Here’s a nice idea that I’d like to see more bloggers experimenting with – Sketchcasting! I think it’s got some great possibilities.

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  1. Darknight says:

    Hmmm,,, Interesting :) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sam says:

    This is a neat idea and one that is interesting for me personally. I recently launched a blog for managers and have wanted to create blog posts purely of PowerPoint slides (maybe with flash). The thing is, I don’t know how to make them search and search-engine-crawler friendly. Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. This is an excellent tool for an IT related blog, thanks Darren!

  4. Awesome, I like it! It’s great! I’m not actually going to try it, but it’s great!

  5. KiwiPulse says:

    Very interesting idea but I guess I have to learn how to draw and develop art skills..

  6. Brennan Ryan says:

    What a great concept!

    That would suit me down to the ground! I dont think you would need artistic skills kiwi.

    I can convey my thoughts standing at a white board so much better than I convey my thoughts writing.

    Where do i sign? When can i start? :-)

  7. marquis says:

    I would have to work on my art skills but it’s an unique idea.

  8. Samir says:

    This is certainly another great idea to brovide a richer experience for blog readers.

    @ Sam – I came across something recently that might help with your need to put up PowerPoint slides into posts. Check out SlideShare. I can’t really “recommend” it because I’ve never tried it out myself, but the resulting presentations seem to be quite friendly to go through.

  9. dandellion says:

    It is funny, but it is mostly useless. It can be nice for entertainment blogs (presuming that blogger/podcaster is a good writer and a good scatcher and a good speaker). But, for most blogs that are oriented to sharing knowledge, text is (and will stay) unbeatable.

  10. Anivar says:

    Wonderfull Idea..

    I liked It. But Dont Know How to use It. Can you light more on its practicallity?

  11. Sites like provide a much nicer interface for Sketch Casting, but don’t have the same level of blog integration as YouTube.

  12. Jarkko Laine says:

    While this looks like a fun idea it has one major drawback when compared to text: you can’t skim through a video like you can with text. So it takes you much longer to see if the content is useful or not…

    So I don’t think this will be a very popular blogging technique… For some other things like online tutorials it might however be useful.

  13. Hmm, sketchfu isn’t quite the same thing since it’s just a final image, not an animation.

  14. Andy Merrett says:

    Like the idea, but as anyone who has seen me play “Pictionary” will testify, I can’t draw! Certainly not in real time for a presentation, anyway.

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  16. George says:

    Interesting… This obviously isn’t something that would be made use of much on news type blogs, but I can see it’s value on instructional blogs (like problogger). I would imagine that all you need to create these videos is Camatasia and some sort of graphics program that you can draw and erase stuff with ease.

    I will have to keep this technique in mind.

  17. Looks like a good idea. A lot of time is wasted because of the amount spent on the “sketching”, though.

  18. Lernen says:

    wow, thats really cool, thanks for schering. It ist realy amazing how much informations we could communicate that way.
    For some Projects it is realy better to draw this was instead to write.
    It is like in a real life – one picture like that ist about 1000 words to write .

  19. Dan Cole says:

    I could never do that because I can’t write or draw with a mouse, it would be much easier with a touch screen.

  20. dandellion says:

    You actually need a light pen for this.

  21. Jason says:

    Neat idea, but I don’t think it will do very well with SEO.

  22. I can imagine a hundred thousand uses for this technique… or for some lower-tech variation on the same, for those of us who might struggle with the implementation. Definitely bears a closer look!

  23. Adam Snider says:

    It’s an interesting concept, but I don’t think I’d ever use it personally. Of course, I generally dislike podcasts–unless they are music oriented–because I feel that I can read much faster than I can listen/watch.

    Still, this idea has a lot of potential. It’s definitely worth experimenting with. I might try it out but, like I said, I doubt it would become something that I’d do with any regularity.

  24. Brennan Ryan says:

    You wouldn’t do it all the time for every post, but mixed in every now and again for a short, sharp post on a subject that needs a little more to get a point across….

  25. abhi says:

    great……….and the new look of your website is awesome, nice work!!

  26. Misohoni says:

    Yes is a great idea, i wonder if sketchcasting will be the next buzz word in 2008. Also there are sites like ratemydrawings and