Learn How to Blog Better – Reader Blog Tips

Building-A-Better-Blog-2Part of the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog project that I’m currently running here on ProBlogger is an invitation to readers to share what they are learning about blogging by publishing their own blog tips (you can learn how to participate here). Every few days I’ll publish a new batch of links to these tips here at ProBlogger (in addition to my own daily tips which you can follow via our RSS feed or by subscribing via email to our latest posts).

I’m very excited to say that in this first batch of reader blog tips there are some exceptional tips and if this is the standard of those submitted over the coming month then I’m very excited.

Here is the first batch of reader blog tips from the first two days of the project.

Thanks to everyone who has already participated. You’re more than welcome to submit more new posts. Lets keep it to a maximum of 1 per day though. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work!

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  1. BeingParents says:

    Our blog is only 2.5 months old but so far it seems the key is to post as often as possible, pinging,digging and be patient. I hope after 31 day we will be able to implement all the great tips offered. Your feedback or tips are appreciated.

    Thanks Darren.
    This is and will be a very helpful series.

  2. Darren,

    There is enough content here to last me a week! This is going to be one heck of an August for blogging. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this batch of entries. I will try and contribute in the future.

    I do have a question, that if anyone can address, I would appreciate.

    1. Does anyone ever feel overwhelmed by the limitless potential of blogging and feel like it actually is hard to focus on any one thing because your brain keeps thinking of all the possibilities? I often feel this way.

  3. Jeremy says:


    You command a lot of responses with some simple questions. Very nice.

  4. Shine says:


    Thank you soooo much for including mine in the list!!! And I assume you do enjoy it la!

    Will definitely click through all the posts and learn more!

  5. Some good stuff rolling in here. Thanks for reviving the “30 days” blog post!

    If the results so far are any indication of what’s to come, I can’t wait!


  6. Thanks Darren for putting me in there – I hope people get value from my article.

    Is anyone else amazed at the number of responses? This is a huge list.

    Darren do you include everything or just the better ones? I suppose some people might have their feelings hurt if they weren’t included. But geez, that’s a lot of articles.

    Thanks for this opportunity,

    – Mason

  7. Great feedback and great tips! Kudos to everyone who was featured.. this is great stuff!

  8. My mind races at all times. I have to take time to focus on the subject at hand. I completely understand how your mind can become overwhelmed. I personally would like to have 100 more blogs so that I could talk about everything. But I realize that I am only one man and need to focus on one or two things at a time.

    I would like to THANK YOU for including my tips. I will be submitting more over the next month that you will hopefully find of good quality.

    Thank you,

    Jason MoneySpace

  9. Rory says:

    Thank you for including my tip – hopefully know one will find out that it is a little bit back-dated.

    I like Dan Cole’s color tip, and getting involved in blogging carnivals is always a good reminder – thank to Trevor Hampel for that.

  10. Thank you as always for the great links and the continual effort you put into helping others. I am currently trying to lift my blog out of the dust and it’s extremely difficult.

    These articles should definitely help.

  11. Dean Taplin says:

    This is a great set of links. Thankyou for including my tip. I look forward to the rest of the series.

  12. Matt Jones says:

    Great List, the ‘pressure’ of the link being posting on Problogger forces the standards to be kept high.

  13. Syiru says:

    I think this campaign will end over with a lot of new and brilliant idea..

  14. Thanks very much for the mention, Darren.

    I’ve visited a couple of the other entries and they’re great stuff. Looking forward to next batches.

  15. What about those who don’t blog about blogging?

  16. Matt says:

    The links you put up are absolutely amazing; some of the things you linked to can really help me out in the future (especially the one about a color theme – I’ve been attempting to make a color scheme for days with no luck!) :P

  17. ApOgEE says:

    Wow, there is a lot of tips and ideas for building a better blog. Thanks Darren and all authors for sharing this precious knowledge.

  18. Danielle B. says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the information that you are providing…it’s kinda like ‘one stop shopping’!!

  19. Emad Ibrahim says:

    Thanks for the link my traffic has sky rocketted :)

  20. Chase Roper says:

    I really enjoyed the footnotes from comments tip, the (what I’m calling) “the seven deadly sins of blogging” list, and the text size rules for Heading styles.

    Thanks for tips everyone!

  21. Jason says:

    Thanks for the plug Darren.

    I’m looking forward to going through all these posts,… even if I finish by noon tomorrow. I’m sure there are a lot of blogs I’ve never discovered in the mix, so I’m looking forward to some new reading material too.

  22. Syiru says:

    Thanks for the list, it was nice to see my name in the list…

  23. Sam says:


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