Bloglines Release New Beta Version

Today Bloglines have launched a new beta version of their feed reader for users to test.

It’s a fair departure from the classic view that many of us have become accustomed to with a lot of ajax driven features, a new start page (allowing you to drag and drop in your favorite few feeds to follow – pictured below), new views (including ‘quick view, three pane view and full view) as well as drag and drop feed management.

I’ve been playing around with it this afternoon and have found it to be quite slow but feature wise a step in the right direction for Bloglines. They say that there will be numerous other features released into the future – but even the improvements that they’ve made so far are pretty good.

Here’s the start page:


While what I’ve seen so far isn’t enough to get me switching back from Google Reader I’m really happy to see the improvements and hope that this will give Google a little nudge along in their own Reader development.

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  1. Blog Opinion says:

    Good news. Ajax a new technology .I was reading a article in magazine about ajax “Ajax a new webtechnology make it more easier to browse, you don’t require to open more pages. On a static page you can manage all the things.

  2. violin kid says:


  3. Rhys says:

    I’m going to stick with Google Reader, never liked the interface for bloglines.

    However, it’s different horses for different courses, and if it gets Google Reader’s team arse in gear for new features, I’m all for it :)

  4. gerry says:

    i always love bloglines…this beta version is beautiful, like it very much

    thanks for the info

  5. Thanks for the information Darren. I found it to be slow also on my machine. Although its aesthetically pleasing, I am sticking with Google Reader as well for now. Always willing to try other stuff though to validate why I use what I use :)

  6. Sean says:

    I never use RSS Feed, I rather just bookmark and organize in a folder using Firefox and visit whenever I want.

    Or I could just add my favorite to BlogRoll and visit them whenever I visit my blog.