It’s another ProBlogger Birthday Bash giveaway!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgToday’s second giveaway is another easy one to enter and something that 500 tons of you can win:

The first 500 people Everyone to go to SeekZap (before midnight EST tonight) at this special ProBlogger submission link will receive a free premium directory listing ($50 value) for their site/blog!

Only one listing per person, so if you have multiple blogs, you might want to choose your newest one or the one that needs the most “attention” in terms of garnering traffic from humans and search engines.

There’s no set cutoff time for this in terms of closing off comments or anything, because Jason from SeekZap was gracious enough to keep the page up until it reaches 500 submissions midnight EST tonight! (Don’t worry if you miss it or if this prize isn’t something you want or need – there are plenty more prizes yet to come!)

Edit: This prize is open to ALL readers of ProBlogger – regardless of whether you’ve won anything yet, or will win anything in the future!

Update: Submissions are now closed – thanks for reading! runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. Mike Goad says:

    Jason, Lara, and Darren!

    Even if I don’t make the first 500 – I think I did – thanks for this opportunity!

    Darren, you certainly make blogging more interesting!

  2. Busy Mom says:

    Happy Birthday, and, thanks!

  3. Lara Kulpa says:

    Mike – I’m sure at this point, since Jason has changed up the submission availability to keep it open until midnight EST (and it’s currently only about 5pm) that as long as your site meets the submission guidelines, you’re in! :)

    Thanks to everyone – especially Jason for being so accommodating!

  4. Starfeeder says:

    Cool prize, just submitted :)

  5. Adam Snider says:

    Great prize! Hopefully, that will bring some more attention to River City Writer.

  6. Steven says:

    Thank you!! Happy birthday ProBlogger!! Can’t wait for the next contest!

  7. Trivia Blog says:

    Cool Prize – and happy Birthday

  8. Eva Wallace says:

    Awesome prize! I’m excited – thanks!

  9. Loretta says:

    This is a great blogger prize! I’m on my way….

  10. Coen Jacobs says:

    Great price! Thanks a lot! :)

  11. Thank you..!! :cyber hugs:

  12. Ken Dahlin says:

    I kind of feel like I gave SeekZap a prize by entering my link and email address. Not that I’m conceited or anything…

  13. wintersweet says:

    I signed up for it too–I don’t know if it reaches my target audience (EFL/ESL learners), but maybe other people will discover my blog and send it along to potential readers. Thanks!

  14. doug m says:

    thanks darren, this is great.

  15. Veronica says:

    Thanks Darren! Happy ProBlogger birthday!

  16. Emma says:

    Hi Lara, I was wondering if we sign up for this are we eligible to win other contests? Or can we win multiple contests?

  17. simon says:

    Wow! Sounds great!

  18. Darren Rowse says:

    Emma – for this one you can win this and still enter other competitions.

  19. I entered :) Wish ever1 luck

  20. fatgadget says:

    Nice one thanks :)

  21. tattooedmama says:


  22. Great freebie, Darren! I greatly appreciate it :)

  23. Wow… I was the first to sign-up under Macintosh!!!


  24. Emma says:

    Thanks Darren!

  25. Thanks Darren, wow, 2 gift opportunities in one day, I’ll have to stay on top of your posts this week! :)

  26. Wingnut says:

    Thanks for the heads up :)

  27. Joe says:

    Just put mine in, thanks Darren!

  28. Aruni says:

    Awesome! I just submitted my blog. Can’t wait to see how it affects traffic to my blog!

  29. Angela Wills says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much Jason, Darren and Lara :). What fun this birthday party is.

    Angela Wills

  30. Kewl thanks to SeekZap for the listing in the directory

  31. Eric says:

    Thanks to both Jason and Darren, great gifting!

  32. MJ Klein says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. I hope my submission is approved.

  33. I think I did it right. We shall see. Thanks!!!

  34. Vik says:

    Woah! Made it in! New Blogger on the Block!
    Need attention people, this listing will help!
    Thanks Darren and

  35. Molli Fire says:

    Thank You so much Darren! What a fantastic gift!

  36. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Seekzap, what a cool prize for so many. Awesome…

  37. betty rood says:

    thanks jason and darren!

  38. Is it open still. If yes, Thank you , here we come

    Please Link us as we link others :)

  39. Sander says:

    Thanks, just added a website. Good luck with the contest.

  40. Jenn says:

    Thank you to both Darren & SeekZap! I got in, and this was great for my newest blog!

  41. blueeyes says:

    Thank you.. and good luck

  42. Fred says:

    i’ve just submitted … hope it’s not too late …

    thanx and cheers darren …

  43. so says:

    I just submitted my blogs. Thanks.

  44. SweetGain says:


  45. Matt says:

    Thanks darren, much appreciated and seekzap as well!!

  46. Amit says:

    What a give away !!!

  47. aaron says:

    Got mine in about an hour before the bell last night. Thanks Darren.

  48. Aristianto says:

    Done! thx jason

  49. 60 in 3 says:

    The special ProBlogger submission link just goes to the normal directory site. If I then choose a premium listing, it asks me for the standard $50 payment. Am I doing something wrong?


  50. Tim Broder says:

    Was too busy with work to make it in. Thanks anyway though.