An Update on the Birthday Prize Giveaway

PrizesJust a quick update on the ProBlogger Birthday Call for Prizes that I put out last week.

I mentioned in that post that the deadline for prize submissions was Friday and that I’d make a decision on which prizes to use over the weekend.

The Prize Submission Period is now over (it just turned midnight in Honolulu which is one of the last places to see Friday) – however my naive prediction of deciding which prizes to use over the weekend was a little too ambitious!

I said that I’d do that before I saw how many prizes would be offered up. To be honest I’m completely blown away by the numbers of prizes offered and the generosity of those offering them (I didn’t realize just how many there were until this afternoon when I scanned through them all.

Last time I counted the offers of prizes there were in excess of 150. These range from some that you’d expect on a blog about blogging (hosting packages, keyboards, blog designs, blog and SEO consulting, voice production work (for podcasts), composition of jingles (for podcasts and vidcasts)), through to fun ones (ipods, cameras), to a lot of unexpected ones (facial treatments, time in holiday apartments, color consultations, slippers, olive oil, ‘sexy’ products, baby products) and a lot more.

The value of prizes varies from some at $5 (or so) up to some valued at thousands of dollars. I did a quick add up of the total worth and we’re in excess of $35,000 USD (keep in mind that there are a few consulting packages in the mix valued at thousands of dollars so there’s not 300 ipods or gadgets making that up)!

I’m completely overwhelmed by the numbers of prizes and am going to have to take a little extra time to sort through them all and then to work which to use. I’m tempted to change the idea that I had for the competition and to use them all – however if I do that I’m going to need some help in administering it as it could turn into a logistical nightmare!).

So those of you who have generously offered prizes and those of you wanting to win them please please bear with me as I ponder how to celebrate ProBlogger’s birthday in a way that gives something back to the readership but also gives a little love to those who’ve offered prizes.

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  1. Nelson says:

    I’m waiting for my piece of cake

  2. wow, that’s a huge amount of prizes
    facial treatment…that’s seriously one of the last things I’d expect to find as a prize on a blog, cool idea!

  3. Roberta says:

    Take your time, we’re not going anywhere :) A rockin’ Happy Birthday to Problogger, congrats on everything you’ve achieved :)

  4. MoneyMan says:

    Happy BeerDay!

  5. Joker says:

    Simply a great recognition for your hard work!!! Great Job and Happy Birthday ;-)

  6. Tim Miller says:

    You can look at stats and numbers all day long and calculate your readership, but this puts faces, or at least people, on to those numbers and gives you a sense of your impact. Congrats.

  7. Darren says:

    Top stuff for everybody who offered prizes! I would have but a student allowance doesn’t really make room for give aways lol.

  8. Rob Malon says:

    I think you should buy pizza’s for all your readers…Thats one of the rare reasons why you might not want to see your feedburner stats high ;)

  9. Pua says:

    wow…150 prizes value $35,000! what a success of your your birthday post.

    now, i am more curious than ever what you will do with it and whether i will belong to the lucky winners.

    happy birthday, darren. warm alohs for many more, pua

  10. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    Ask and you shall receive.

  11. Coding Pad says:

    Happy Bday to your blog. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  12. lol
    I’m excited to see the final list!
    And enter…

  13. aag says:

    I’m happy to be one of the sexy prize organizers. It was a lot of fun to think about, and I hope you enjoyed reading our proposal.


  14. WarriorBlog says:

    Wow. $35,000 is a lot.

  15. Sonia Simone says:

    Great fun! I’m crazy curious to see what you decide to go with.

  16. Jaseem says:

    I still don’t know who is recieving these prizes. Happy birthday to the ProBlogger!