Blogger Ads Inline AdSense Widget

If you’re using Blogger as your platform and have wanted a way to put AdSense ads between posts then Blogger have added a widget that makes it easy. Get the full details at the AdSense blog’s post on Getting inline.

I can think of a few bloggers that will be pretty happy with this one!

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  1. Paquito says:

    Thank you!!!

    I was looking for that information and you did it for me! Thanks thanks thanks!!! :-))

    Regards from Spain,


  2. Lori says:

    Finally a new improvement! I really need to move away from blogger but it’s cheap:)
    I’m headed to try this out right now.

  3. Bontb says:

    Awesome info, btw I wrote about it today on my blog more in depth.

  4. Joshua says:

    I don’t use blogger, but wow, I love the new design Darren!!

  5. Awesome thanks for the update Darren. I have been waiting for this and will use it! My traffic has been steadily rising but my earnings have not so hopefully this does the trick!

  6. I’m quite happy about it! Thanks for the heads up. My one big ad-monetization blog runs on Blogger. I might yet port it to WordPress and self-host it one day, but for now on blogspot it remains.

  7. WizCoder says:

    Its strange, that function was release silently sometime ago before they post it officially. Another widget that is available, is the polling widget, but its not working. There ave not been any news on it yet. It really strange to release a feature silently, maybe there are some beta testers out there.

  8. BigPappa says:

    This is a great tool if you are hosting with blogger. Since I host my own blog and publish via FTP, I had to figured out a different way to do it. One drawback, It appears that Google only allows 3 ads per page. Does this sound correct? Doing what I did by editing my template, it only inserts the ads ahead of the first 3 posts. Great tip though.

  9. StatMan says:

    I use Blogger, but my template section doesn’t have a “page element” tab to use as described. I have only Edit HTML, Pick New, Custom Design, and Adsense tabs. Any suggestions?

  10. Darren,
    Thanks for the adsense info.
    Your new site looks great!
    Every time I visit it looks
    even better. Also, like the video
    setup. Also congrats on the
    top site on the 150 Tech list.

    Thanks for all your help and tips.
    Elizabeth G.

  11. Paulo Sidney says:

    That’s what I was looking for. Thanks

  12. That is a welcome improvement. I had toyed with trying to come up with a lame hack to do something similar, but I am very glad to know that I won’t have to!

  13. Sunny says:

    I tried adding this, but it didn’t show up. I’m wondering if it has a problem with using haloscan commenting. Does anybody know?

  14. You know I just had something I wanted to write about so I started a blog, not knowing anything about platforms – I’m using Squarespace for the blogging engine (if that’s what it is called) and I’m happy with the way my blog looks – personally I think it’s esthetically pleasing but I’m finding that adding certain things is tricky or altogether not possible – I’m thinking it is due to the platform? Should I be switching to WordPress or Blogger? I’m not too interested in making money from the site, just writing so I can direct people I run into to the site for credibility and for them to get to know how I think… Any thoughts are appreciated…

  15. budzer says:

    Very good improvement by blogger. I discover this few days ago and yes, it’s really good.

  16. It appears there is no option for adding these adverts to a channel. Has anyone figured out a way to do this so we can track them? I already have other adsense adverts that I cant track on that account so it is not as simple as assuming all non channel clicks come from these.

  17. Rubab says:

    it is really good

  18. Good news!! It’s easy for blogger to put ads.

  19. Gema says:


    My blog just made a step a head than adsense’s blog and your’s blog. I’ve wrote about this topic on August 17, 2007. (

  20. Tay says:

    I wish they had that when I’d been back on the Blogger platform. Would’ve been perfect. However, I’m 100% satisfied with self-hosted WordPress now. But anyway, it’s a good thing Blogger added inline ads. That will help a lot of people. :)

  21. Gaurac says:

    I was doing it the old fashion way by adding adding code in template . This is super easy. Thanks

  22. dana says:

    hey ,

    thanks so much for the info.!!! your the best!

  23. TechZilo says:

    A bit unrelated, but I’ve written about you being friends with BlogBloke :

    And related:
    Are there any WordPress plugins to add AdSense to middle of posts, without any step from us(there are plugins which substitute some comment-enclosed keywords in posts, that’s not what I am after).

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Thanks so much for the info Darren, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for sometime. You just made my life so much easier.

  25. Good information. I know a few that will enjoy this widget.

  26. Brad V. says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this Darren! I’ve actually been wondering how to place my adsense ads inbetween my blog posts without having to do it manually.

    You just saved me lots of time and heatache!!!!

    Great post! Keep up the good work!

  27. PiZT says:


    August 22nd, 2007 10:24 am

    I use Blogger, but my template section doesn’t have a “page element” tab to use as described. I have only Edit HTML, Pick New, Custom Design, and Adsense tabs. Any suggestions?

    It is in customize :D
    The Page is Titled “Add and remove page elements”

  28. Thanks for the info. Just added the widget!
    Lets see how many clicks I get,.

  29. Partha says:

    Inline AdSense Ad is fine, but the trouble is it can’t be positioned as I want. It strays to the left by default, but I want it ‘centered’.

    Can anyone suggest a way out..?

  30. Abraham says:

    Its truly a great idea. I did it my editing the html code. Great to know that blogger has added a page element for that. These ads really works, thats my experience. see how i have done it.