27 Blog Workspaces Explored

Earlier in the week I took you on a video Tour of ProBlogger HQ (office) and invited you to show us (via picture or video) where you blog from. I promised to compile all of your submissions so we could see them all in the one place. So here’s the ProBlogger Reader Blogging HQ Mashup with 7 video tours and 20 pictures (click to enlarge them)!

Lindsay’s blog HQ is pretty unique – he really gets out and about!

blogging workspaceDavid Appleyard’s HQ is slightly more traditional than a boat:

blog office

Lorraine’s setup is out on the patio and seems to have everything she’d need:

blog workspace

Glenn’s looks very cool – and he’s got a 30 inch screen!

blog headquarters

Kevin’s setup is down low:

blog Hq

Tejvan shares his room:

blogging office

but also points to the view he gets from a local cafe where he blogs


John has a pretty major set up with lots of screen real estate:


Char gives a glimpse in their home office (lots of storage!):


James is a Mac man like me:

office blogging

Eve shows us her set up – nicely integrated into the room:

workspace blogging

Cifra put together a video tour:

Tomaz shares their setup:

blogging office

Mark also does a video tour:

Anthony has just renovated his office and has lots of pictures. Here’s one:


Ian thinks his HQ is better than mine :-)

Dave shares a picture of his – wow, that’s a big microphone!

blogger office

MoneyNing’s set up is a little different to most

blogging HQ

Rich Minx does another video tour

Sebastian gives us a look at his

blog workspaces

Taste Like Crazy shares theirs on video – complete with cat, dog and baby:

Marisa posts hers

blog Desk

Dean shares his on video – very organized:

Jeremy has shared a few pics too. Here’s one:


Serge posts a picture of his

blogger workstation

Doug just moved and needs a desk


Nate shares his mobile podcasting setup on video:

Chris is in the process of moving house – so he’s blogging from a coffee table:


Thank you to everyone who got involved with this. You’re welcome to continue to post links to your pictures and videos in comments below. I’m not sure that I’ll do a full mashup post like this again – but I’d love to see more of where you work from!

Update – due to public demand (and me missing a few) I will do one more mashup mid next week – so feel free to keep leaving your links to pictures or video tours of your office in this comments of this or the previous post – if you don’t leave a comment I won’t be able to find it – so please do leave a link.

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  1. John Bennett says:

    Hmmm… Looks like I need to stop up my blogging area. I’m a little behind.

    Thanks for posting this, it’s interesting.

  2. Cifra says:

    This is one of the most interesting mashups ever. You can learn a lot from the way people arrange their workspaces.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hey that’s great…
    I’m out on the water right now…
    The traffic dropping by to have a look over the past few days say hi has been fantastic. I have made contact with so many good people… Thank you

  4. Bontb says:

    Awesome Head. Q’s Lindsay’s is really no.1 and unique

  5. I would send a pic, but I do most of my blogging at work and, well, I don’t want any visual evidence!

  6. Gosh!
    You’re making me drool like crazy!
    Those are amazing set-ups!
    My favorite would be Char’s. All that space is amazing.

    I do have some ideas now though…

  7. wow amazing an office on a boat! – I think everyone cleaned up their workspace before taking pictures – while mine was in its natural environment – lol

  8. Kai Mueller says:

    There are some nice ones in your list.
    Here’s mine. It’s kinda DIY ikea hack. Greetings from Germany.

  9. Thanks for showing my dump/desk :) Hopefully the new place will be more conducive to effective blogging :)

  10. Andy Merrett says:

    I feel a bit guilty now – my setup is such a mess compared to everyone else. I daren’t post a picture of the desk or the room — yet…

    Please tell me you all tidied up for those photos, and you’re not quite so clean all the time.

    I used to have a “clear desk” policy at work – maybe I need to implement one at home, too.

  11. 45n5 says:

    very cool list and interesting to see the variety in blogging pads.

    also cool to see so many video posts ;-)

    You missed one

  12. nathan says:

    This post should make us think: is video alway better? I didn’t even click on them cause I don’t know how long they are, if it’ll just be a let down cause they’re not cool, etc.

    I like Glenn’s. It’s definitely the cleanest look.

  13. Timo says:

    Wow, everyone has got very nice workspaces! I wonder if anyone blogs in a Hummer… Blogging in the jungle, in a straw hut would be interesting too :)

  14. Dave says:

    You missed my awesome office space :) Glass desks, dual LCD’s, 40″ plasma, doesn’t get much better!

    And here’s my video edition:

  15. Leon says:

    All nice setups! I wish I had a camera so I could take a pic of mine.

  16. Melody says:

    I just wish I could dedicate more time and space to blogging! I am a measley lunch-time warrior, from my little grey cube. Jealousy :)

  17. I’m struck by the sheer number of blogging areas that are business like. I always assumed people did like I do with a laptop sitting on the couch and banging out an article or two without giving it a lot of deep thought. It’s clear that many people operate their blogging as a business and not a hobby, which to be honest kind of surprises me.

  18. Frank Cantu says:

    My favorite is Glenn’s. And here’s mine if anyone wants to take a peek.

  19. Andy Merrett says:

    OK biting the bullet — I’ve tidied up the desk at least, so here’s a photo of my setup (if images work in the comments, if not, the link is below)

    My Blogging Workspace (image)

    What you can’t see are the bits of old computer, boxes of gadgetry (some review, some personal), stack of CDs, and other assorted stuff. At least my view is out onto trees, which is lovely to look up at. I try to avoid looking backwards at the other stuff!

  20. Thanks, Darren. Most of those setups are so clean, it’s a shock :O

  21. I’d be happy with any of those! My HQ is in the dinning room :/
    Not very ideal (you get interrupted a lot)

  22. I am happy to see so many mac users in these shots… it also seems that majority of the mac users have the cleanest desks!

  23. Sebastian says:

    Yeah, the office on the boat is great, but my livingroom table also stands on a boat!! ;-)

  24. eve says:

    Thanks Darren, everyone’s looks so nice, I am glad I cleaned up for the picture, It is usually not that clean! :-)

  25. Brad V. says:

    I LOVE the first one on the sailboat. That’s by far the best. But the others are really interesting too. I always like seeing the places where other people work and how they have everything set up.

    Great idea Darren! Very interesting post!!! Thanks!

  26. doug m says:

    thanks for showing off my amazing work space!!! Some of these work areas are pretty snazzy.

  27. It’s great to see everyone’s set up! Most are quite simple.. blogging generally requires one laptop or computer. *=)

  28. Deborah says:

    Hey this is really neat, I hate that I missed out on the chance to show off my blogging digs. :(

  29. Marisa says:

    I want Char’s desk and hutch setup. Nice!

  30. Deborah says:

    Marisa I was thinking the same thing..

  31. Rich Minx says:

    I’d love to blog from a boat! Must try that sometime.

  32. Jon says:

    Some great set ups! Mine is here:

  33. Laura says:

    I always thought this would be a great topic to do a post on! Spot on Darren! My blog space is kinda cool. My mac is on a unit in the middle of my kitchen. I’m a multi-tasking mum, freelance designer and also work at a real office (!) for a charity at other times. It strangely works great (and so near to the kettle for a top up of coffee!). One day I’ll move everyone else’s computers in our house to make my own private space!

  34. GnomeyNewt says:

    Who wants to bet those workspaces are now covered with drinking glasses, crumpled paper, and other silly things that end up on our desk! They are all toooooooo clean so I know it is not always looking like that.

    Interesting to see that laptops and flat screens really do dominate with bloggers!

  35. Char says:

    Darren – thanks for putting together this great mashup – it is fun to get a glimpse into everyone’s little corner of the world.

    Thanks to Brian and Marisa for the kind words on my set up. The hutch was a huge purchase for me but it was a treat to myself from my business a few years back when I had just finished a really profitable project. I felt I had really earned it.

    The down side of all that storage is the inevitable mess that seems to accumulate. Time to give it a good decluttering this weekend.

  36. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    Crap, I was going to create a post like this within the next few days. At any rate, I’ll still go ahead with the post as some of my own readers may not have come across this post.

    Interesting setups that everyone has. If I didn’t live with my parents, in an apartment that we really can’t modify, I’d have a decent looking workspace. After browsing around the net and looking into the aspects of a good workspace, it’s inspired me to really create a comfortable environment to work in. I can’t do it though because of my living quarters. I will though, once I get my own place! At any rate, here is my blogging HQ.

    Without Camera Flash

    With Camera Flash

  37. Klaudio says:

    Hahaha! The most of the workplaces are toooooo clean :D

  38. SingForHim says:

    OK, I know you guys really have stacks of papers, sheet music, CDs, toys, etc on your desks! You just cleaned it all up for the pictures…..right? Or am I the only one?

  39. Andy Merrett says:

    @SingForHim – oh yes, indeed, though I had been meaning to tidy up for ages – most of the paperwork was not related to ‘work’ at all, just everything else going on.

    I daren’t make a video as the rest of the room is a mess – not so much that I can’t get to my desk, but enough to not want to show the rest of the world.

  40. Great compilation!

    Here’s our “office” as we travel and blog from our RV while on a yearlong, cross country sabbatical.

    Note, the scenery (and laundry on the line) changes almost daily!

  41. Darren, here’s my blogging headquarters. What can I say, I’m a Mac guy!

  42. Patrick says:
  43. These are fun to look at. Is everyone’s workspace always looking so neat and tidy? Mine sure isn’t.

  44. Sam-DOSEprod says:

    Hello ! this is my office (I work in france) where i spend 10-12 hours per day :


    Sam the mac :-)

  45. Mike says:

    I am blogging while travelling around Asia – utilizing any free Wifi hotspot I can find. One of my favorite spots is Koh Chang, Thaland where they have wifi right on the beach.


  46. john says:

    I blog for gCaptain from aboard my ship in the gulf of mexico. Mine is the first photo on our forum page here:

  47. Sean says:

    Blogger from Kilkenny, Ireland! I blog from home

  48. My desk has two monitors, one printer, two desk phones connected to a VoIP adapter, a wireless access point, three computers, (one is headless) two mobile phones and a bunch of other junk.

    Unlike most people, I also have pistols on my desk.

  49. Hope this isn’t too late as an entry, but my trading desk doubles as my blogging desk! I run a 4 monitor setup in total :P

    Feel free to download and shrink it down as you see fit.

    Thanks Darren!