg, oh no! I DENTED it by landing precisely on the corner of the counter as I came down. Now that’s extreme home improvement!

  4. krillz says:

    have to pass on this :D
    Does that also count for the link submit in contest #2? Can we who got the link accepted, still run in the other contests?

  5. krillz says:

    Ingore my above comment, somehow it turns out that I cannot read :P Must be that it’s late 2.40 in the night (I’m from sweden if you are wondering ;))

  6. Ken Dahlin says:

    I was so excited about this prize that I accidently hit my head on the ceiling when I was jumping up and down. Oh my, that’s going to leave a mark! Thanks Mederma!

  7. Markus says:

    I am really wondering if they send to Germany if I was one of the first 25 :)

  8. I have a pretty big scar one my left cheek but I’m kind of fond it. It fits my razor shaved head almost perfectly so I’m not entering for this one. Thanks though

    I really think it’s amazing what you are all doing here at Problogger. Congratz to you Darren and the whole team behind

  9. E-mail sent! :)

  10. bharadwaj says:

    Hi darren,

    can i have some thing other than the tube ??

  11. Gary says:

    I’ve got more scars than I have fingers and toes, but I wouldn’t give even one of them up. A few are reminders of great times I had with friends when I was growing up. The rest (the majority) are reminders of just how stupid I can be when I set my mind to it.

    Sooooo – I’ll pass on this one.

  12. Bob says:

    That’ll teach me to try for a prize without first finishing the post… damn… I’m sure I probably won some of this stuff, but I would have much rather held out for a different prize. Good thing I have a roommate who wants to try for stuff too… but still. Too bad there’s no way to un-apply for a prize. lol. *smacks self*

  13. Darren Rowse says:

    Aruni – full list of prizes is here

  14. Neil Duckett says:

    I’ll follow Gary’s lead and sit this one out !

  15. simon says:

    Great!! I sent email already!

  16. Starfeeder says:

    Awesome contest :) this is going to be a fun week

  17. Aruni says:

    Thanks Darren. I did see the list…just wasn’t sure which ones would be offered in which competitions (i.e., #4, 5, 10, 12) and when. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see and be judicious in choosing which ones I try for!

  18. charles wolf says:

    Personally I like to have scars. they tell a story of the lessons well learned.

  19. pearl says:

    hey Aruni – I didn’t realize that either :) and sent an email already but then saw the list of prizes!! oh well! :-) guess something is always better than nothing eh? :D

  20. Aruni says:

    Hi Pearl – nice to see I’ll be competing alongside you! I know. Although I would love to learn more about SEO, I’m hoping I’m not randomly selected for the SEO book because it would be much more helpful to me if I could win help (consulting) from an expert in the field because I haven’t been able to finish a book in quite some time…considering all the family/high-tech start-up fun going on around here in Austin, TX. :-)

  21. Thanks for reminding us (and those of us who didn’t read it before, like me! ;) ) that if we won something we wouldn’t be eligible for other prizes. What an exciting week, can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  22. pearl says:

    Aruni… the winners for SEO book were already declared :) check out that first give away post…

    I couldn’t help laughing out loud when I read Ken Dahlin’s comment up here :) its been really fun and exciting :-)

  23. TheVamp says:

    Great!! I sent email

  24. Jenn says:

    I sent in an email. A lot of the prizes are great, but this is one I could really use. I’d rather try to win something I can use than something that I just think is cool!

  25. Zach says:

    I didn’t enter this one..

    I’m holding out for that gaming keyboard! I’m a bit of a gamer so that’d be awesome. That or a blog design. :)

  26. Marguerite says:

    I sent in an email. Thanks for doing this. So much fun!

  27. Aruni says:

    Pearl – Ken’s comment made me laugh too! I didn’t know they had posted the results already on the original post. I can’t keep up! I’ll get it down eventually. Gotta go get some work done…

  28. Any chance of the winners??

  29. This is fun and a good idea for blog owners.

  30. @Zach – if you do not win the blog design and you need one, let us know and maybe we can do business :)

  31. Markus says:

    Cool! Thanks for shipping to Germany. Here is my German blogpost with 2 pictures of the price :)