Targeting Your Reader’s Emotions

Rand has a great post over at SEOmoz on The Emotions that Make Us Link.

It’s one of those ‘why didn’t I think to write it’ posts.

I guess I’m linking up to it out of ‘envy’, mixed with a little ‘sharing’.

PS: Actually Rand’s post reminds me a lot of a great book that I’ve been meaning to write about – Hot Button Marketing: Push the Emotional Buttons That Get People to Buy (aff).

In ‘Hot Buttons’ the author Barry Feig shares a variety of buttons that marketers use to make customers buy. What struck me in reading the book was how similar many of the ‘buttons’ were to engaging readers (whether to get a link as Rand writes about) or to get them to do other things (make a comment, buy a product, subscribe to your blog etc).

It’s an insightful book that might be worth the read if you want to explore the theme more.

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  1. Josh says:

    I agree 100% about consumer marketing buttons.I am still struggling as a new blogger. Great use of marketing buttons here, on this post. Sites like these give great advice for the greenbacks. I have learned so much from Darren and other sites like his.

  2. Mason Hipp says:

    Thanks for mentioning that article Darren, if you hadn’t I probably would not have seen it. As someone in marketing, finding and targeting emotions is one of the biggest things I do when working with clients, and I always try to keep up on any articles on the subject.

    In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to targeting your customers emotions is knowing exactly who those customers are and what they really want. I wrote a blog entry on the subject a few weeks ago, How to Get to Know Your Customers, that goes into more detail about my thoughts.

    Thanks again for mentioning the SEOmoz article, and bringing up the subject in general. I’ll also have to read the book you suggested.

    – Mason

  3. Yeah, you post some of the best links, too! Thansks!

  4. I’ll definitely have to check it out!

  5. Paquito says:

    My opinion here is based on what we call “button” @ the Blogosphere…

    For me, the “Hot Button” would be Blog’s Title, Blog’s Look & Feel (colours, structure) and then content…

    Endorsement, ear to mouth, Blog rankings are also, for me those “Hot Buttons” that push me to visit (and re-visit) a blog :-)

    Regards from Spain :-)


  6. Mark A says:

    In an attempt to create more of these emotions towards my blog, I’m trying a little experiment, it’s a mini-contest, asking commenters what they would do with an extra $100 a month.

    The one that I find most creative and still within the family finance scope of my blog will get a 500 word site/blog review by me.

    Check it out at

  7. Rand not only knows what makes us link, he also knows what makes us part with our money. ;)

    I did some number crunching the other day and it looks like SEOmoz are on course to generate a whopping $1,289,760 in the first full twelve months from selling content alone!!

    Read more here:

  8. Phillip Crum says:

    “I guess I’m linking up to it out of ‘envy’”

    Sounds like a severe case of “linker’s envy”, or “poster’s envy” perhaps? :)

  9. testi says:

    For me, the “Hot Button” would be Blog’s Title, Blog’s Look & Feel (colours, structure) and then content…
    testi –

  10. A.J. says:

    Great link, thanks for sharing. I’ll prob pick the book up over at Amazon and give it a read.