Amazon’s aStore Gets a Feature Upgrade

AstoreAmazon have emailed publishers in their Associates Program to let them know that their aStore shop tool has had an upgrade of features.

These upgrades include the following:

  • Access to every category and subcategory for automatically populating your product categories – If has created a group for it, such as Biographies of Frank Sinatra, you can create a category page to automatically pull in those products and organize these categories however you like.
  • Unlimited category/subcategory nesting – Create as many levels of product categories and subcategories as you like, and populate the products in each category by Amazon best-sellers, hand-picking them, or importing a Listmania list.
  • Build your own category navigation – Advanced users can take integration with their existing websites a step farther by hiding the aStore category navigation and building their own directly within the core site navigation.
  • CSS control – Advanced users can also now directly edit the stylesheets for their stores, and share those with others.
  • aStore Widgets – Advertise your store to your site visitors using these new banner links, and increase your aStore traffic.

With these upgrades aStore becomes more customizable and able to be integrated into an existing site.

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  1. Etienne Teo says:

    that is great, now there are more features for our astore!

  2. Marek says:

    I don’t have much success with Amazon aStore. It seems that that the simplest in text product links work the best for me.

  3. Publisher-friendly aStore!

  4. Wow, I need to check this out. Thanks!

    Carl Zetterlund :)

  5. Wallace says:

    i prefer product links to aStore, it seems more effective for a small blog or site.

  6. Roosevelt says:

    For any Internet marketer, of whatever niche, the aStore is a very effective advertising tool whether used imbeded in your website or used as a stand alone store. Amazon gives you the ability to literally create your own unique storefront. I love it!

  7. John Hood says:

    It’s proving so successful, that I’ve added banner creative to my main site to promote a Nintendo product-based aStore!

  8. Bumeral says:

    aStore Widgets is the best thing.I can tell you you can try this widgets because for each product you can write one sentence review in your oppinion with your words.Better conversion.

  9. Digital says:

    I’m newbie, so thanks for info

  10. Mike says:

    How can I set up links to specific astore categories from my site?